Photo An Hour || 28.01.17

It has been an age, and more, since a good old photo-an-hour has graced this blog. A bit of searching tells me that the last one was May last year, which I find quite shocking as they have always been one of my favourite types of posts to put together.

This year, we are bringing photo-an-hour back.

And we are starting off on rocky ground, with less-than-great photos and a whole chunk of the afternoon hours being completely left out. Let’s call this a warm up month and hope that February will be more successful.

Here’s 28.01.17, by the hour. Approximately.



This was my start as you mean to go on photo. Instead of a cuppa, I thought we would begin the day with a view from the living room window and this dude sunning himself in the morning sunlight. Spoiler alert: it was damn cold.



By ten o’clock we were still in bed so we are back to regular photo-an-hour scheduled photographing with a cuppa and a couple of chapters of my book before I get in the shower.



Shower down, hair dried, now it is time for breakfast!

For the 11am photo it was a choice between a bowl of porridge or some blue skies. Blue skies won. Even if they were almost completely obscured by the grey clouds floating by.

I can happily report that said grey clouds continued to move on and it was dry and sunny all day.



I quite enjoy public transport, but I’m not one to turn down a free lift, especially when I get to sit in the back and read whilst Kris makes small talk to the driver. Even if I have to try and take a sneaky photo in the back of the car without anyone noticing.

Knees and another book photo it is.


1PM to 4PM

Now seems like a good a time as any to tell you what we have been up to every weekend for the last five weeks: we have been spending every weekend getting to know our newest family member to be.

This weekend was extra special as it was time to decide which puppy we preferred, but that was far too difficult to narrow down any further than one of the black and white ones. Next weekend is all about the big reveal and then come February 17th, we will be welcoming our four-legged friend into the family.

A full introductory post will, of course, be following that with far too many puppy photos.



Two lifts in one day makes a change from taking the train all the time and kind of makes me wish I had a car. It is always nice to get home before dark, instead of standing out in the cold and dark waiting for the train. Still, not enough to want to actually buy a car though, I like the train too much for that.



I was so ready to tuck into out spaghetti and veggie balls after a long afternoon without any lunch.

Today’s fact of the day: the IKEA veggie balls are pretty tasty, vegan and cheap.



Ending a busy Sunday under my new blanket with, predictably, the same book I was reading earlier. This continued on for a few hours whilst Kris started puppy-proofing all the cables under his desk. After that, I took my book to bed and only regretted staying up until 2:30am a little bit come Monday morning.

And that’s it, definitely not a bad Sunday, I mean, how can it be when puppies are involved. How was everyone else’s weekend? 

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What I Ate Today #4

I have not wrote a What I Ate Today post in ages! I wanted to turn this into a bi-weekly series, but blogging took a bit of a backseat to life at the end of last year, so I did not get around to sharing the few food-days that I took photos. Not wanting the photos to go to waste (despite their not-so-fantastic quality), I wrote them up into blogs post over The Holidays to share now. Better late than never, and it is not as if any of the food is particularly seasonal any way.

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into what we eat now and then. I think it is fun to share what we eat and, it makes me feel like I am contributing a bit to veganism as well. Hopefully, in a friendly way, by appealing to people’s noseyness. You never know, you might see something you fancy trying.

On to today’s What I Ate Today!

I am pretty sure these photos are from sometime in October. My notes also tell me that I wasn’t feeling all that great so I skipped lunch.

Morning snack


Nothing too exciting for my morning snack, an apple and a bottle of water. I like to have something small before I cycle in the morning and then have breakfast when I get home. It’s too heavy in my belly otherwise.

Breakfast time


It is another smoothie. It is always a smoothie. This time I went for banana and forest fruits. I think this was the culprit for not feeling all that great this day. I find the forest fruit mix is far too acidic for my stomach. Kris however, seems to love the stuff… so he can eat it all. I am sticking with my blueberries.

As per tradition, I present you with a handy-dandy recipe!

Banana and Forest Fruit Smoothie

4 frozen bananas
2 cups frozen forest fruits mix
Approx 750ml of water

Blend that baby until smooth.

You can use less stuff, to make less. Obviously. 

Snack time


My favourite snack! Dates and peanut butter! Five is maybe one too many, but they taste too good to care.

It has also been a while since I have had any Dates & PB, that needs rectifying a-sap.

Dinner time


Oh, this was delicious! Way back in September (I think), Kris and I were in the UK for a couple of days and decided that we should take a trip to Whole Foods in London for no other reason than the possibility of fake-bacon. We were not disappointed and found this Tofurky tempeh bacon to try. And, what better way to try it than in a classic BLT sarnie for dinner.

Nom nom, indeed. We went for some warm, crusty bread, tempeh bacon slices, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard and ketchup. With a little side salad because it did not all fit in the sandwich.

And that’s it. If I’m recommending anything from this day, it is dates & PB. Try it, you (hopefully) won’t regret it. If you do not like it, well, that’s just more for me then. 


Four Days In Disneyland Paris

It is about time I got to blogging about our trip to Disneyland Paris back at the end of November!

I have covered some of the highlights of the trip already, but now it is time to share a selection of the many photos that I took. As per tradition, let’s start with a day-by-day trip-rundown and the photos that do not really fit anywhere in particular. After this, I have another four blog posts that are a little more “themed” so you can get the entire magical feel of Disneyland! At least, I hope you do.

With any luck, I will share them all before the season starts to change so they remain, somewhat, seasonally accurate.

_dsc2460_edit _dsc2461_edit

Disneyland Day One

Up and out before the Sun had even thought about doing anything, we started our trip with about six hours of travel time. As we were meeting Danielle and her mum in Lille, Kris and I decided to go for a rather convoluted train travel to Disneyland, instead of taking the two-hour direct train. Everything, shockingly, went smoothly, even the train tickets were checked, for once, and I felt justified in spending my money on them.

Things got a little bumpy when the Eurostar decided to arrive up over an hour late and we almost missed our connecting train to Disneyland, but with five minutes to spare we were hurrying our guests down to the platform and figured we’d just introduce ourselves properly once we were on the train. It is more important to catch your train than it is to confirm these strangers you have just picked up on the station are the right people.

Since I had met Danielle and her mum before, that was not too much bother, Kris just had to assume I had not made a mistake. Come to think of it, I do not think I formally introduced Danielle or her mum to Kris at all… Oops.

After that, it was Disneyland a-go, go!

Check in – and hotel upgrade! – done. It was time to head to the park!

_dsc2469_edit _dsc2474_edit _dsc2475_edit _dsc2491_edit

First stop: Phantom Manor!

I will admit, I spent a good part of this trip following Danielle around to whichever rides and parts of the park she wished to go to and thoroughly enjoying that. I also encourage you to visit her blog for in-depth Disney details, reviews and loads more photos, should you be interested in something with a little more substance than what I will be providing here.

I am a bit of a Disney amateur and may have asked who the occasional character was, as well as: “what does Goofy look like?”.

I can, however, tell you that we had a great time and using the map I have open in another internet tab, I might even be able to provide names of both rides and locations in the park.

Back to the trip!

_dsc2527_edit _dsc2529_edit_dsc2604_edit

From Phantom Manor, we headed back to Fantasyland for a bite to eat, then to It’s A Small World and finally Peter Pan. Then it was dark because winter.

Oh and Peter Pan: totes awesome.

We ended our first day watching the Christmas Tree being turned on and then dinner at Cape Cod, which despite sounding very un-vegan, did have a sufficient amount of vegan options.

_dsc2564_edit _dsc2565_edit _dsc2575_edit _dsc2576_edit _dsc2580_edit _dsc2590_edit

Disneyland Day Two

Today started off with our first meet and greet of the trip with Donald Duck. Which was weird. They have no faces. I might be 27, but the lack of real faces gives me the eebie jeebies. Much weird.

I decided afterwards that I much preferred the role of portrait photographer and only stepped in for a photograph when we had the opportunity to use the Photo Pass.

Most of this day was spent in the Walt Disney Studios Park. We rode Crush’s Coaster, the Flying Carpets (not that mine and Kris’ carpet would go up and down so were just stuck at the bottom for the whole ride…), the ride based on Cars and then we went to watch Mickey and The Magician at Animagique which was a lot of fun.

After that, Danielle and her mum went off for a tour and Kris and I continued wandering around the park checking out the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, the Art of Animation and the general area of Toyland until we all met up again.

_dsc2626_edit _dsc2634_edit _dsc2560_edit _dsc2557_edit _dsc2545_edit _dsc2537_edit _dsc2530_edit

At some point the four of us rejoined and enjoyed the delights of CinéMagique and the infamous Tower of Terror.

We ended the day by watching the fireworks display and then heading to Hunter’s Grill for dinner. Obviously we were going for the most vegan sounding places… Still, there were vegan options so it was all good.

I will be sharing the photos from the Walt Disney Studios Park and the fireworks in another blog post or two. 

Disneyland Day Three

Day three was all about Discoveryland, Fantasyland, riding the Railroad and then heading back over to WDS Park for the Moteurs Stunt Show.

We started the day in Discoveryland going for Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Orbitron and then Autopia. In between Kris and I went to ride Space Mountain whilst Danielle and her mum went to check out Nautilus.

Discoveryland was definitely my favourite section of the park, not for the rides, although they were really good, but for all the details – which I have saved for another blog post!

After our morning in Discoveryland, we were back in Fantasyland to do some of the rides we missed on the first day: Snow White, the Tea Cups and Casey Jr. Then it was time to ride the Railroad all the way around the park before heading back to the WDS Park to enjoy the stunt show.

To end our third day, we walked through Toyland together, had a ride on Slinky Dog and then parted ways for dinner time. Kris and I enjoyed more buffet-ing at La Cantina (which was delicious!) and then retired to the hotel for a bit of TV in bed.

_dsc2941_edit _dsc2943_edit _dsc2944_edit _dsc2970_edit _dsc3011_edit

Disneyland Day Four

Our last day!

We went for another day in the Disneyland Park, starting with a meet and greet with Thumper and Miss Bunny. Still just as awkward as Donald, and now there were two people without faces!

From here, it was straight to Adventureland to check out Indiana Jones, the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, a bit of Adventure Isle and Pirates of the Caribbean. This section was all about the details again, so I’ll be sharing some more photos from here with the ones from Discoveryland another day.

We ended our last day with a ride on Dumbo, a leisurely stroll down Main Street and a really good dinner at the Chuck Wagon Cafe. Oh and a little shopping too before heading to the train station just to find out our train was delayed for an hour. Good job we were taking the direct train home this time!

_dsc3247_edit _dsc3256_edit _dsc3258_edit _dsc3263_edit _dsc3288_edit _dsc3295_edit

And that was our trip in a nutshell!

It was definitely an experience, one that was made extra special with company. Had Kris and I gone alone – chances are, we wouldn’t have – I do not think we would have had half as much fun. It is not our usual adventure, but I am glad I gave it a chance.

Will we go again? Probably not. Do I want to watch a few more Disney movies? Maybe a little bit. I just need to decide which movie. Have you ever been to DLP? Would you ever go?