Life || Photo A Day #51 & #52 :: The End Of 2016

Happy twenty-seventeen!

Is everyone ready for the New Year? Have you bought your Easter eggs yet? I am sure I saw some Easter chocolate in the shops the other day.

Before we get started on January, let’s wrap up 2016 and this daily photo challenge that has brought me many smiles but also many frustrations over the last year. I am happy to say, this project will not be accompanying me into the New Year, but it has definitely made me more aware of recording the little things here and there, so I hope I can continue to do that, just in a more relaxed fashion.

For now, here is the end of 2016 in all its book-reading, food-eating and camera-using glory.

December 16th


The cool kids on BookTube call this “Friday Reads”. I call it: I don’t want to do the washing up so I am reading my book instead.

Book thoughts include: Well, at least Harry is not quite as annoying in this book and I love me some Brandon Sanderson. 

December 17th


Funny story, a good few months ago Kris went to his usual hairdressers appointment to be told that the person (his usual hairdresser) did not work at the salon any more and he must be mistaken and have an appointment with some other dude. A few months past of avoiding going to a new hairdresser and trying to decide whether you can contact someone via Facebook for a haircut when, low and behold, first day in Disneyland, who do we bump into? Kris’ hairdresser.

I have never been yelled at by a French man in the middle of Disneyland before. That was new.

Numbers were exchanged and hair appointments were promptly arranged.

The moral of the story: Disneyland has got your back.

Whether this is a funny story, is still being debated until this very day. 

December 18th


An early morning walk in the fog to the supermarket, in between people coming to collect items they wanted to buy, because we had run out of milk. And vegan cheese, and cookies and focaccia, and bread…

Sometimes you just need to be at the supermarket to really understand what’s missing from the kitchen.

December 19th


Enjoying the first day of our holidays at home and cracking on with my blog posts on Disneyland!

December 20th


We decided to contribute to the festivities by heading into town to have a browse at the Christmas markets and take some photos of the Christmas lights. We also went out for a pretty amazing meal to celebrate (or commiserate, depending on how we feel about each other at the time) our one year wedding anniversary.

Today, it was all about celebrations in between mouthfuls of the most delicious chocolate mousse.

December 21st


An accurate representation of most of my evenings during the holidays (or any other time of this year): a tasty snack and a good book. Or is this case a mediocre book, but a damn good snack.

December 22nd


Packing up the all important gifts for our trip home for Christmas!

December 23rd


Back home for the Holidays with this furry face for company.

December 24th


One things I definitely wanted to do on our trip home was get out of photograph the Red Kites that live around Kris’ family home. This is just one of the many that we saw on Christmas Eve morning.

December 25th


Boys and their toys on Christmas!

Kris and his brother spent Christmas day putting together some Minecraft themed Lego whilst I enjoyed a good old natter with his mum. It was a day well spent.

December 26th


On Boxing Day my family drove down for a walk and dinner. We went for a 4-mile Red Kite Walk (which we ended up cutting short because the sunlight ran out) and saw so many Red Kites! There was even a few others birdies too, like this little Robin!

I have some more photos to share from our walk on Monday, so stay tuned for that!

December 27th


With travel comes hanging out in airports and watching the world go by.

December 28th


Ending a lazy day, with reading in bed.

Currently: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner. Verdict: So far, so good.

December 29th


There has been a lot of bolognese consumed this week. A lot, a lot.

December 30th


Cold and frosty, but at least it is not raining.

We braved the cold to buy more teabags and accidentally come home with BBQ sauce, soup, dates and a few jars of nut butter.

December 31st


New Years Eve. That is enough acknowledgment of you.

This could have been a photo of our New Years celebrations, but we are part of that infamous group of people that do not do anything for New Years. Most likely, I will be asleep or at least I will be warm and cosy in my bed trying to squeeze in one more book before the end of the year.

So instead, here is a photo of the shelves with our little wedding bears (handmade by Kris’ Mum for our wedding anniversary) making themselves at home. Cute, no?

And that’s it for 2016. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go bang on the ceiling because our neighbours sound like they are building a whole new apartment up there! Happy 2017 people! Tell me about you NYE plans! 


Life || Photo A Day #48 & #49

We’re going for combo week again as I was far too tired to put this post together last Thursday whilst we were still at Disney. Plus, you know, holiday-mode was on so the internet can wait.

I’ll skip the intro and we’ll get straight into the photos. The only things I have to report about this week is: I’m not longer achy and tired, I am still cold, the weather’s pretty great and I’m still working on all that moolah-making I mentioned on a previous Wonderful Wednesday. I’m fully embracing the one man’s junk is a another man’s gold mantra. And that’s about it.

November 25th


Look at all the birds! They seem to be enjoying the Belgian winter, myself on the other hand, finds it a little nippy first thing in the morning.

November 26th


Since I forgot a photo for today (again), here’s more photographic evidence that Autumn is dead and winter is here for the rest of the year and beyond.

Except that one tree who is still hanging on. He’s an optimistic one. Another day of gales and he’ll soon change his mind.

November 27th


More birds!

I had stopped to take a photo of the fog but whilst I was getting my camera out these geese appeared out of nowhere. Some ninja-ing of the camera settings and poof! I finally have a photo of the migrating birds after watching many a group fly over my head whilst I’ve been cycling.

I can ninja my camera settings, but I can’t ninja my bike to a stop, get off, put the stand down, open the bag and then sort the camera settings out. It’s simpler just to enjoy the moment in them cases.

I really like this photo.

November 28th


Woop, woop! Happy birthday to me!

I didn’t do anything special, we just popped into town to pick up more tea and I don’t remember what else. No cake though, I remember that. I did pick up some more library books, which isn’t a bad way to spend a birthday.

November 29th


To Disneyland we go!!

First ride of the trip: Phantom Manor! And look at all that sunshine!

November 30th


More Disney!

We decided that tonight would be the night we’d freeze to death and watch the fireworks.

Must admit, it was a tad disappointing but it was fun to try my camera (since getting my new one) out in the dark and take some photos of fireworks again – even if most of them were pants because you didn’t know when they would let them off. Most of the photos are all smoke and no bang, but I think I can salvage a few to show you later on.

December 1st


Call me controversial (or a douche) if you will, but in my humble opinion, I think the best thing about Disneyland is the details and the decoration. The rides are just a bonus, but I’ll take a fancy-pants lamp over Dumbo any day.

I mean, come on, it’s a space lamp. That’s cool.

December 2nd


Ahoy there sailor!

And nope, I can’t go anywhere without coming back with at least a few photos of the wildlife.

December 3rd


No more Disney, we’re back in Belgie-land resting our aching feet. And backs. And legs. And fingers.

That’s it for today, all I can tell you is that A Gathering Of Shadows is a damn good book.

December 4th


Finding a home for my Newport Bay Hotel pin souvenir that Danielle, very kindly, bought us because we don’t buy souvenirs.

It’s now pinned to the lampshade of the lamp next to the sofa. It looks sort of ridiculous but there was nowhere else for it to go.

December 5th


Pure bliss. I know I already shared a similar photo on Instagram, but I liked this one more so I saved it especially for the blog.

Doesn’t this photo just ooze peace and quiet. And frostbite.

A new favourite for sure. Nice one camera.

December 6th


The sunset, courtesy of Kris because I forgot to take a photo.

December 7th


Look at that frost! Damn it’s cold.

December 8th


It’s getting tough to find different things to photograph in the mornings now that winter is, most definitely, here. This morning I picked these reeds – I think, that’s what they are – that were swaying about in the wind. No reason, I just liked them.

Can you believe it’s the end of week 49 already?! Am I ready for 2017? Maybe. Maybe not. I doubt it’s going to wait for me either way. How was everyone’s week? Any plans for the weekend?


Life || Photo A Day #47

After missing another week of photos, I’m feeling pretty determined to make this week a success and keep this project going until the end of the year. Then I’ll decide if I want to keep it up. At the moment I’m undecided but I’m thinking about combining my daily photos with my Wonderful Wednesday posts to give me a little more time to get the photos together and to have some photos to share alongside all the good bits of the week. So far I like that idea.

I just know that I’m not into too many serial blog posts and I usually find myself trying to decide between writing a Wonderful Wednesday and a Daily Photos post when I want to be lazy with my blog, even though I like them both the same. Combining them feels like I’ll get the best of both worlds.

Who knows. Let’s move on to this weeks photos!

November 18th


Starting this week off with some homemade vegan sushi. It could have gone better. We could have remembered to buy nori sheets from the supermarket. We could have had natural sushi-rolling skills. But we didn’t.

Tasted alright though. Wasn’t nearly as boring as this photo makes it look.

November 19th


A rubbish photo of the brightest rainbow I think I have ever seen! It was amazing.

November 20th


When I look back on this project all I’m going to know about my Sunday’s are: what I’ve been reading, what my hamster looks like and what I had for dinner.

Today it’s a currently reading day.

November 21st


Winter might be cold and miserable most of the time, but I love being able to see so much further when I’m cycling now all the trees and bushes have lost their leaves.

Usually, I can only see this field and part of the church if I’m cycling by it, now I can see it from the other side of the train tracks.

I can even spot the cows plodding about first thing in the morning.

November 22nd


Time to dye my hair!

Since my roots were four inches long and we’re going away next week, I thought I should at least fix my hair a little. I was quite enjoying the orange/ginger colour from using the Lush henna dye the first time, but I really want a brown base that matches my roots. So brown henna it is.

I don’t plan on staying brown, I’m going to put some colour on the top, I just wanted to go for a brown base rather than a bleached base. What the colour is going to turn out like, I’ll find out later this week.

The more important question is: green, blue or pink?

I also cut my own hair for the first time and it wasn’t a disaster.

November 23rd


This is the sun starting to set at four in the afternoon! Winter is here.

November 24th


Despite it being so cold this week, we lucked out with all the blue skies. Here’s hoping they continue into next week for our trip to Disneyland Paris!

That’s it for this week. Here’s to blue skies this weekend! Let me know what you’re getting up to!