Wonderful Wednesday #19


Did I miss last week?

Goes off to check. 

Apparently so. I like to take the odd week off here and there. All the time, apparently.

I have a to-do list as long as my arm to get done before a certain furry friend comes home on Friday, this blog post being one of those to-dos, along with sorting the paper recycling out, rearranging the house and deciding on the final place for the crate and making a couple of doggy DIYs!

Let’s get to this!

The Big Reveal

Easily the highlight of the last two weeks! The big reveal of which furry friend we’ll be bringing home this Friday! THIS FRIDAY! Time has flown by, but we are feeling prepared and oh so excited.

Whilst we wait, why not have a guess at which of these gorgeous girls will be coming home with us: left, centre or right. Or to use their unofficial puppy names “Pink, Yellow or Purple”.


Following on from the big reveal, the next highlight was the big garden centre visit with all the puppies, the puppy-parents-to-be, Mummy and Daddy and, of course, our supervising breeder.

Kris and I travelled to Maastricht for an afternoon of pottering about the garden centre whilst the puppies introduced themselves to the big wide world of flower pots, fake grass and riding in trolleys. It was amazing. It was impossible not to smile as our girl jumped about excitedly at all the different things and then went into full toddler-mode once she was too tired but too stubborn to admit it was nap time.

Once we’d all stopped for a cuppa at the cafe though, she soon found herself a comfortable spot under the table and was dead to the world.

Oh puppies. How I love thee.

What we did not love though was trekking the two hours home on trains and busses with 20kg of dog food though. I do not recommend running for a train with a 20kg weight, not one bit. That was defintely not wonderful.

Coming next week: Wonderful Wednesday The Doggy Edition. With plenty of photos (I kid you not, I have already amassed around 150 photos from the first eight weeks of her life!) and all the necessary introductions. Probably not all interesting for those who are not dog-people.

Afternoon walks

Kris had last Thursday off work so we decided to make the most of it and head to the supermarket when it wasn’t busy and then get out for an afternoon walk into town. A little cold and a little overcast, but it was nice to pick up my camera again and get out in the fresh air. Bonus wonderful-ness to finding a slice of town that we haven’t been to before.

It also appears that Spring might even be in the air, I spotted some shoots coming up on our walk and the Sun even came out this week.

_DSC4050_edit _DSC4070_edit

Street Art

We don’t have much in the way of a Street Art Game in our town, but sometimes you come across some interesting bits. Like a giant whale. Or multicoloured zebra crossings.

_DSC4041_edit _DSC4040_edit_DSC4046_edit

Santa Clarita Diet

I saw this mentioned a couple of times in lasts weeks Wonderful Wednesdays so I watched the trailer, showed it to the husband and then we ended up watching four episodes in a row.

It’s not bad.

It definitely makes a change from all the other TV we watch that takes itself far too seriously. What with Supernatural and the constant battle of who is in more danger than who and who can die this season and then there’s The Flash where the entire premise of the show is: it’s Barry’s fault and he needs to run faster.

So yeah, I’m down for some light-hearted TV time over dinner.

Mo Money, Mo Food

And a desperate attempt to introduce the usual food talk with something witty.

Foodie mentions this week go to:

Everything British. Last weekend we went to the British Store and bought ourselves three of almost everything. I know have a healthy supply of Bourbon biscuits, Bisto gravy granules, crumpets, Rich Tea, custard powder, vanilla extract and vinegar. As well as Linda McCartney sausage rolls, curly fries and some Hovis best of both bread. It’s a good time to be British in my kitchen.

PB2 Powder. I’m a big peanut butter fan and it was only a matter of time before I ordered some peanut butter powder just to give it a try. Turns out, it’s pretty good. So far I have enjoyed it in smoothies and on my Wheetabix, for a subtle peanut-y flavour. Two for two with the PB2 original and PB2 chocolate. Next step: trying out the official instructions for actually making peanut butter from the powder. Come back next week to find out how that goes.

BBQ Sauce. BBQ sauce on pizza, BBQ sauce in my burgers, BBQ sauce nowhere else because I can’t think of any other ideas.

More tofu scramble. Specifically this recipe. It was delicious.

Pancakes. Pancakes for dinner, like the 27-year-old adult I am. Does anyone know when the official pancake-eating-day is? I just assumed since lemon juice and pancake mix are in the seasonal aisle that it must be time to eat my weight in pancakes whatever the day.

Mo money, mo potatoes. I thought about being more specific but everything potato related has been great lately. Wedges? Great. Baked? Great. Mashed? Great. The mashed potatoes even turned into a damn good Shepard’s pie-thing that I whipped together for Kris’ birthday.


The Little Things

Like being able to access the toilet in the hallway now that I have sorted out all the paper recycling. Or the new recycling scheme we have for “soft plastics” which basically means I can now recycling items made of plastic instead of only plastic bottles. Then there are Skype chats with Mum and the Bro, the Beauty and the Beast trailer, new books and the expensive orange juice just for a change. Don’t forget working out that you are not being charged double for your boiler service and it was just a mistake on their part and that glorious time after 1am when Sir Shouts A Lot the neighbour finally shuts up.

All wonderful things.

And that’s all the wonderful for today. Don’t be shy, share some wonderfulness this way! 

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  • I have to say I was reading through this post and then I got to the photo of the puppies and my heart just melted, how adorable are they?! I’m so excited to see your first official post of the cutie you took home, I know I’ll end up squeeing a lot when I read it! I hope you’re settling in OK with puppy in the meantime, and I eagerly await the cute photos! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Santa Clarita Diet but your next line about Supernatural and The Flash made me laugh the most. I’m so behind on Supernatural, but my friend is a huge fan so I feel like I know each storyline intimately without having seen any of it, and The Flash is just good fun, but again, so, so behind on it! I need to lock myself to catch up on these series. Love those street art photos too, so much colour! – Tasha

    • Haha! They are pretty adorable. I can’t wait to see them all again. We have a meet up planned for May so I hope to see all the puppies again and all the other doggies too!

      We are behind again with The Flash and Supernatural, half the time, I’m not even sure why we are still watching Supernatural, but Kris is a big fan so we keep watching it.

      • Just too cute! <3 Me too, I'm still behind on both shows!

  • Cat

    OH MY GOOODNESS!! All the caps lock for those gorgeous wee puppies!! Can’t wait to see more of yours when you bring him home! x

    • Haha! I can’t believe this was over two months ago!

  • Puppies AND crumpets?!?! I WANT YOUR LIFE!!

    Pancake day is 28th February. I may or may not have looked it up in anticipation.

    • p.s. I’m guessing puppy on the left?

      • I guess it’s too late now for a big reveal haha!

        Replying to this comment does remind me that I need more crumpets though.

  • OMGGGGG a puppy!! I can’t wait for more photos and to be puppy spammed from now on! I’m gonna say you went for “Pink”.

    • I hope there is enough puppy spam for you now that I’ve got my blog mojo back!

  • Ahhh I’m so excited for all the puppy photos! They are so cute!!

    • Aren’t they! I can’t believe this was over two months ago!

  • Lorna Davie

    Pancake Day this year is Tuesday 28th Feb. Would hate for you to miss out on platefuls of pancakes 🙂

  • Awwweeeee!!! Can’t wait for more puppy stuffs!
    My guess is purple puppy/the far right 🙂
    I wish I’d spent the last 8 weeks taking photos of puppies!

    • Well, I guess all has been revealed now, and we came home with Yellow. But Purple was also a firm favourite of ours. I’m really excited to see them all again, we have a meet up planned for May time so hopefully all the puppies will be there.

  • awesome!! are those border collies? because those dogs are amazing and super smart.

    • They are indeed 🙂

  • I literally can’t wait to meet your furry friend! You will have such grand adventures and that will be one lucky dog!

    What lovely street art! I particularly love the rainbow crossing but that whale is damn impressive too!

    Those little wins sound pretty marvelous too, which reminds me that I need to get a skype chat in with my parents pronto!

    Enjoy the rest of your week. S x

    • I can’t believe this was already two months ago! We have a meet up planned in May with the other puppies and I can’t wait to see them all again.

      I’m sure the whale is a new addition, it definitely brightens up the area, since that seems to be where the students like to hang and drink in the evenings.

  • Oh I like the big whale. And good work on the pancakes for dinner, it’s a faff that’s always worth it I reckon.
    Other than that, nothing for me to see here, nope. No interest in the PUPPPPPPPIES! It’s the one on the right right? I agree with El! Puppies are the absolute best. And Friday is all kinds of close. Cannot wat for puppy spam.
    M x Life Outside London

    • Me too!

      Luckily Kris makes all our pancakes, so it’s just a faff for him.

      I hope I am providing enough puppy spam for you now that I finally have my blog mojo back!

  • Oh my, those puppies are gorgeous! I’m going to trust my instinct and say that you went for the right one?

    I only ever have BBQ sauce on my pizza, it’s the best!

    Have a great rest of week xx

    • Aren’t they! We have a meet up planned for the beginning of May and I can’t wait to see them all again.