Photo An Hour || 22.09.2017

I haven’t participated in photo-an-hour since January, since pre-dog times and I’ve kind of missed it.

So since I’m back to blogging a little more, it seems fitting to get right back into photo-an-hour. And get back into it, I did. I went all out. I got up early! I ran errands, I did something fun, I took a photo of a cuppa, the sky and a book – those photo-an-hour classics – and I still couldn’t manage to end on an even number. Sigh.


Dog: Baasjes! Fear not! I have brought you Nigel. I distinctly remember you saying that you wanted me to wake you at 7AM by throwing Nigel at you.

We can play now, right?

Baasjes: P*** off, Dog.

And go make me a cup of tea.


If you don’t take a photo of your cuppa, does photo-an-hour even happen?


Squeezing in some quality time with Kris, minus Dog, whilst we run errands in town.. for dog.

But, trains. Everyone likes trains, right?


Still in town and stopping to admire the war memorial conveniently at 11AM.

Coincidence? I think not.


Well, close enough.

It’s rather pleasing to photograph a clock when you’re doing photo-an-hour.


Adulting done, it’s time to go for a walk.

It wasn’t anywhere special, but it was a new-to-us route.


An hour in and we are slowly realising we were far too optimistic about how long it would take to walk 7.5km.

Dog however, shows no signs of stopping.


Still walking and enjoying the farm life.


Just sneaking a photo of all these mushrooms on someones lawn and hoping no-one sees me through the kitchen window.


The final stretch of the walk. Just another kilometre through the houses and down the very wet and muddy lane, then it’s back on the bikes and home to rest.


A well-earned rest for Dog.

This is the longest walk she’s been on and she ploughed on like the champ she is. Then she died quietly in front of the fridge for a couple of hours.


Whilst Dog sleeps and Kris games. I climb into last nights PJs and get stuck into my book.

That’s just how I like my Saturday evening. And every other evening of the week.


We’ll end on the view from my living room window.

And that’s Saturday, done and dusted. It’s so satisfying to complete a photo an hour. I’m already looking forward to next month. What did you get up to on Saturday? 

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