Snapshots || Disneyland Paris: Adventureland and Discoveryland

Of all the places to be in Disneyland, Discoveryland was my favourite, followed closely by Adventureland. They had the most interesting decoration, the best colours and some pretty good rides too. As such, they were also where I took the most photos, so it seems only far to dedicate a whole blog post to my two favourite areas.

Starting with Discoveryland!

This was our first stop on our third day and look at that gorgeous weather! Just look at all that green, blue and gold. Hands down, my favourite spot and I am not even remotely interested in space, but I am interested in colour.

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That is it for Discoveryland. Next up, Adventureland!

We headed to Adventureland on the last day of our trip, sadly, no more blue skies, but I was happy to sacrifice that for a little more warmth. My toes sure did appreciate those few extra degrees.

We spent most of our time walking all around, through the caves, over bridges, up the treehouse and simply enjoying all the nature there was in this part of the park compared to everywhere else. I would have liked to climb aboard the pirate ship, but sadly, you cannot have everything.

Enough chitter chatter, let us get to the photos so you can enjoy a bit of Adventureland too!

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If you have been to DLP before, what is you favourite part of the park? If not, what do you prefer, Discoveryland or Adventureland? Or neither?