Snapshots || Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris

It’s time for more Disney!

We have covered the trip, the festivities, now it is time to enjoy a bit of the Walt Disney Studios Park.

I really enjoyed this side of the park. Toyland and the area around Ratatouille was definitely my favourite spot. The whole park was a little more subtle (as subtle as Disneyland can be) than the Disneyland Park with a load more hidden details to enjoy as you wander around. Plus, I had my own personal guide in Danielle who has quite the repertoire of Disney knowledge so I was sure not to miss a thing. I see a “top ten Disneyland Paris secrets” in her blog-future!

There is not much else to say, since I already covered the attractions we went on in my first Disneyland post. This post is all about the photos! So let us just enjoy them and I will stop writing!

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If you have been to Disneyland before, what do you prefer? The Walt Disney Studios Park or the Disneyland Park? If not, um, I am not sure what question to ask you. 


The Chronicles of Moxie || Episode Two

Episode One: check.

Episode Two: checking it off right now.

This was when I started to see a bit of the funny side to puppyhood. Just a bit. Most of the time, I was knee-deep in poo bags, dog hair and a serious case of comparison-itis.

This spans our adventures from ten to twelve weeks old.

Let’s get started!

_DSC4238_edit _DSC4242_edit

The Chronicles of Moxie :: Episode Two

Or Doxie: if the dog school instructor is talking to her.

Or Maxie: because people keep assuming she is a boy and I guess that’s a more manly name.

Or T-Rex: because one time I was joking and the woman didn’t realise.

Whatever her name is, she is definitely alive, all 6.9kg-up-to-date-on-her-rabies-vaccine of her, and – I like to think – happy and well. I did have to Google “Is my puppy happy?” to double-check that claim, and I’m still suspicious when I can hear her belting out a bark (or ten) in the elevator as Kris takes her out to go pee-pee. I look forward to the days of complete bladder control and when a certain someone realises that you cannot call the elevator by the power of bark alone.

But, we are at the big twelve weeks! We are vaccinated, we have moved up to Puppy Class at the dog school (you know, the one where we have to do stuff) and we, dare I jinx it, might even be bonding now.

 So here it is: weeks ten to twelve, in puppy-themed anecdotes.


Google it.

The most popular search term in the last two weeks: “Is my puppy the devil?”.

Closely followed by “does my puppy hate me?”, “why does my puppy love my husband more?” and the classic “is my puppy broken?”.

Oh and let’s not forget “I yelled at my puppy, will she hate me forever?”.

Turns out, the puppy is not broken (just an arsehole at times), she only turns into the Devil between 8:30 and 9:30pm which is solved by a biscuit and a helpful suggestion that someone needs to take her butt to “bed” and well, sometimes it’s OK to yell at the puppy because dammit, I am human and I really cannot afford to fix my camera.

_DSC4244_edit _DSC4248_edit

Dog school it.

Dog school has been eventful, frustrating and a lot of fun. Mostly, just eventful.

We finished our last Cubs Class (for the 8-12 week-ers) and, a certain someone, got told off. Again. In my head I imagined the interaction between her and the other fluffy-dude to go something like this: “Bow to me peasant, for I am Moxie: Queen of the Dogs!”. Or she was channelling her inner dog-feminist and going for something like “I fight for equality. I fight for more toys. More treats. Bigger toys. Toys that come in any colour but pink! Did I mention more treats? Also bigger treats!”. 

In reality she decided to take that little boy down with all available teeth and paws, and then wee on the instructor from the shock of suddenly being in the air. It was definitely not very lady-like. And she has officially been labelled as a lady who likes to “play hard”.

You know what they say: play hard or go home. Turns out, most of the puppies in class are the go home variety. Losers.

Now that we have moved up to the Puppy One Class, this has curbed some of her desire to transform into the Lady Of Light Galadriel and re-enact that scene from Lord Of The Rings yelling “all shall love me and despair!”. It’s good to be a middle-sized dog again, instead of one of the biggest puppies.

That and we also have ourselves a 20 minute walk before we even get to the dog school and, if we are lucky, a bit of time to run about in the play area before the other pups show up. It takes the edge off our energy so we run and play like everyone else instead of like we’ve just dropped a couple of grams of amphetamines (that is probably the most gangster thing I have ever said).

If that doesn’t ooze responsible dog owner I don’t know what does – that was a joke. I do know.

On the flip side, that was the only successful thing to happen at Puppy One. The rest of our first class was spent laying on our belly eating mud. Or licking the grass. Or licking the mud, Or staring at every dog she could lay eyes on and probably chanting “dogs! dogs! dogs!” in her head.

I keep personifying my dog. I know. I need more sleep. I know. 

No amount of sweet-talking or bribery was getting that girl to do anything other than get up to taste another morsel of mud. After 45 minutes, my sweet talking had progressed from “Moxie! Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!” to “park that butt on the floor you giant embarrassment”. In the end, we gave up with the clicker and treats and went for a stick instead, “oh! Now you can sit! What a shocking revelation, you little butthead”. All said in the sweetest and most positive of child-like voices, of course.

The one thing she did well was running straight to me when the instructor let her go. Luckily she heard my inner monologue of “don’t you dare nip my ankle as you run past me Kraken-face”.

On Monday morning, I pulled out the kibble, stood in front of the house (cars and distractions galore) and we got our training on. I told her she knew her stuff.

I am now referring to dogs as The Kraken’s distraction-kryptonite.

_DSC4263_edit _DSC4264_edit

It’s all Kris.

Of course, the Thursday evening class with Kris went great, because we have already established that she loves him more than me. They got promoted to Puppy Two, so it is now officially a competition between us. We have to progress through the dog school separately with Moxie as we both have membership.

Further proof that she loves Kris more includes when I went out for three hours on the weekend and left her with Kris. She didn’t even notice I was gone. Then we both left her for an hour and when we returned she only greeted Kris.

“Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here picking up your poo, getting your dinner, training you, and walking you”. Pfft. Dogs.

_DSC4266_edit _DSC4271_edit

Me no comprende.

The Kraken has a special face that she reserves for crate time.

I say “in” and point helpfully to the bed in the crate. She smirks and says something like “Ik spreek geen engels”. To which I reply with “hahahaha… no”.

We have now changed it to “bed” and of course she just waltzes into the crate with a look of “well, you should have just said so”. I put my smartypants on for this cue though and attached it to the bed and not the crate, that way, when I take her and her bed places, I can still tell her to go to it.

Pats self on back. 

_DSC4278_edit _DSC4279_edit

The curse of strangers.

The biggest thing from the last two weeks is other people.

Other people who want to pat my dog on the head for no reason. Or call to her when we are training or walking by. The dude next door decided to stand and watch us training in the morning, then he proceeded to pat his leg and call my dog over, then he had the audacity to tell me she doesn’t listen! I almost yelled at him. But I saved that for another dude instead. I have a lot less patience at 7am.

Let’s not forget the drive-by petting, from a selection of people including a couple of joggers. Way to distract my pup. Idiots.

Oh and the woman who jogged past us and called to Moxie to chase her… I kid you not.

We’ve been bear-hugged by a child whilst the mother just stood there watching. People continue to shove their fingers in our face, stand on us when we are on the bus and my favourite of the last fortnight: the child walking behind us making weird noises, caught Moxie’s attention, she stopped (as a puppy does) and was almost trampled by the ten other kids walking with that child who weren’t looking where they were going. I had to whip her off the floor, much to her dislike, before she was seriously hurt.

The icing on cake? “Can I pet your dog?”. Uh, no.

Who are these people and why are they always out when I want to walk/train/or take my dog out for a poo?!


Closing thoughts.

I have waffled on for long enough.

Don’t read this wrong, we are having a great time. It’s damn hard. But when it’s going good, it is going great.

When it isn’t, I’m still crying into my hamster whilst consulting Dr. Google and Kris is walking back from the bus stop bin at 3am with one slipper on because The Kraken has stolen the other.

On the flip-side, last night we all sat together on the sofa to watch some TV and The Kraken chose to lay beside me (OK, OK, it was literally on top of me) but I definitely felt something. She might even like me.

I think that’s everything. I must go, the Kraken woke up 15 minutes ago but has just decided that now is the time she wishes to be released from the crate. Time for some more “I don’t think so. I will let you out when I am ready” training.

Or more accurately “wait five minutes whilst I fill my pockets with poo bags, keys, treats and debate whether I should put my shoes on or not”.

Ah, puppyhood. You bring me smiles, squashed bags of poo in my pockets and the sudden realisation that I smell like a dog owner.

That’s it for Episode Two. I’m pretty excited for Episode Three already so stay tuned for that next week. Then I will chill with all the dog-talk. Airing my dirty-doggy-laundry is rather therapeutic though, so definitely expect more from our escapades. 


Wonderful Wednesday #21

It’s been a long, long time since my last Wonderful Wednesday.

I’m hoping I don’t have to send back my membership card just yet. I think my excuse of a puppy running rampant around my house is a good one though.

I have quite a bit of wonderful to chat about, so let’s get straight into it.

My Bonny Bears.

Also know as: the Mother-In-Law makes her owns bears – and rabbits, badgers, elephants and one time, a banana – which I think are really great and that some of you might like too. She even has her own Instagram account, that’s how hip my MIL is.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 3.28.42 pmMug cakes.

This deserves a spot of wonderful all to itself.

Delicious, gooey, chocolate-y mug cake. With custard.

Comfort food at its finest.

Also Birds custard powder: vegan. Win.

Finding my (furry) feet.

Dare I say it, but I think I might have got to grips with this whole puppyhood thing. Until I broke my foot at least.

But prior to that, there were a few mornings where I woke up and didn’t feel like I was neck-deep in unrealistic expectations and questionable advice from the internet, and that I might just have a handle on raising a dog. Just.

Now, I’m a little scuppered with the foot thing, but there’s still plenty of things to work on in the house, and it gives Kris plenty of opportunity to work with Moxster for a change.

Still, I’m impatient to get moving and training again. Can’t have my little lady’s standards slipping, we wouldn’t want to embarrass ourselves at the dog school.

_DSC4301_edit _DSC4305_edit

Hammy dearest.

More pet talk. My little Chopster is doing fantastic. A while back, I mentioned that he’d developed testicular cancer and after a lot of thought, I decided to book him in for surgery to have them removed. Since he’s in such good health, despite being over two years old, there was a really good chance that he’d do great with the surgery and removing his testicles would cure him of the cancer too.

He had his surgery last month and he’s been right as rain ever since. He’s back to his chirpy self. He gets up earlier, runs in his wheel more, has stopped drinking so much and just looks pretty damn sexy again. Even his hair has thickened up and gone back to being a nice even black instead of looking a bit washed out and brown. I was genuinely shocked at how much difference the surgery made to him, if I’m being completely honest. I should have done it sooner.

Shockingly, he also lost 20g in weight after the tumour was removed as it had also grown up into his abdomen as well as outside his body. He recovered amazingly from the surgery and took his antibiotics and painkillers like the champ that he is.

I couldn’t be happier, and I’m looking forward to many more happy times with my main man.

Jolly good weather.

It’s Spring and the weather has been (mostly) gorgeous. Damn, I love spring time.

_DSC4309_edit _DSC4316_edit_DSC4347_edit

The return of the mojo.

My mojo has taken a serious beating with puppyhood. All mojos, not even just my blogging one. My reading mojo, my photography mojo, my sleep mojo, just my mojo mojo, they were all too exhausted and stressed to the edge of sanity but now they are making a come back.

In the last few weeks I’ve picked up my camera again, I’ve lost myself in a book for a few hours, I’ve cooked something that wasn’t instant noodles, crackers and cheese or a mug cake (none of which really constitute cooking).

It feels good to mojo my way through my day again.

Other mojos still to return include: the smoothie making mojo, the keeping my house clean mojo and the self-confidence mojo. But we’re getting there. In fact, I’m going to make a smoothie for breakfast tomorrow. Those bananas won’t eat themselves.


Not instant noodles.

I could be embarrassed about the number of times I have eaten instant noodles for lunch or dinner in the last month or so, but that doesn’t really scream strong, independent woman. It’s better to embrace it and move on.

With the return of the cooking mojo, we’ve actually enjoyed plenty of other tasty things like: this sweet and sour tofu recipe (many times), lots of vegan cheese, mac and cheese, spaghetti Bolognese (comfort food has been a bit of a theme lately), leftover pumpkin soup from the freezer and plenty of pasta. Pasta has kept us fed and warm on many occasion lately.

Friendly folk.

Isn’t it nice when people are just friendly? Apparently owning a dog makes you infinitely more likely to be spoken to by strangers, especially in Belgium. Usually, as just a person I would be nice and invisible, these days as a person plus dog I’m still sort of invisible but they sure like to talk to my dog a lot, then sometimes they notice I am there too.

And some of the people have been quite nice. I’ve actually had a nice time talking to people and being a bit sociable. Shocking, I know.

We’ve made some friends at the dog school, people who are even willing to do a little translation for us to help with the classes. We’ve met an old couple who invited my into their home for tea on morning as I went by their house (we have met before in the park, so it wasn’t too unexpected), and then there’s the one time chit-chats too which I’ve also enjoyed.

Oh and I can’t forget the tweets and messages from people checking in to make sure I wasn’t dead. That’s always appreciated.

I think that’s everything for now. There is more, but I really want to go to bed and read my book so I’ll leave it at this. Happy midweek to one and all! Share your wonderful in the comments below! 

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