What I Wore || The Blanket Scarf

life as unusuals what I wore blanket scarf

I’d like to introduce you to my new scarf.

New scarf, internet people.

Internet people, new scarf.

I decided, this year was going to be the year of buying one of those oversized, oh-so-comfy looking blanket scarf things. And I did. I picked this one up from ASOS, for, I think, €25–could have been €35–either way it was more money than I’ve ever spent on a neck warmer.

But, it’s amazing. It’s really fucking big, but it’s amazing. I mean, it’s so big that I can’t see my shoes or the zip on my coat to do it up, but it’s so cosy and useful. Currently, I like to use it as a cushion when we travel, as a shawl type thing at work to keep my shoulders warm and as a scarf. It also functions as a neck brace, since it’s so big I can hardly move my head in it.

But, it’s amazing and who cares if I can’t see to walk down the stairs or I keep inhaling bits of fluff, when I’m so warm and comfy this wintertime.

I could have bought a smaller one, but in my defence, I’m not really a centimetres person, I’m more of a feet and inches kind of woman. So, when the website said it was 180cm squared, I just assumed I was also about that size and it would be fine.

I’m not 180cm at all. I’m 5’2″, and my scarf is taller than me.

I don’t think I’ve typed anything that has sounded so pathetic.

But, I care not. I have a scarf and I’m so warm and la-la and I’m so ready for winter. Until I go to New York and freeze my balls off, but I’m so ready for mild Belgian winters with a hint of snow.

Do you like my new scarf? Any other ideas for uses? I need to get my monies worth. 


What I Wore || Birds, Birds And Dog Heads

Life as unusuals what I wore dog print shirt

Note to self: come up with better titles for these posts.

Where has this week gone?!

We didn’t get back from Dublin until late on Monday evening, the flight was delayed, again, but at least we didn’t have to sleep in the airport, again. By the time we’d got in, unpacked a little, showered, it was time for bed. Tuesday came and went. We had our delayed Monday date night, watched Once Upon A Time and put washing on. Much romance. So love.

Then it was Wednesday, we ate pancakes for dinner and watched Lost when I probably should have written a blog post for Thursday morning. Now it’s Friday morning and it’s a blog post.

It’s not a Dublin blog post, because I can’t upload the photos from my camera to my laptop because the hard drive is full. Of photos. Go figure. I’m just waffling. What I’m saying is “here’s my many excuses for not writing a blog post in a week, that no one cares about”. When really, I don’t have an excuse, I was just knee-deep in clothes to be washed and too comfortable on my sofa.

Should I mention my outfit before I go?

It’s a bit of a mish-mash of things. It’s my “I can’t be bothered to pack too much but I might want to look nice one day on the holiday” style. To achieve said look, you just choose one pair of shoes and one warm cardigan to wear for the whole weekend away and just hope it goes with the outfit you want to look nice in.

The cardi: OK. The shoes: possibly not. Oh well.

Now, I have socks to pair and washing to fold. How’s your week been?


What I Wore || A Warsaw Outfit

life as unusuals what I wore a warsaw outfit

Is this an outfit? Yes…

Is this an outfit post? Yes…

Didn’t you say you weren’t doing these any more? Yes…

I’m fickle. I’m indecisive.

I’m—I don’t know, I just really love this skirt.

I just want to talk how great this skirt is. It cost me €2 from the second-hand store, it didn’t need altering at all (except a button, which I haven’t got around to adding and have just been using a safety-pin), it’s a really awesome pattern and it’s warm!

And I think it looks rather cute with a pair of boots.

My first worries of being a bit too short to wear it and looking frumpy were squashed by looking so cool. Albeit a bit frumpy still.

Fashion problems solved. I changed my mind, outfit posts are back on the cards.