Wonderful Wednesday #20 || The Puppy Edition


Right now there is nothing more wonderful to me than that furry face.

As promised last week, this is the puppy edition of Wonderful Wednesday. It’s time to make some introductions!

Not-dog-people, it is probably time to leave.

Dog-people, meet Moxie. Moxie, meet the Internet.

So yeah, this is Moxie and the start of our next great adventure! Or to give her her full name: Borders Make My Day Partner Around The World, but that’s a bit of a mouthful and only reserved for special occasions.

This post is mostly just so I can cement this moment and ogle at puppy photos but it should probably have a bit of context too. After all, I probably kept this whole venture a bit too hush, hush and now it looks as though I did that dreaded thing of getting a puppy for Christmas. I assure you, we did not. Even if she was born just a few days shy of Christmas.

So, a little back story and then on to the photos.

Pets are not new to us, having both been around pets for our whole lives and also having pets ourselves in pre-Belgium times. We considered a cat when we first moved to Belgium and then decided a dog would probably suit us better. Since we didn’t have the time to dedicate to a dog, we opted for a Choppy instead. He’s still my number one man no matter how cute that puppy face is.

At the beginning of last year we knew my job would be coming to an end so we started thinking again whether we’d like to get a dog. With all the cycling and camping we like to do, it seemed like a good fit and some extra company.

From there I researched (“obsessively” if Kris was telling this tale) dogs, dog breeds, dogs and camping, dogs and cycling, dogs and travel, dog training. Pretty much dogs and whatever Google suggested as the relevant search term. I researched shelters in Belgium and I researched breeders as well. Our first thoughts were: energetic and medium-sized. From there we reached a Border Collie, or Border Collie-esque dog. Then came a lot of research about Border Collies and a lot of trawling forums to see what information was out there. In the end, it was a joint decision to get a Border Collie puppy from a breeder.

It took us a few months to find our breeder, and around August time we sent off some emails and got a chance to visit. A couple of weeks after that we even got to watch one of the Dog Frisbee workshops that our breeder and her friend puts on which we’ll be attending in March with Moxie. After that, we went on to the waiting list and kept our fingers crossed that we’d be offered a puppy.

On December 23rd the puppies were born and the next day we were offered one. And the rest, they say, is puppy visits every weekend for the next eight weeks and spending far too much time on the litters Facebook group looking at photos and videos to keep up with them throughout the week.

I think it is time for photos. That is far too much chatter. All in all, there was about a years worth of solid research and decision-making and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

On to all things wonderful and all things puppy.

The Gorgeous Parents

You can’t have puppies without them! Mummy Babz and Daddy Chubby.


New Born Puppies

Be still my heart, aren’t they just amazing little beings. Also, much to everyone’s surprise it was an even split of 3 black and 3 red, and all girls!

Puppies_1 Puppies_2

Moxie’s First Week Of Life

Where she just flopped about, drank a lot of milk and then went to sleep.

Moxie_pup_wk1_3 Moxie_pup_wk1_4 Moxie_pup_wk1_10

Moxie’s Second Week Of Life

You see where this post is going, right? Save yourself whilst you still can.

Week two, was more sleeping, slurping and our first introductions! Although, at this point we did not actually know that Moxie was Moxie. She was just simply “Yellow” for the time being. She became Moxie at 6 weeks.

Moxie_pup_wk2_16Moxie_pup_wk2_2 Moxie_pup_wk2_8

Moxie’s Third Week Of Life

At least I’m not filling this post with idle commentary.

Week three was the week where everyone started to get chubby, open their eyes and start playing. Week three was also the time when Grandma Sim stepped in to help out Mummy Babz.

Moxie_pup_wk3_3 Moxie_pup_wk3_14 Moxie_pup_wk3_15

Moxie’s Fourth Week Of Life

At what point in this post am I just talking to myself? I don’t mind, this has to be recorded somewhere and this is a good a place as any.

Week four was all things playtime, food and napping.

Moxie_pup_wk4_2 Moxie_pup_wk4_7 Moxie_pup_wk4_1

Moxie’s Fifth Week Of Life

Week five, that’s where we discovered that it is damn cold outside in January but actually a lot of fun. Oh and napping. There is always napping.

Moxie_pup_wk5_4 Moxie_pup_wk5_14 Moxie_pup_wk5_19 Moxie_pup_wk5_6 Moxie_pup_wk5_7

Moxie’s Sixth Week Of Life

I think I am taking this too far. Or maybe I haven’t taken it far enough. If anything, it has reminded my how to spell “fourth” again.

Week six was all about getting to know the world some more, lots of playtime, working on her leash skills for the big garden centre visit and officially being crowned “Moxie”.

It wasn’t until this week that it was revealed which puppies were going to which owners. A little surprise based on our preference (which was a rather laid back “a black and white one please”) and which puppy our breeder thought would be the best fit. We had faith in her decision and could not be happier with our Yellow girl.

Week six also has some of my favourite photos too.

Moxie_pup_reveal_2 Moxie_pup_reveal_4Moxie_pup_wk6_2 Moxie_pup_wk6_5 Moxie_pup_wk6_6 Moxie_pup_wk6_19 Moxie_LeadTrainingMoxie_pup_wk6_15 Moxie_pup_wk6_14 Moxie_pup_wk6_11 Moxie_pup_wk6_12 Moxie_pup_wk6_10

Moxie’s Seventh Week Of Life

Officially too far. But, that face. That. Face.

Week seven was all about photo shoots, the big garden centre visit, more playtime and our first family photo and the mad rush to get the house ready to bring our girl home.

Moxie_pup_wk7_3 Moxie_pup_wk7_17Intratuin_2 Intratuin_7Intratuin_10 Intratuin_11 Intratuin_12IntraTuinVisit

And that’s it. I regret nothing. That is my girl and I am in love. Now, I just need to figure out how to incorporate, what I predict to be, an excessive amount of dog photos into this blog, because I don’t want to miss a single day of this girl. 

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  • Omg, how am I so behind?! She is the most adorable thing ever!!!! I love the pictures in week 7. And don’t worry at all about the long post, the more pics the better! I can’t wait to see all your adventures with her and watch her grow up on your blog! xx

    • I can’t wait to start sharing our adventures! At the moment she’s too small to really get out there, but damn I can’t wait.

      I have to wait longer now since I broke my foot… stupid foot.

  • Oh my gosh I could look at these photos of Moxie all day! And your face on all the photos look so happy haha. Can’t wait to see more of her!

    • That was before we brought her home and our faces for the next month or so was a toss up between “I’m so tired, I might die” and “what the hell have we done!”.

  • Never enough puppy photos!!! What a sweet story, obvs you were meant to have a puppy now then, you were CHOSEN!

    • Haha! Chosen for weeks of stress and drama. Luckily she’s not a bad girl now.

  • Ahhh she’s so cute! Even though I am 100% a cat person, I have always loved border collies! I can’t wait to see more pictures of her, she’s so darn cute I can hardly stand it!

    • Haha! I would have liked to have a cat, but I didn’t think they’d fit with our lifestyle or travelling. Then I came across an Instagram called “cats that hike”, so what do I know!

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  • caroline reay

    I’d be interested to know what made you choose a particular breeder?

    • There were many things that made us choose our breeder, such as, the people themselves (the reasoning behind their breeding in general and how they choose the parents for this litter), being able to see the parents, plus grandparents, siblings, other litters etc, the nice community that our breeder has created with her pups, the fact that the dogs are not working line border collies but sports dogs, all the things that our breeder does and provides for the puppies before we even get them (weekly visits from the owners, a private facebook group to stay updated, a lot of socialisation with children, people, animals – cats, dogs, horses etc – a rich learning environment to grow up in) and many other reasons.

      In the end, they felt like the right choice for us and we are happy with the breeder we chose.

  • Kel

    What a gorgeous little puppy, hope you all have tons of fun together! x

    • Me too! So far, it’s a fifty-fifty split of fun and no fun haha! But that’s puppyhood for you.

  • caroline reay

    Gosh, an active intelligent working breed! You ARE going to be busy! Good luck

    • Yup 🙂 She is indeed. But between the dog school twice a week, all the hiking and cycling we do, and me not working, I think that will be more than enough to satisfy all her doggy desires.

  • She is so beautiful!
    I showed my boyfriend this post. Hopefully he will take the hint and make time to go to the dog theory course with me 😉 (officially it’s no longer a requirement to own a dog but we both think it’s a good idea).

    • I think it’ll be really interesting to go to the course. You can’t lose out by not going. It’s a shame they have change the rules about going, it can only be a good thing for people to be educated on their dog decisions.

  • Cat

    Oh. My. Goodness. She is GORGEOUS!!! I adore her and please do keep sharing every moment of her life with you, she is the cutest little thing. It really sounds like you did excellent research and I love the idea that the breeders were so involved in deciding which puppy went to which family – excellent owners. Wishing you so much happiness with your little Moxie 🙂 C xx

    • I’m looking forward to sharing more of her life now that I have my blogging mojo back. It’s nice to be back to writing again. Plus, I’m hoping to find plenty of people to laugh along with me and my puppy drama.

      I knew that if we were going down the puppy route, then I wanted to go about it the right way. It was definitely worth waiting a whole year to get to this point, knowing that I went about it in a responsible way.

      I can’t wait to see all the other puppies again in May, it’ll be nice to see how much they have grown.

  • Awwwww how cute! Definitely not too much! I love dogs I recent posted about my little dog Louie! I can’t wait to see more posts on moxie!

    Lots of love!

    • Ah, I know it’s a little late, but I went back to check out your little dude and he’s a cutie! I’m a fan of larger dogs, but I can definitely see all the great things there is about little Louie!

  • I’m trying to type something that expresses the adorableness of Moxie’s sleeping habit with her paws up in the air, and I have no words. I have no doubt that your family will thrive with the addition of Moxie to the mix.

    • So far we have been getting by, thriving is yet to come I think. Once puppyhood is over haha! It’s been very hard indeed!

  • Aww I remember when my little one was that little! Collie puppies are just the sweetest <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    • It’s nice to have this to look back on. But I am always excited to see her getting bigger and bigger.

  • Oh my word, what a cutie! Isn’t it incredible how fast they grow? At week 2 she still looked like a tiny alien thing and then suddenly BAM week three, it’s a tiny dog!

    • I know! They grow so fast! Even faster now haha!

  • Awww she is sooo cute! SO jealous – I cannot wait to get a pet!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • She just gets cuter with age 🙂

      Oooh, what pet do you think you’ll get?

  • Jo

    OMG what a treat this post is! YES to puppy photos, the MORE puppy photos the better! Those teeny tiny ones, with the little pink paws and tummies, oh my goodness! I just love love love the little ribbons the breeder put on, what a perfect idea that she got to know all the customers before hand and selected the right puppy for you, that’s amazing! Please please post more pics, I love puppies, especially Border Collies. Our family dog (Kara) is a border collie, springer spaniel cross, she looks like a collie but less shaggy and more rounded instead of pointy faced, she’s black and white too. Plus border collies are from the very border I live on! Congratulations on your new addition. x

    • Haha I’m glad to hear that, now that I have my blogging mojo back, I will defintely be sharing some more photos.

      I much preferred it like that, since she would know the puppies better she could match them to our personalities and lifestyles more. I think she was a great match for us. Very confident, very energetic and just enough of a challenge to only almost kill us haha!

      Oh your girl sounds like a beauty! I hope to go for a collie-cross or a rescue border collie as our next dog. I know I shouldn’t be planning that already, but secretly I am planning a second dog once Moxie is an adult and has all her manners and training. I still want to adopt a doggy at some point.

      And well, two doggies must be better than one! Especially if I get to skip puppyhood!

  • AWWWWWWWWWW, THIS IS TOO CUTE! I spent this entire post with a huge grin on my face, this is just the cutest thing Kerri. I adore that photo where you can just see the horse’s muzzle and Moxie’s little curious face, what a cutie, she’s just the most precious thing! Love that final shot of you with the parents and Moxie too, how adorable! I apologise because this comment is just me gushing about how adorable this post is but it’s so, so cute! Can’t wait to see more photos of her and all of your new puppy/dog adventures together! – Tasha

    • they got to spend a lot of time around the horses before coming home with us. Definitely good for her in the future.

      I’m excited to share more of our adventures now that I have my blogging mojo back.

  • Okay, it’s safe to say I’m in love, I can’t wait to hear all about Moxie as grows!
    Enjoy those puppy moments
    Emma & Alfie xox

    • I’m definitely looking forward to sharing our adventures now that I have my blogging mojo back!

  • Rebecca Ellis

    Oh my goodness, what a cutie! Dogs get so big so quickly as well. We have a cockapoo 🙂 x

    • Oh how cute! I can’t wait until she has grown up 🙂

  • I read every word – you definitely didn’t go too far! I love Moxie and I love that family photo too!!

    • It’s a very classy photo of us posing outside the garden centre!

  • AAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!! This is officially the cutest blog post I’ve ever seen, and I’m not even a dog person.

    Have lots of fun with your new family member!

    • Oh that is definitely a compliment! Thank you!

  • Moxie!!!! She is so adorable I can’t even stand it. 🙂

    • Haha! I might be biased, but I think she gets more adorable with age!

  • Love it. Can never have too many puppy pics!

  • I have been waiting SO LONG for this post 😉 As I’m sure you know, I am 100% pro-rescue dogs, but I think I remember you saying that the requirements and hoops you have to jump through in Belgium to rescue a dog are ridiculous. And I didn’t comment to scold you- I was going to say that I’M SO GLAD YOU RESEARCHED THE BREEDS AND BREEDERS. So many people don’t do that! You guys are great puppy-parents!!
    Also, let’s take a moment to gush over how gorgeous momdog and daddog are. *all the heart-eyes*
    All these pictures are amazing. I love the one with Moxie and the horse! And the ones with her under the stool. She’s SO CUTE. (Um… and those tan border collies are beautiful! I think I’d have preferenced on of them as well 😉 Haha!)

    Feel free to tie in doggie pics whenever you want from here on out! 😀

    • Don’t get me wrong, I am also pro-rescue and I was set on a rescue dog this time, but every rescue I looked at said I need a garden (at the very least) and then experience as a dog owner to adopt a more energetic dog breed. I was so disappointed. I could have waited until we moved back to the UK, but with our plans to travel, I think we’d be even less likely to be able to adopt because we wouldn’t actually have a home as such.

      Definitely frustrating. That and Kris had his heart set on a puppy so I was determined to do it right if we did it that way.

      If I’m being honest, there are days when I still feel bad about “buying” my dog. I don’t think I’d ever get another puppy, really, I do not enjoy puppyhood, so I hope our next dog will be a rescue. I would love to adopt a adult border collie once Moxie is an adult. There’s this awesome BC rescue in the UK that I’d like to get a dog from.

      I hope with my little Chronicles series that I can share with people that we really are being responsible and doing our best. Plus, it’s a good way to reach out for any advice or just friendly words of comfort on the drama that is puppyhood.

      Oh, Mum and Dad are beauties! I cannot wait until Moxie is an adult dog.

      I love the black and whites, but Kris loves the red and white ones. But, we had a much bigger chance of getting a black and white one so we went for that. Actually, a black and white girl was our last choice haha! I really wanted a boy, but since there were no boys in the litter, that wasn’t possible.

  • Appreciate the Day

    PUPPPPPYYYYYY!!!! Ok I’ll calm down. I’m calm. Oh I looked at those cute eyes again. I’m not calm!

    Oh my goodness she is the cutest little button ever. You can NEVER have too many dog photos. I’m fairly certain it’s the law. I loved the little weekly updates.

    I can’t wait to see so many more photos of little Moxie. You and Kris seem so prepared and fully researched. Plus with a puppy that good at napping, it would be rude not to join her for a few naps. Great excuse!

    Kate xx

    • Haha! I think I have only just started to chill out too tbh and it’s been two months. Although, I think I am more stressed than excited.

      I have joined in with many naps. I probably would have dropped dead otherwise.

  • Full on crying haha!! I cannot believe she is finally home – it’s crazy! It seems to have gone so quick but also taken so long. December can’t come soon enough! Let’s hope they get along okay 😛
    Love being able to see all the weeks, one after another too. I was looking back through the folders the other day to find ones of her when she was newborn to show Dad.
    She (and you and Kris) are doing SO well so far. She’s gonna be an amazing dog <3

    • Haha! Time has flown by. I can’t believe this was two months ago!

  • Wife of a Gamer

    Ooooooh! She is so gorgeous! I love puppy posts, and weekly updates is definitely not too much. 🙂 Looking forward to all the Moxie adventure posts.

    • I’m definitely glad to have my blogging mojo back to share our adventures!

  • My eyyyyyyeeeeees. I can’t look directly at her, she’s too damn cute! Those tiny pink paws, eeeeeeeee. She is seriously gorgeous and I’m super chuffed for you. She also looks like an epic snoozer and that’s never not funny!

    Also, I love that the breeder chose the right parents to fit the dogs, that’s awesome. See, I kept reading. The whole way.

    FYI you’ve totes ruined this blog for me now though, I’ll feel bereft if there are posts without some Moxie.

    Going back for another sneaky look.
    M x

    • She’s pretty good at the snoozing! It only took her a few weeks to start sleeping through the entire night, from around 8:30pm until 7:30am and then back to bed until 9:30am… I’m so so glad she doesn’t want to get up at the crack of dawn!

  • AAHH this has really brightened up my Wednesday morning. I am so pleased for you and the new edition to the family. (I am also incredibly jealous, as soon as I finish uni I am *hopefully* getting a dog!).

    This is such a nice post to document the first stages of little Maxi’s life. I can’t wait to see more doggie photos! xx


    • Ahh, I hope you can get one! It’s definitely an adventure that’s for sure.

  • Awww, love the story. It reminded me of our search for Festus, our dog. Love her name too, the name from the breeders are so funny, aren’t they (Festus is Festus vom Hause Mitroi). We got Festus a few days before Christmas and it wasn’t the best idea to have a puppy with a tree filled with balls (we call them baubles) and a scared cat that was trying to get to the balls too. I’m sorry I missed all those moments of him as a small puppy, as when I saw him he was already 3 months old. I knew about the breeder for months (3rd one we went to see), we planned to get a puppy in the spring and a girl we didn’t rush. I had no idea I will love Festus from the moment I saw him and took him home next day. The breeder offered us a puppy, after a long long chat.

    I hope you’ll have many wonderful moments with her, she is a beauty. xx

    • I love your little (well big) Festus. Such a cutie! I do love his name though, that’s quite posh haha!

      Oh, gosh, I can imagine a puppy and baubles is not a good combination!

      I definitely think having a puppy in the summer or springtime would make all the potty trips a little easier, but it wasn’t so bad doing it in the winter either. Plus, now we get to enjoy the nicer weather as she gets older and by the time next winter comes around she won’t want to go out to potty every five minutes haha!