Wonderful Wednesday #23

Let’s just get straight to this!

Atmosphere Refreshing Storms. 

When it absolutely buckets it down and you get drenched but afterwards you can finally breathe. That fresh-smelling, wet-tasting oxygen, that’s just what we’ve been needing lately.

Froggy Friends.

I never thought it was common to see frogs out and about, but there are a few places near our home where you can spot big groups of them at certain times of the year. You hear them first and once you’ve located where all the noise is coming from there are usually a whole bunch hanging around, croaking their lives away.

It’s always worth a ten minute stop to just watch them.

English Breakfast Tea. 

It’s been a long, long time since I had a good cuppa of real tea. About the time we decided to go vegan, so about two years. That’s when I discovered that vegan milks ruin a good cup of tea. Since then, I’ve been an avid peppermint tea consumer, occasionally splashing out for some cinnamon and cherry or a little of that rosehip that they’ve got over the road. For the most part, I became one of those people who “don’t drink tea”.

But these dark days have come to an end. I have embraced the English Breakfast Tea once more. No milk, no milk alternatives, just plain old English Breakfast Tea.

And you know what, with a little sugar and hardly any brewing, it’s alright. It’s growing on me.

All Things Farming. 

OK, we are almost through harvest season and this photo might be from a while back, but I always love seeing farming going on. Whether it’s just a lone man turning over his grass to make hay, or it’s a big ol’ bright yellow combine trundling over the fields, it’s just another thing that makes me smile. Plus, it’s been far too long since I had a chance to drive a tractor around, get a good whiff of manure and enjoy the open sprawl of the countryside.

Speeding Through Books. 

Not speed reading, I can’t do that at all, but picking up a book that makes it feel like you are just reading fast. I love those kinds of books.

It does always seem to be some cheesy YA dystopian though, and this time it’s no different. I’m thoroughly enjoying reading The Gender Game series by Bella Forrest and feeling like I can read at super speed.

The Beginning Of Blackberry Season. 

Not that I ever get around to picking myself some free blackberries or getting any photos of them in season because some greedy bugger has already pinched them all, but still, it’s blackberry season and I just really like the way the plant looks.

Simple things make me cheery.

Dog Trailer Progress. 

Something we’ve been having less luck with in The Adventures Of Dog has been the doggy trailer we bought to transport Dog-Face around in so we could travel and take her places since we do not have a car.

We’ve had a bit of everything over the last seven months or so. We’ve had non-stop barking, non-stop whining, plenty of toilet accidents (despite going just before getting in), refusing to do nothing but stand up, chewing the front of the trailer and just generally being a massive turd. But lately, we’ve been making progress. Dog-Face is laying down, only whining on occasion (which we treat as “hello! I want a wee”, even if most of the time she doesn’t) and people now actually smile at her as we cycle by rather than debating whether they should report us to the police for animal cruelty.

It’s progress. It’s good. It actually makes you want to take her out on the bike. Next step: maybe falling asleep on the longer journeys and taking her out with just one of us. At the moment, it’s still a two person job to keep an eye on what she’s doing.

Books On The Cheap. 

Speaking more of books: I was chuffed to find the Abhorsen series by Garth Nix on this month’s Kindle deals. I probably didn’t need to pick up all five books, but I have high hopes that it’s going to be a good series and I’ve been wanting to read it for ages.

Wild Deer. 

The highlight of my trip back to the UK!

I was out walking the fields and it was just starting to pour with rain, when I spotted this dude. I wasn’t going to let a lot of rain stop me from following him into the woods to get some more photos.

What a beauty.

Getting organised. 

This little tidbit of wonderful comes with the not so wonderful news of the passing of my beloved Sir Pork Chop. Despite making it through his castration surgery and hoping that the cancer was all removed, it eventually came back in his abdomen. At two and a half years, my main man was far too old to do anything about it, and he eventually passed away in his sleep.

Damn, I miss his little face.

But, to celebrate his life, I decided to reclaim my desk (formerly known as Hamster Estate), get organised, get some routine and get a better outlook on life in general. It’s been good, it’s made a huge difference to how I’ve been feeling lately, it’s nice to have my space again.

Doggy Playtimes. 

It feels like an age since Dog-Face got to have a run about with her Mini-Aussie pal from over the road, but we bumped into dog and owner at the park recently so we let the dogs run about the dog park whilst we chatted all things dog.

The best part of the whole thing: Dog-Face didn’t follow suit at barking through the fence of the dog park at people and dogs going by. She didn’t even bother going up to the fence in the first place. It’s things like this I need to make a point of remembering when dog-life gets difficult.

As always, tell me, what’s made your life wonderful this week?

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