Life || Taking Stock In September

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking Stock in September. Life Lately.

Another month down in twenty-sixteen. September was actually pretty awesome, between beach trips on the bikes, dog frisbee, much baking, a little trip to the UK for a few days and an entire week of cleaning and sorting, it’s hard to decide what was the best part. I’m leaning towards beach trips and dog frisbee though.

I enjoyed doing a little Taking Stock post last month so I’m going for another this month too. It’s not really a summary of the month, it’s more of a stream of consciousness but I like it. It’s short and sweet to put together and I get to chuckle at my own jokes. Win.

Let’s get started!

Making: Lots of things! I’m Bake Off Bake Along-ing so that’s got me in the mood for cooking!
Drinking: Right now? Water. But also a little fresh mint tea when I’m feeling fancy.
Reading: At the time of writing: The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith and The Red Knight by Miles Cameron, both I’m hoping to have finished by the time I publish this post.
Wanting: To sort out the many boxes of things to be donated/sold/discarded that we put together after The Big Clean 2K16.
Looking: Forward to selling said bits and reaping all the monies!
Playing: Absolutely nothing.
Deciding: On whether I should make some snacks to eat whilst I’m writing this.
Wishing: I had snacks.
Enjoying: Snacks.
Waiting: For the washing machine to finish so I can put the washing out.

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking Stock in September. Life Lately. Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking Stock in September. Life Lately.

Liking: Feeling like my days have a bit more of a rhythm to them now.
Wondering: What we’re going to have for dinner tonight.
Loving: Sweet potato fries.
Pondering: Whether we should have sweet potato fries for dinner.
Hoping: For bigger pumpkins in the shops so I can eat more pumpkin.
Needing: Nothing much really. I did need conditioner but I bought that this morning.
Noticing: That I’m far more productive when I’ve got a well organised to-do list and when I know I’ll be able to get it all done by Thursday so I can have a reading day on Fridays.
Thinking: About whether I want to pass by the second-hand shop on the way to meet Kris from work and see if they have any English books.
Admiring: The sunset! They’ve been really gorgeous lately.
Smelling: My plants, unnecessary amounts.

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking Stock in September. Life Lately. Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking Stock in September. Life Lately.

Wearing: Jeans and a tea. The jeans I’ll be changing out of soon because they are not nearly as comfortable as my running leggings.
Sorting: The whole, entire house, which is now done. There’s just the aftermath of stuff we don’t want anymore to sort now. I feel like it’s never going to end!
Buying: Nothing, well except some conditioner because I needed some and stupidly expensive mangos because Kris wanted some of them and I didn’t want to miss out so I bought extra. Not the wisest way to spend €2.50 per item. Damn you oh so tasty organic mangos.
Getting: Used to all the extra time on my hands and trying to use it productively.
Bookmarking: Vegan frangipane recipes for Week 5 of the Bake Off Bake Along, which I will have hopefully cooked by the time this is published.
Opening: Bills from the internet people. A bill for €0.00 apparently.
Snacking: Not anymore.

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking Stock in September. Life Lately.Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking Stock in September. Life Lately.

Coveting: A new tent.
Helping: Butterflies and frogs. People, not so much.
Feeling: Chirpy.
Listening: To my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify as it’s pretty good this week.
Finishing: Hopefully, The Silkworm in time to sneak it into my September reads.
Starting: To make a little bit of progress on pursuing that pursuing photography idea I had.
Trying: To relax about our change in income situation and let Kris take care of it.

Another month down and dare I say it, but where has the year gone!? I’m sure last year was the same, but I’m also sure that this year has been the fastest year of my life. Grab some verbs and take stock in the comments! 

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Life || Taking Stock In August

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking stock in August

It’s definitely been a while since I wrote one of these kinds of posts, but I was looking for a nice way to round off the month, so I thought this could be fun.

Unless there’s something big happening, there’s not much to say in a Life Lately kind of post (like last month), and with having my daily photos and the Wonderful Wednesday series now, there’s usually something to on here letting you have a nose into my every day life. I still like to round of the month with a little something and summing everything up in verbs is a lot of fun.

So here we have it. August, in verbs, with a few photos to break everything up.

Making: Brownies from a box. Pancakes too. I could make my own from scratch, but nope.
Cooking: A lot of pasta as usual and a bag of chickpeas that I re-found (having found them previously and ignored them) in the kitchen to freeze them.
Drinking: Orange juice, except not this week because the shop didn’t have any.
Reading: Calamity by Brandon Sanderson, and hoping to finish it after writing this post so I can sneak it into my August reads. Only half the book to go!
Wanting: Not much. I’d like to buy a few books, but that’s about it. I don’t want for much these days. Except maybe the water in my house, I’d like that to be turned back on. There’s a leak somewhere so for most of today (Wednesday) the house has been without water.
Looking: Forward to our Disneyland trip in November!
Playing: World of Warcraft. No joke, OK a little of a joke. I half-heartedly convinced Kris to show me how to play, since he’s playing it all the time, but it’s not going so well. I get bored after about 20 minutes. If only there was more to this game than walking back and forward between semi naked characters to collect quests, quests that only seem to involve walking to another semi naked character who then informs you that you need to walk back the way you came. Sigh. Super lame.
Deciding: What I can make for tea tonight that doesn’t involve water, just incase they don’t fix the leak by then. Also, deciding whether I should pop to the shop and buy some bottled water or just wait it out.
Enjoying: The irony of the water bill arriving on the day that my home doesn’t have access to water.
Waiting: For September’s Kindle deals and to see if I became a millionaire by winning the premium bonds.

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking stock in August

Liking: All this extra free time since I’m not working, all the books I can read during the day, my early morning cycle rides and occasional photo stops, befriending the ducks at the abbey and more. I like a lot of things!
Wondering: What to do on the weekend since it’s a long one!
Loving: The sunshine, of course!
Considering: Adopting a doggy friend in the new year. Like seriously. But we’re still doing research at the moment and working out if our finances will allow it at the moment.
Hoping: For water.
Marvelling: At how the neighbours that flooded our apartment the previous month and now attempting to claim that it’s not their fault.
Needing: More dates to go with my new tub of peanut butter.
Noticing: Dogs. With the thoughts of getting our own, I can’t help but notice that either no one has a dog or everyone does. 
Hoping: That those chickpeas that have been soaking all night and day will hold on some more before being cooked and still stay good.
Thinking: About baking a cake.

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking stock in August Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking stock in August Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking stock in August

Smelling: Exhaust fumes and occasionally a whiff of tractor. That’s what you get for living on the main road and having your windows open.
Wearing: Running leggings because I’m going out cycling in a bit and because they are the most comfortable bottoms I own. And a vest top. Also purple socks with spots on them, if you want more information.
Sorting: The tent out! It’s currently up in the living room, I’ve hoovered it out but I still need to wash it down which I can’t do due to the aforementioned water problem.
Buying: Nothing yet, but I have my eye on a gift for a good friend that I need to order. Insert suspenseful music. 
Getting: A Puppy! Pfft, no. I wish.
Opening: The water bill.  
Snacking: On an apple, maybe two if I’m feeling adventurous.
Helping: Kris with his poster-making at some point soon because I’m actually not too bad at that.

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Taking stock in August

Feeling: Half of the time: incredibly lucky to be in my position of not actually needing to get a job and have all my time to spend as I please. The other half of the time: like a giant failure to society and the world’s laziest human. There’s no middle ground. I don’t do middle.
Hearing: Cars. Many, many cars. And a fan.
Celebrating: I hope: water coming out of my taps before the end of the day.
Finishing: My cake. I took a break from writing to go off and bake a cake. I think it was a success. It’s a lemon drizzle, nicely in line with the Bake Off. I think I’ve got a little mini series on my hands! After all, I do have all the time to do it!
Starting: Not the washing up that most definitely needs doing. Hashtag water problems.
Trying: In vain, to become a morning person. So far, so bad.
Eating: Probably beans on toast for tea, that’s easy and doesn’t require any water or hardly any kitchen equipment that hasn’t been washed up yet.  

And that’s August done and dusted! Here’s to September being great and sunny (hopefully!). Pick a verb and tell me something! 

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Taking Stock || August

life as unusuals taking stock august

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these posts. I’m not sure why, but these are another of my favourite posts to read and write. Probably something to do with all the everyday-life-ness they contain. I love me some of the ol’ mundane!

So, here’s life, still mundane but looking dapper in all it’s verbs.

Making :: Fruit fly traps and soup. All the soup.

Cooking :: Soup. Not much else given that our oven is now dead.

Drinking :: A lot of water. All the time. I’m surprised I don’t have to wee more, but I hear that the more you drink, the less you widdle.

Reading :: Blogs, Reddit and recipes. Cultured, I know.

Wanting :: Not a lot. Some painkillers for this on coming migraine, maybe.

Looking :: Out the window and wondering what the hell happened to the summertime.

Playing :: Minecraft with Kris. We’re building a zoo/farm/monster emporium thingamajig. It’s pretty much: Kris builds everything and I give the animals funny names.

Deciding :: On where we might like to go to celebrate our anniversary in October. 6 years! My gosh, I thought he would have annoyed me by now.

Wishing :: For not a lot. I do not wish, I do. That’s a lie. I do neither, except wish for the occasional bout of the Belgian Lurgies so I can take a few days off work. Oh, and a new oven.

Enjoying :: The summertime. It’s all sunshine and blue skies here. Not.

life as unusuals taking stock august fox jumper twenty one pilots band tee

Waiting :: To see if Kris’s avocado seeds are going to grow into trees (bushes?) and preparing to admit I was wrong about it being a stupid idea.

Liking :: The idea of an oven that works.

Wondering :: What is the likelihood that my home will be struck by lightning.

Loving :: Watching the sunset whilst I run in the evenings.

Pondering :: Which oven to buy.

Considering :: Ovens.

Hoping :: Ovens aren’t too expensive.

Marvelling :: At why this word is even included in this list and why I can never think of an answer.

Needing :: An oven. I thought I’d made that pretty clear.

Following :: No one in a long time. I need to get out more.

life as unusuals taking stock august carrot soup hummus wraps

Noticing :: How many recipes call for the use of an oven. It’s like they are mocking me.

Knowing :: All about ovens.

Thinking :: About investing in a self-cleaning oven.

Admiring :: How adult that makes me sound. “Why yes, my oven is self-cleaning. I also own a hand blender”.

Smelling :: Not freshly baked cakes from my oven, that’s for sure.

Wearing :: Clean underwear.

Sorting :: Nothing.

Buying :: A new oven, eventually.

Getting :: A new oven, sometime in the near future.

Bookmarking :: Recipes to cook in the aforementioned oven.

life as unusuals taking stock august train tracks basil plant

Opening :: Bank statements and credit card bills. What else?

Giggling :: I don’t giggle. I belly laugh.

Snacking :: On herb roasted potatoes. Mmm. Except not right now (see oven comment above).

Helping :: Myself to late night snacks.

Feeling :: Motivated and optimistic.

Hearing :: Tap, tap, taptaptap, tap, and a strange whirring noise from the air unit above my head.

Listening :: Right now: nothing but my brain. In general: The Humans on audio-book.

Starting :: More TV series on Netflix.

Go on! Pick a verb or two, share something.