Currently In August

tree with blue sky

And July.

And June.

And May. Maybe some of April too.

One day I might explain where I went, but for now, let’s just get back to the good old days of blogging. Sit back, get a beverage and – if applicable – chuckle quietly to yourself.

Made: far too many orders on Amazon, a spontaneous trip back to the UK and a selection of poor life choices.
Cooked: this lentil soup, a few varieties of soup and this pasta salad. I also “cooked” a lot of cereal, beans on toast and, on occasion, entire bottles of orange juice. As I said: poor life choices.
Drank: needless to say, a lot of orange juice. My trip back to the UK also inspired me to bring back some classic English Breakfast tea into my life too. Black, one sugar and barely brewed please.
Read: since April: 16 short stories, 15 novels, 16 audiobooks, 1 anthology, 3 manga and 6 graphic novels. If there’s only one thing I’ve done well in the last few months, it’s stick my head in a book whilst simultaneously denying that the real world exists.

currently reading audible the false prince the scandalous sisterhood of prickwillow palace NPCs cover

Wanted: a bit more sleep, a book or four, and the answer to the question: how do I get my life back together? Little things, you know.
Looked: for many a dog chew under the sofa.
Played: a little bit of Hitman, a bit of Transport Fever and a lot of fetch.
Decided: that looking organised on the outside would make it appear like I have my life together and a desk planner (or two) was the way to do that. So far, so planned.
Wished: for sunshine without the sunburn.
Enjoyed: a much-needed holiday back to the UK to stay with the In-Laws, sans dog and husband.

british wildflowers in the sunshine

Waited: on deliveries and trains.
Liked: eating cereal at 2am, feeling organised and my overuse of three item lists.
Wondered: why WordPress felt the need to not save my draft when I asked it to and make me write this post all over again. Not cool WordPress. Not cool.
Loved: buddy-reading books, learning new things and the fresh outlooks.
Pondered: my next read and whether it is time to hoover under the sofa.
Needed: to spend €10 on books at the start of the month when I already have plenty to choose from on my Kindle. Absolutely.
Watched: The Defenders, Game of Thrones, a selection of Booktube videos and quite a bit of puppy antics.

border collie puppy on a chair in a box

Noticed: a distinct lack of birds every time I take my camera out. Seriously, what happened to all the birds?
far too much until far too late into the night.
Admired: the beauty that is organised boxes of cross stitch threads.
Smelled: at this moment? Fabric softener, because I put too much in the washing machine again.
Wore: running leggings, just without the running.
Sorted: 250 skeins of thread onto bobbins and then ordered by colour into boxes. It was the most satisfying thing I have done for a while.

dmc embroidery thread organised in boxes
Bought: myself a bluetooth speaker so I can play audiobooks to myself whilst I am in the shower, putting on makeup, or any other situation where I’m too lazy to wear my headphones and carry my phone around with me. Occasionally, I pop it on my shoulder and pretend it’s a boombox.
Got: an infection in my big toe. Nothing says you are winning at life-like a toe with pus coming out of it.
Bookmarked: Tag posts for future blog lols.
Opened: All those afore mentioned deliveries. With the help of Dog, of course. Nothing gets your goods out of the package like the fat head of an inquisitive pup.
Laughed: at the unexpected appearance of a giant blow up duck and late into the night with the Bro-In-Law.
Snacked: in the place of regular meals a few too many times. More poor life choices.

giant blow up duck on building leuven belgium
Helped: Tourists with tourist-ing and In-Laws with dishwasher duties.
Felt: like I could do a million things and like I could do nothing, usually at the same leading to a lot of brain-ache.
Listened: to the charming sounds that is a dog whining because the ball has rolled out of reach and she has suddenly developed the inability to use her legs and fetch it back. 
Celebrated: life’s little victories including swimming puppies, recipes from Pinterest actually tasting good and remembering to take my umbrella.
Started: far too many book series with no plan on when to finish them. 
none of those book series.

And that’s it. The last few months in a medium-sized nutshell. Here’s hoping there’s still people out there too!