Wonderful Wednesday #25

Happy Wednesday everyone!

You know, I don’t actually think introductions are necessary for Wonderful Wednesday.

Let’s just crack on with all that good stuff.

The Few Birds That Have Made An Appearance Lately. 

Either I’m not looking hard enough or there is a distinct lack of birds around lately. It’s probably the later and this tidbit will just serve as a reminder to look harder to share more bird photos another time.

Still, you can always rely on the pigeons to make an appearance and if you’re lucky, you might even spot something special like this little Wren from a few weeks back.

Getting Our Chuckle On. 

We’re going through a bit of lull on the TV front at the moment as all the shows we like to watch are currently on their between season breaks.

So we aren’t without any dinnertime entertainment we like to pass these breaks with some tried and tested, will-more-likely-make-us-chuckle, options like Mock The Week and some quality YouTube videos of dudes playing computer games.

Plus, if I’m going to be vaguely up to date with the British news, I might as well do it through Picture Of The Week, and if I don’t care, then I have an episode of Car Mechanic Simulator to fall back on.

Sunsets Worth Mentioning. 

Or rather: worth photographing.

Pretty, no?

Getting Back In The Blog Game. 

I’m going to jinx myself by saying this, but could it be? Is it true? Do I have blogging mojo again? I think I do.

I really think I do.

I’m taking more photos, I’m being more active on social media, I’m even reading and commenting on other peoples’ blogs (maybe only once or twice a week, but at least it’s something), heck, I even have a notebook where I plan out ideas for blog posts and my rough schedule for the month ahead.

Blogs got mojo and I’m happy about it.

Woodland walks. 

What can I say, I’m a big fan of the peace and quiet. I’ve never one to turn down a walk in the woods (or anywhere else for that matter). I particularly love the woods in the summertime because they are always so full of bright green leaves and moss. Now that it’s Autumn, it’s time to take more woodland walks and enjoy the changing colours.

Tasty Morsels. 

Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Kettle Crisps. That accidentally vegan Aldi cereal. Mango Sorbet. Plenty of steamed veg and taters. Bulk cooking Bolognese. Alpro Soya Macchiato drink. Banana Smoothies. Speculoos Spread. Crispy Tofu.

It’s all yum.


Because pretty things. That’s why.

Dog Versus Box. 

This is what we get up to when it’s either far too hot or pouring with rain outside. We can now get up and sit ourselves on much higher and narrower objects, including the waste paper basket in the background on the second photo.

Other things we like to do when the weather is rubbish include: learning to pivot around the box in both directions and trying to learn how to cover our eyes with a paw. If they fail, it’s trying to steal the socks off my feet whilst laying under my desk or fetch in the garage.

Cross Stitch Away. 

I decided to pick up a new hobby, curtesy of the patient teaching skills of the MIL, cross stitching. Along with my new ID books I picked up whilst on my life-respite back in the UK, I decided it was time to engage my brain in a new hands-on activity. We opted for cross stitch, since it doesn’t actually require me to come up with the creativity, I just have to follow a pattern and the creativity will make itself. Plus, it’s another thing I can do whilst listening to my audiobook, and I’m always fine with more audiobook time.

To get me started, the MIL bought me a kit as an early birthday gift and I made a good start on it whilst in the UK and have been plodding through it back on Planet Belgium ever since. Occasionally, Dog-Face joins in, but she isn’t all that helpful. Unless I want my thread licking or my aida nibbling on.

Leave me all things wonderful from your life in the comments! 

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Photo An Hour || 22.09.2017

I haven’t participated in photo-an-hour since January, since pre-dog times and I’ve kind of missed it.

So since I’m back to blogging a little more, it seems fitting to get right back into photo-an-hour. And get back into it, I did. I went all out. I got up early! I ran errands, I did something fun, I took a photo of a cuppa, the sky and a book – those photo-an-hour classics – and I still couldn’t manage to end on an even number. Sigh.


Dog: Baasjes! Fear not! I have brought you Nigel. I distinctly remember you saying that you wanted me to wake you at 7AM by throwing Nigel at you.

We can play now, right?

Baasjes: P*** off, Dog.

And go make me a cup of tea.


If you don’t take a photo of your cuppa, does photo-an-hour even happen?


Squeezing in some quality time with Kris, minus Dog, whilst we run errands in town.. for dog.

But, trains. Everyone likes trains, right?


Still in town and stopping to admire the war memorial conveniently at 11AM.

Coincidence? I think not.


Well, close enough.

It’s rather pleasing to photograph a clock when you’re doing photo-an-hour.


Adulting done, it’s time to go for a walk.

It wasn’t anywhere special, but it was a new-to-us route.


An hour in and we are slowly realising we were far too optimistic about how long it would take to walk 7.5km.

Dog however, shows no signs of stopping.


Still walking and enjoying the farm life.


Just sneaking a photo of all these mushrooms on someones lawn and hoping no-one sees me through the kitchen window.


The final stretch of the walk. Just another kilometre through the houses and down the very wet and muddy lane, then it’s back on the bikes and home to rest.


A well-earned rest for Dog.

This is the longest walk she’s been on and she ploughed on like the champ she is. Then she died quietly in front of the fridge for a couple of hours.


Whilst Dog sleeps and Kris games. I climb into last nights PJs and get stuck into my book.

That’s just how I like my Saturday evening. And every other evening of the week.


We’ll end on the view from my living room window.

And that’s Saturday, done and dusted. It’s so satisfying to complete a photo an hour. I’m already looking forward to next month. What did you get up to on Saturday? 

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Wonderful Wednesday #24

It’s late, I’m tired but I’m thanking Past-Me for writing this post up in advance.

Thanks Past-Me. You’re the best.

Relaxing Walks To My Favourite Spot. 

This is where I like to go when I feel the need for some peace and quiet. I am forever thankful to have such a place only a twenty minute walk from my doorstep. No matter the season, or the weather, it’s always worth a walk. I have high hopes of enjoying many a relaxing walk in this spot with Dog-Face in tow.

With Plenty Of Wildlife To Enjoy. 

As an added bonus you can always guarantee there will be some wildlife roaming around. Whether I have my camera on hand to photograph them, however, that’s hit or miss. I’m still trying to work out the logistics of dog walks and photos walks. At the moment, it’s usually one without the other, unless I have Kris along on dog-watching duty.

Dog Versus Recycling.

Curious about Dog-Face’s favourite day of the month? Paper recycling day.

I already know Dog-Face enjoys a cardboard box or two, because you can be sure that if you are opening a package there’s a dog sat on the sofa giving you her best attempt at a wave for a chance to tear that box to shreds.

But, even I wasn’t aware of how deep her love of cardboard boxes went until I dragged all the paper recycling into the living room to sort out, or of how much mess one pup could make in just ten minutes of shredding boxes.

Apparently nothing is quite as exciting as pouncing on boxes, sliding about the floor on them and then ceremoniously killing them all with no mercy.

Palming Off The Cooking To Someone Else. 

Cooking might be up there as one of my favourite things to do, but sometimes I just cannot be bothered, so palming it off to the husband it is. It’s even better when I can palm off the washing up as well.

Bright whites. 

What can I say, I just really like the contrast between the bright white flowers and the lush green leaves. That’s all. This wonderful tidbit is better summarised in a photo I think.

Buddy Reads. 

I am pretty sure the internet is trying to convince me that buddy reading books is something that everyone does. The same way it tries to convince me that everyone else is on holiday when I’m not and everyone else can grow house plants when I struggle to water a €1.50 pot of basil from the supermarket for more than a week.

Either way, I decided to give buddy reading books a go with the MIL and we are having a great time – at least I assume she is, I’m actually just speaking for myself right now.

It’s been nice to chit chat about the books we’ve been reading and have that little something between us that we can bond over and I’m quite looking forward to the next book or series we decide to tackle.

An Epic Vegan Milkshake. 

Seriously, look at that beast. Look. At. It. It has a doughnut on it. And those sherbet space things that I can’t remember the name of right now. It was so good.

And people say vegans have no fun.

Getting A Good Nights Sleep. 

I’m a terrible sleeper. I see far too many 4AMs without catching a wink of shut eye, when I do sleep it is more often than not riddled with nightmares and my idea of a “quick nap” is falling into a coma on the sofa for about four hours.

So those times when I truly get a good nights sleep are worth every minute of that blissful snoozing. If only I could harness the powers of the Zs to make every night a good nights sleep, that might even transform me into a morning person.

New Snacks And New PJs.

I treated myself to some new PJs and an overly priced vegan snack. It was a jolly good evening all the same.

On a separate note: I could see no reason why this bag was also resealable. There was no possibility that I was going to leave myself a few of these tasty morsels “for tomorrow”. They could have saved me 10% of the price had they left that bit of packaging off.

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