What I Ate Today #5

Continuing on from my last What I Ate Today post, we are still catching up with the photos that I have lying around from last year.

It looks like another day at home for this week. Next week though – well, in two weeks – next two-week, we venture out into the big wide world and eat some food. Stay-tuned or something.

The introductions might also improve when the photos are more current too, but who knows.

On to the food!

Pre-cycling snack

Which I forgot to photograph. And by snack, I mean a big glass of orange juice.

Breakfast time


Another smoothie.

At least I change the flavours up when I know I will be sharing it with people. This week, I have had four banana smoothies and that’s it. I hope the next WIAT does not have a smoothie in it…

As always, a recipe to accompany such terrible photos.

Banana And Blueberry Smoothie

  • 5 large bananas
  • 2 cups frozen blueberries
  • 750ml water

You know what to do. 

Lunch time


Oh I love leftover. They make my life so easy.

We had this golden rice concoction for dinner the previous night and since we have yet to master portion sizes, we had plenty of leftovers for us both to have it for lunch the next day.

I whipped this all up in rice cooker as well, and have made it many times since then. It is a delicious easy dinner and might even pass for good vegan food.

Golden Rice And Veggies


  • Basmati Rice (about 3 cups)
  • Some saffron
  • Some turmeric
  • Some mushrooms, diced
  • A cup of frozen peas
  • One red pepper, diced
  • One onion, diced

I then popped it all in the rice cooker with 5 and a half cups of water and let it do its thing. We did pre-cook the peppers, onion, peas and mushrooms this time, but all the other times we have made this, we have just let the rice cooker do all the hard work.

Dinner time


So I saw this on Instagram, you know, one of those fancy recipe-video thingies where they have all the details in the video. I thought it looked pretty tasty and I needed some more wife-points so I whipped this up as a surprise dinner for the Mr.

Since I could not re-find the video – of course, I did not bother to like/bookmark or do anything useful to facilitate re-finding – I just made everything up and hoped for the best.

The gist was, put the pastry down, make a pizza-esque topping and roll it. It was actually quite nice.

Since then, I have tried to make this a few times and it now appears to be suffering from The Curse of Too Much Filling.

Since this is a day of “recipes” here is another one.

Puff Pastry Veggie Roll


  • Readymade puff pastry
  • Tinned tomatoes
  • Aubergine, sliced
  • Spring onions, sliced
  • Red peppers, sliced
  • Mushrooms, sliced

I have no idea about quantities, just enough to fill the pastry but not enough that it is impossible to roll and you shove your fingers through the pastry which causes the entire thing to collapse and you have to patch the holes up with the leftover pastry from the sides.

Roll that baby up and pop into the over. I opted for 200℃ for 30 minutes. It ended up like you can see.

Serve with an incredibly boring salad because no one really cares about that.

And that’s another day in the life of my stomach. Anything you fancy from this lot? Cooked anything good lately? 


What I Ate Today #4

I have not wrote a What I Ate Today post in ages! I wanted to turn this into a bi-weekly series, but blogging took a bit of a backseat to life at the end of last year, so I did not get around to sharing the few food-days that I took photos. Not wanting the photos to go to waste (despite their not-so-fantastic quality), I wrote them up into blogs post over The Holidays to share now. Better late than never, and it is not as if any of the food is particularly seasonal any way.

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into what we eat now and then. I think it is fun to share what we eat and, it makes me feel like I am contributing a bit to veganism as well. Hopefully, in a friendly way, by appealing to people’s noseyness. You never know, you might see something you fancy trying.

On to today’s What I Ate Today!

I am pretty sure these photos are from sometime in October. My notes also tell me that I wasn’t feeling all that great so I skipped lunch.

Morning snack


Nothing too exciting for my morning snack, an apple and a bottle of water. I like to have something small before I cycle in the morning and then have breakfast when I get home. It’s too heavy in my belly otherwise.

Breakfast time


It is another smoothie. It is always a smoothie. This time I went for banana and forest fruits. I think this was the culprit for not feeling all that great this day. I find the forest fruit mix is far too acidic for my stomach. Kris however, seems to love the stuff… so he can eat it all. I am sticking with my blueberries.

As per tradition, I present you with a handy-dandy recipe!

Banana and Forest Fruit Smoothie

4 frozen bananas
2 cups frozen forest fruits mix
Approx 750ml of water

Blend that baby until smooth.

You can use less stuff, to make less. Obviously. 

Snack time


My favourite snack! Dates and peanut butter! Five is maybe one too many, but they taste too good to care.

It has also been a while since I have had any Dates & PB, that needs rectifying a-sap.

Dinner time


Oh, this was delicious! Way back in September (I think), Kris and I were in the UK for a couple of days and decided that we should take a trip to Whole Foods in London for no other reason than the possibility of fake-bacon. We were not disappointed and found this Tofurky tempeh bacon to try. And, what better way to try it than in a classic BLT sarnie for dinner.

Nom nom, indeed. We went for some warm, crusty bread, tempeh bacon slices, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard and ketchup. With a little side salad because it did not all fit in the sandwich.

And that’s it. If I’m recommending anything from this day, it is dates & PB. Try it, you (hopefully) won’t regret it. If you do not like it, well, that’s just more for me then. 


Life || What I Ate Today #3

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. What I ate today as a vegan #3

Today’s What I Ate Today is a little different, today we’re cycling all day so I thought it would be fun to share what I eat when we’re on the go all day.

It’s a bit different to other days when we go out cycling since we wouldn’t be at home that night, usually we would be, but on this day we were camping since we were making our way up the coast.

So yeah, we don’t eat cooked for when we go camping because we don’t have any cooking gear. We’re in the process of changing that and getting some but right now, we don’t have any. That will explain why what we ate today is a little odd.

With that little intro over, here’s what I ate today!

Also let’s just ignore that all the photos were taken at the same spot. I forgot to take some photos so I had to get them all later in the day! Luckily we didn’t eat all of everything at once!


Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. What I ate today as a vegan #3

Breakfast was a big banana and nectarine smoothie, I can’t quite remember the recipe but it’s bound to be five or more bananas and 3/4 nectarines, plus about 800ml of water. That sounds about average.

On the side, I went for a cinnamon and cherry tea which is currently my favourite.

Train snack

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. What I ate today as a vegan #3

A brownie! Since we still had some leftover we just bought them with us for the trip. I didn’t make these, I made them out of a box and they are probably better than anything I could make.


Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. What I ate today as a vegan #3

Watermelon on the beach! I pre-cut the watermelon in the morning and put it in a plastic bag and brought some forks along for us to tuck in without getting our fingers sticky. It stayed nice and fresh in the bag which I was really pleased about since this was my first time pre-cutting it for a trip.

Although next time, I think I’ll use my plastic boxes instead of a bag.

Afternoon snack

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. What I ate today as a vegan #3

More watermelon, because there was so much watermelon to eat!

And some leftover dinner from the night before. It doesn’t look all that appetising after been bumped about in the panniers but it was still tasty. It consisted of shell pasta, avocado, beetroot, mushrooms and mangetout. It was a very “we’re going away for the weekend, this stuff might not last so let’s eat it” dinner.

And then there was an Alpro chocolate soy drink consumed in between all the eating too.


Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. What I ate today as a vegan #3

Or “dinner”.

Since we don’t have the means for cooking when we camp and we’re too cheap and vegan to go out for dinner, dinner was bread and dates. I took out the stone and kind of squashed the date on chunks of bread and, well, ate it.

It was actually pretty good. Especially with another chocolate milkshake (or two).

And that was it. Not the most exciting day, but I did eat so I figured I will share it. Plus, it’s something different to just being at home and eating. So yeah, three cheers for watermelons and bread.