Snapshots || Disneyland Paris: Adventureland and Discoveryland

Of all the places to be in Disneyland, Discoveryland was my favourite, followed closely by Adventureland. They had the most interesting decoration, the best colours and some pretty good rides too. As such, they were also where I took the most photos, so it seems only far to dedicate a whole blog post to my two favourite areas.

Starting with Discoveryland!

This was our first stop on our third day and look at that gorgeous weather! Just look at all that green, blue and gold. Hands down, my favourite spot and I am not even remotely interested in space, but I am interested in colour.

_dsc2843_edit _dsc2840_edit _dsc2858_edit _dsc2864_edit _dsc2866_edit _dsc2863_edit _dsc2850_edit _dsc2867_edit

That is it for Discoveryland. Next up, Adventureland!

We headed to Adventureland on the last day of our trip, sadly, no more blue skies, but I was happy to sacrifice that for a little more warmth. My toes sure did appreciate those few extra degrees.

We spent most of our time walking all around, through the caves, over bridges, up the treehouse and simply enjoying all the nature there was in this part of the park compared to everywhere else. I would have liked to climb aboard the pirate ship, but sadly, you cannot have everything.

Enough chitter chatter, let us get to the photos so you can enjoy a bit of Adventureland too!

_dsc3089_edit _dsc3091_edit _dsc3093_edit _dsc3094_edit _dsc3095_edit _dsc3096_edit _dsc3102_edit _dsc3107_edit_dsc3108_edit _dsc3113_edit _dsc3109_edit _dsc3117_edit _dsc3123_edit _dsc3130_edit _dsc3167_edit _dsc3137_edit _dsc3190_edit _dsc3182_edit _dsc3193_edit _dsc3205_edit _dsc3194_edit

If you have been to DLP before, what is you favourite part of the park? If not, what do you prefer, Discoveryland or Adventureland? Or neither? 


Weekend Snapshots || Another Day, Another Dog Walk

The title says it all really.

If you are asking me what I’m getting up to on the weekend, chances are, it will involve at least one dog walk. Usually a nice long jaunt on a Saturday and a well deserved rest on a Sunday. This weekend was no different. Or it would have been, had I also taken photos on the Sunday, but as it stands, it’s all dog walks and things that are green, with absolutely no proof that we left our house on Sunday, galavanted through town, spent the afternoon at a friends house – where Dog-Face behaved quite nicely, much to my pleasure – and then trudged all the way back home to the blissful sounds of Dog barking at strangers.

Lesson learnt: Dog-Face is a right cranky mare when she has had no sleep all day. Luckily the only evidence of that is my downtrodden mood after such a good day and a look of “oh please, no. Do not bark at this person as well” etched into my face.

Funny story: three days later, she’s good as gold and we are cancelling our trip to the sausage factory.

Let’s focus on the Saturday where we took a ride over to where Kris works and let Dog run wild through the fields of potatoes.

We spent about an hour or so plodding down the path without seeing another soul. We even lucked out with the weather, after being promised a mostly cloudy day, we ended up spending most of our time in the sun.

We never ended up going anywhere, we just walked in a straight line and hoped to find either a bit of shade or a log to sit on for a rest. We opted for shade and the dirt in the end due to a shortage of strategically placed logs.

And that’s how we do Dog Walk Saturdays, followed by Dog Sleeps All Day Sundays. Before I go, can I interest you in a game of Spot The Dog? 


Weekend Snapshots || You Can’t Go Wrong With A Castle

It feels like an age since I went somewhere just for the sake of going somewhere. You know, to have that thing they refer to as “fun”. Trust be told, it has been an age. For months, every outing has been coupled with an errand or fifty, followed by a trip to more than one supermarket and a never-ending discussion about all things dog. It’s been a long few months.

Yeah, it hasn’t been the greatest of times but we’re still persevering and finally, finally, we got it together and decided on a tried and tested trip to the Kasteel Van Horst with camera and dog in tow.

_DSC5023_edit _DSC5037_edit _DSC5039_edit _DSC5043_edit _DSC5055_edit

I feel completely out of practice with blogging, so I’m easing myself back into it with some a few photos from this weekend and a few pre-written posts that have been sitting around in my drafts since whenever it was that I fell off the internet. Some time around April, I think.

I’ve racked my brain for a bit more blogging substance, but I’ve got nothing. Nothing special, no funny anecdotes, just a good old day of nice weather, riding my bike, enjoying my camera again and a healthy reminder that getting out into nature is good for the soul.

It was just one of those quiet days perfect for pottering about.

_DSC5058_edit _DSC5059_edit _DSC5063_edit _DSC5074_edit _DSC5078_edit

Although, we did happen to choose the one weekend of the year where a medieval role-playing event was going on, but other than that, there was a distinct lack of funny business.

It might not have been anything special, but it was just what we needed. Even if it did take us all summer to get around to it. What can I say, 2017 has not been my year. When was the last time you just got out there for the sake of getting out there?