Life || Nine More People Who Want To See The World Burn

life as unusuals 9 more people who want to watch the world burn

Continuing on from the last dramatic instalment of people who irritate me sometimes. Nine more people who want to see the world burn.

  • People who don’t allow others to exit trains/shops/doors before they try to enter—This is basic maths, a limited number of people can fit in said object, therefore one must exit said object to allow others to enter. Basic maths I tell you.
  • People who don’t stop for pedestrians at zebra crossings—None of this “wait until the pedestrian has their foot on it and maybe I’ll stop”, no, just stop and let me cross the road without the risk of having my foot run over.
  • People who try to do banter and end up calling you fat–or something else as offensive–instead and still insisting that it’s funny—it’s not funny and you just insulted me. Twat.

True story: My colleague tried to do “banter” with me once like this:

ME: We should switch parents, I wouldn’t mind parents who’d buy me a car.
COLLEAGUE: Haha yeah! Actually no, let’s not switch because I like two parents and your dad is dead hahahaha.
ME: …

Or that other time:

ME: Climbing the stairs to the 10th floor is seriously hard work!
COLLEAGUE: It’s because you have to carry all that fat.
ME: …

  • People who smoke in enclosed spaces—Please take your cancer elsewhere. Thanks. Bye.
  • People who don’t accept your decision to say no to social gatherings, for collections, for anything — Shockingly, not everyone wants to donate money, come to your summer BBQ or leave work early to have ice cream with people they don’t like when they can just go home.
  • People who slurp drinks. Over and over. All day long — Yes, Slurpy McSlurpson, I mean you.
  • People who put the context of their emails in the subject line — and then leave the email blank. I’m probably going to ignore you. The subject line is for, shock horror, the subject, which is not “I am going to be” and then followed by “10 minutes late” in the email.
  • People who don’t appreciate personal differences in personal space — Need I say more. Just get out of my space.
  • People who yell through their mobiles on public transport — Or have obnoxious ringtones. Or ringtones in general. Does your phone not come with a silent mode?

I know what you’re thinking, yeah, my colleagues are jerks. Got anyone else to add to the list?


Life || Seven Things That Annoy Me At Concerts

life as unusuals seven things that annoy me at concerts

Before coming to Belgium, I had never been to a concert or festival. But, since moving here we’ve been to our fair share of concerts and festivals, and I feel like I have now amassed a certain amount of groan-age to impart on the world.

Plus I have these photos from the last concert we went to lying around on my computer and thought it was time I shared them before we go to another concert.

Generally, there isn’t much to say about a concert, except that I had a nice time, I got blisters on my feet, and had to stand and awkwardly jive to a song I didn’t know yet everyone else did. I figured I’d share a list of all the things that annoy me at concerts instead.

Because the best way to talk fun stuff is to talk about all the aspects of it that are not fun. Amiright?

life as unusuals seven things that annoy me at concerts blitz kids belgium

Number 1

People who push their way to the front of the queue to enter the stage or to the stage itself: if it’s so important to you to be at the front then you should get here early enough to be at the front.

Number 2

Circle pits or mosh pits in tiny stages. Also mosh pits made to the wrong type of music: tiny indoor stages are just not the place for this kind of thing. Plus I hate being touched by people and this increases the chance that someone will touch me at least 10 fold.

Number 3

People who watch the whole concert through their phones whilst they record it: I’m all for taking a few photos (obviously) but I take a few and then I go back to enjoying the music. How can you enjoy the moment if the moment is on your iPhone? Plus, the video quality is just shit and are you really going to watch it back when you get home when you could just listen to the band on Spotify? Didn’t think so.

I guess you might want to be that knob on the train home at 1AM playing the video back to themselves and pissing everyone off.  I guess that would justify the odd video, but not the whole damn concert.

life as unusuals seven things that annoy me at concerts marmozets concert belgium

Number 4

That person who’s all elbows: They jump with elbows, they sing with elbows, they stand quietly waiting with elbows. I always seem to stand near someone who constantly puts their elbows out.

Number 5

That “I’m having the worst time of my life” person: Really?! Who comes to a concert and doesn’t sing, or jive a little or even crack a smile?! A little nod of the head? No. A little foot tap? No. Any sign that you might be having the tiniest bit of fun? No.

Every concert I’ve been to, there has always been this person. I don’t understand, even listening to a band you’ve never heard of is still enough to make you tap a toe or two. But not this person.

life as unusuals seven things that annoy me at concerts taking back sunday concert belgium

Number 6

The “I must squeeze into this space that doesn’t exist” person: Really?! You must squeeze in front of me so that you are on my feet and thus forcing everyone surrounding that non-existent space to move into the space of others. Really?!

Concerts are always a squeeze but that doesn’t mean I want to stand sideways for the entire time because you’ve taken up the space that my left foot was occupying. Don’t come crying to me when I “accidentally” hit you in the head with my rock hand.

Number 7

The God-awful singer: Actually no, that’s usually me.

life as unusuals seven things that annoy me at concerts taking back sunday concert belgium

The concert is from way back in December. The headliners were Taking Back Sunday and my inner emo child couldn’t resist snapping up some cheap tickets to see them. Better than that, I found a great new listen in the supporting band Blitz Kids.

I think they’re great, so I would recommend checking them out if you are a fan of rock/pop rock/alternative rock – I definitely took that music category description from the Wiki page, music categories are confusing. Pretty much, I recommend checking them out if you feel like it.

The other supporting band was the Marmozets, also worth checking out if you feel like it. I like them, when I feel in the mood for their kind of music, although, most of the time it’s a little too heavy for me.

Clearly, I don’t know how to convince you to check out a band, but I like them all the same. Anything or anyone else to add to this list?


Life || Nine People Who Want To See The World Burn

life as unusuals nine annoying things people do

If I wasn’t being so dramatic, I probably would have titled this “Nine Pet Peeves”, but since I’m being dramatic, we’re sticking with the current title.

Sometimes people irritate me and then I enjoy mentioning these people. That’s all this is.

  • People who don’t wash their hands after using public bathrooms – seriously, it’s disgusting. It also only takes a minute, so just do it.
  • People who don’t reply to emails – It’s really frustrating. Want to arrange a meeting, order a product, set up something else with somebody else for someone else. Can’t do shit, because No-Reply Noddy here, doesn’t reply.
  • People who talk to you when you are wearing headphones and then don’t repeat themselves when you take them out – Headphones mean I’m busy or I don’t want to talk, or both. At least get in my line of sight first before initiating conversation.
  • People who don’t give up their seats on public transport for people that need it more — It won’t kill you, get up.
  • People who don’t smile — OK, maybe you’re having a bad day, that’s fine, but a little smile or nod when we pass might make all the difference to that day.
  • People who put things back in the obviously wrong place — Just don’t. No. Just no.
  • People who don’t clean up after their dogs — Must I jog around dog shit every time I run?!
  • People who use umbrellas in heavily crowded areas — The rest of us like our eyes and we don’t like getting our hair caught in your brolly either.
  • People who laugh and mock others for their personal choices — You’re a douche. Just because other people prefer to make different choices to you, doesn’t mean their choices are up for mocking. Just be less douche-y.

Anyone else to add to the list?