Snapshots || Wintertime in Disneyland Paris

After sharing a rundown of our trip to Disneyland, I am torn over which photos I want to share next. I have so many that I am excited about, I just cannot decide on the blog post order, #personwithcameraproblems.

There’s not much more I want to say about our trip and since I think the joy of Disney is in the details so these photo-posts are perfect for sharing that. In keeping with the cold weather, let’s start with keeping the festive spirit alive with Wintertime at Disney!

I really loved the festive details! You can never have too many trees, wreaths and baubles. There was even fake snow which was sprayed from the tops of the buildings throughout the day! It really was gorgeous and made even better by the great weather we had on the trip too (except for one day, but you cannot have everything).

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Do you not think these decorations are gorgeous? I am quite curious to see how they decorate at other times of the year now. Not enough to buy more tickets to go again, but enough to waste half an hour on the internet looking.