15 Facts About Sir Pork Chop


Sometime last year a post like this was doing the rounds and I quite enjoyed it. So, fashionably late, of course, I thought I would write my own.

Since I do not have a dog* (which seemed to be the go-to furry companion to write about), I will be providing you with 15 facts about my Ham-Dude, Sir Pork Chop, the first of his name.

This post comes at a bittersweet time, a time where I want to savour every moment with my little man before there are none left. After taking Chopster to the vets a couple of weeks ago, we found out that he has cancer. Yeah. That. There are not many options, surgery is almost out of the question given his age and that he is a hamster. At the moment it’s wait and see and make another decision in the future. He’s happy right now, which is all I could want. According to the vets it could be “weeks to months” and we are almost past the “weeks” so who knows, seems like there is no stopping him.

But, let’s not ruin the joy that is hamster photos and my poor attempt at trying to come up with various facts about Chopster so you can enjoy him too!

Fact Number One

His name has no special meaning, we just came up with it one day and it stuck.

I guess that is obvious.

Fact Number Two

I like to pretend his birthday is the same day as mine so I can get presents on his behalf. Really, I have no idea when he was born, or how old he was when we bought him home, just a vague recollection of something about “14 weeks”. He is roughly two-years-old and bit more.

Fact Number Three

The only trick he knows is tapping his exercise ball on enough surfaces will eventually work the door into the open position, then he can walk out if he wishes. Sometimes he cares, sometimes he will just continue on in his ball.

Fact Number Four

His favourite nuts are walnuts. His favourite seeds are sunflower seeds.

Fact Number Five

His favourite vegetable is a toss-up between broccoli and cucumber, whilst his favourite fruit is always a blueberry.

He’s also partial to strawberries, banana, cauliflower, hemp seeds, mango, chickpeas, coconut, carrots, potato and occasionally the candle wick if he is sneaky enough.


Fact Number Six

He is too cool for snuggles.

Fact Number Seven

He will turn his nose up at whatever he feels like and just walk away. He has rejected: peanut butter, peppers, blackberries, most dried fruits, green beans, asparagus and yogurt. He is a man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to ignore you until he gets it.

Fact Number Eight

He absolutely refuses to eat in the open, all food must be taken into a specific corner to be consumed. If you give him food outside of the cage, at the most, he will carry it almost two meters to eat it in peace.

Fact Number Nine

He rarely fills his pouches, except when collecting his regular hamster food. He prefers to make multiple trips to the snack bowl to collect the food, it helps to keep himself slim.

Fact Number Ten

He likes to wee on my fresh bed linen. All other bed linen however, he does not care about that.


Fact Number Eleven

I am 100% he has selection hearing. Say his name: nothing. Open the fridge: he is there and waiting.

Fact Number Twelve 

He also sleeps like the dead. I have never been able to wake him up during the day no matter how much noise I make. I can clean his whole cage out before he has even thought to wake up and crawl out of his bed.

Fact Number Thirteen 

More than once I have had to remove all the sofa cushions to find him again after he has decided to adventure into the depths of the sofa cracks. Each time it reminds me that I need to hoover the sofa though, so it is a win win situation.

Fact Number Fourteen 

He gives no shits. If your hands or an object are in his way, you will be pushed with hammy hands and head until you are moved. If that is not enough, he will pick your fingers up with his teeth and tug you out of the way. Tantrum or not, he is still not allowed to crawl down the edge of the desk in front of the cage. History shall be repeated and one shall fall off.

Fact Number Fifteen 

He has only ever chewed one cable, luckily it was for the printer and that has been broken for ages.


15 facts? That was pretty easy. The crazy hamster-lady inside says we can come up with some more, but I think 15 is enough. Tell me a fact or two about your furry friend? Or scaly friend? Or human friend? Choose as appropriate. 



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  • Aww, he is so cute and I love his name, very suitable. I’m so sorry he is ill. xx

    • He is a cutie that’s for sure.

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  • Awww, love, love, love him. Love all the photos. Awww!

    Sorry he’s sick 🙁 Pets should live forever (or, you know, exactly as long as us so they don’t have to go on living alone).

    I have no friends, furry or otherwise, to post about. I have looked up places to do the dog theory course in Basel though. Progress!

    • Awesome! That’s exciting!

      We had a theory class at the dog school we go to and even though it was all in Dutch it was still pretty interesting too. If you go to one, I’d be interested to hear all about it and what they teach.

  • <3 <3 <3 Love him <3 <3 <3

    • Ah, me too 🙂 He’s my dude.

  • Awww, Sir Pork Chop is just the best.

    • Isn’t he?! But then again, I am biased about that.

  • Awwww. Chop has brought you such joy! And you’ve most certainly given him the very best life a hamster could ask for! I’m sorry he’s sick 🙁 I hope you both have many more months together!

    • oh and then some. I can’t imagine life without him, but that is the sad side of little animals.

  • Kel

    Oh what a lovely guy! I’m sorry he’s poorly – we lost our lovely hamster last year and we miss him still x

    • Oh I’m sorry to hear that. I know I shall miss him forever when he’s no longer with us, but I won’t let that stop us having as much fun as possible now.

  • Oh my gosh he’s so cuuute! Love all the photos! I’m sorry he has cancer, that sucks 🙁 it’s so hard loving a hamster ‘cos you know they won’t be with you for long. I still miss my Cookie who I had when I was like 8! Animals have such fun personalities, I love their attitude! It’s also mad seeing them change as they get older and mature, Blair used to be an evil fat bitch, now she (sometimes) likes snuggles and doesn’t bite so much! She’s become way more picky with food and throws all the parts of her dry food she doesn’t like out of the food bowl, all over her clean cage… she also likes napping outside her bed when we’re all in the living room watching TV, It shows how safe she feels with us she dozes off with her eyes closed with no protection <3

    Amber Love Blog

    • He is, isn’t he?! But then again, I am biased in that.

      It’s true. You can’t help but ignore the fact that they really don’t live long. Still, I would never regret him, so it’s worth it even though it’s going to break my heart to see him go.

      Haha, she sounds amazing! Choppy in the same, he’s often just asleep outside his little house.

  • Awww, Pork Chop! I adore hamsters, so this post is just the best thing to read today. It’s been a good 7 years since I lost Pixie, my hamster, so I know the feeling Kerri, and I’m so sorry to hear he’s unwell, it’s always the worst news. Pixie had the same thing, and like you, we didn’t have any options, but we kept her comfortable and well until it was her time, so I hope you have a good while more with him, and that he’s well and happy in the meantime, that’s all we can ever want for our furry friends. These photos are so cute, Kerri, I think the one where he’s in the sock is my favourite and I love that you have his birthday on yours as well – what a great idea! A lovely post to read today, thanks for the cuteness Kerri! – Tasha

    • Ah, Pixie is such a nice name for a hammy. I think that is what we are going with, I think it’s far too stressful for him to think about surgery so I just want him to be as happy and comfortable for as long as possible. So far, so good 🙂

      I do love the sock photo! That’s my favourite and I hope to immortalise him into a tattoo inspired by that in the future.

      • Yes, we liked her name too, she was a rescue hamster but we didn’t want to change her name! 😀 Yes, surgery wasn’t an option for us either, so we just made her comfortable. It’s just such a cute photo! Awww, a tattoo would be lovely!

  • I LOVE this post! Definitely going to write one about Missy cat.

    And that’s very sad news about his cancer. I know small animals have comparatively tiny lifespans compared to, say, dogs, but it’s still always so sad.

    • Oh, you should! I would love to read that!

      It’s true, I always knew he would only be with us for a short amount of time, but I never wanted to dwell on that. Still, two years, that’s good for a hamster and he’s still just as active and chirpy as he’s always been so who knows, maybe we’ll even make it until 3 years.

  • Wife of a Gamer

    Aw! I’m sad to hear he has cancer. He looks like a little fighter though 🙂
    Fact about Odie: He is a mama’s boy
    Fact about Loki: Will squeeze into small spaces on the couch even though he is far too big.

    • Yeah, I think he is 🙂 So far, he’s just as chipper as he’s always been so that makes me think he’s still got a good few months in him yet.

      Oh, you should definitely make a facts about Odie and Loki post! I would love to read more about those cute faces!