Well, Hello There!


First off, thanks for stopping by this slice of internet. I hope you find something you enjoy and stick around, but if not, don’t worry, I won’t be offended.

I’m Kerri – that’s me in the photo above. Or rather the back of me. That’s my face in the sidebar. That sexy dude down there? That’s my main man Sir Pork Chop.

I live in Belgium. For the moment at least. I moved here from the UK with boyfriend-turned-husband. We eloped and got married in NYC, it’s one of the highlights of my life. I still haven’t told half the people I know, but I did tell the internet. That probably says a lot about me. I spend my time enjoying my life for all that it is, exploring whatever place I can get my feet to and photographing far too many squirrels. Then I proceed to bang on about it on the internet. This blog was born from a desire to incessantly talk about where I’d been, share the photographs I’d taken and laugh at the stories adventures create, then realising I didn’t have any friends to share them with.

A few of my favourite things: My hamster, Nature, Sunday walks, making people laugh, telling stories, exploring new places, banana smoothies, lay-ins, workout pants, all things vegan, trains, sarcasm, fantasy novels, potatoes, smiling at strangers, blue skies, the sea (next to it, not in it), rain that comes after too much humidity and heat, rock music, tattoos and toting my camera around like an extra limb.

A few of my not-so-favourite things: Littering, people who stare instead of help, contemporary novels, non-vegan food, persistent rain, flies in my eyes or mouth when riding my bike, mosquitoes, films, team-building activities, wrong spellings of my name, unfunny jokes, people who insist on encroaching on my personal space (no hugs, no handshakes and certainly non of those European check kisses), dishonesty, summer fruit mix, cheese and raw broccoli (yup, tried it).

Where can you find me?

If you’d like to contact me, email me here: lifeasunusuals@gmail.com

I can also be found in these places too: Twitter || Instagram || Bloglovin || Pinterest || YouTube 

That’s the introductions sorted, I hope to see you around!