Life || 27 Facts About Me

Today is my birthday! Woop woop! The big 2-7. Or small, depending on which side of life you’re looking at it from.

Since it’s customary on the interwebs to do something revolving around the number of years you’ve been alive, I thought I’d go for the overdone-yet-usually-quite-interesting “x-number of facts about me”. I almost went for the cult classic “x-number of things I’ve learnt in my years on planet Earth” but thought I’d have better luck thinking up 27 facts than I would 27 snippets of wisdom.

Maybe I’ll share my wisdom another day, when the exact number of snippets is less important.

On to the facts!

— Last week I had bolognese for breakfast and it was quite delicious.

— I am 5 foot 2 inches tall.

— I have a BSc in Biomedical Science from Durham University (first class, with honours, just to toot my own horn…) and spent my whole education aiming to be a scientist until this year when I decided that wasn’t what I wanted anymore. Currently, I’m stuck in the void that is “what do I want to do with my life?!”

— My favourite season is Spring.

— My favourite vegetables are green ones. Except sprouts. They are the devil.

— I gave up wearing makeup because I couldn’t be bothered to work out what was vegan and what wasn’t, so I haven’t worn makeup this entire year. It took a while before I stopped looking sick and/or tired in the eyes of others after having to tell them that it is, in fact, “just my face”.

— I have little to no early childhood memories. At a guess, my earliest memory is when I had Chicken Pox at around 8, even then, I’m only sure I had Chicken Pox before I was 10, but I don’t remember exactly when.


— I also have no childhood friends, imaginary or otherwise.

— I have fallen asleep on more than one occasion in the cinema. Films bore me, a lot.

— I never read the news.

— At 11 facts in I’m already regretting this blog post. Let me confer with Kris to see if he knows anything interesting about me.

— I will cut and dye my hair without a second thought under the idea that it will either grow back or I can just shave it off and buy a wig instead.

— I never sort my washing into whites and colours (or any other group that I don’t know about).

— I would rather re-watch the same TV show I enjoyed than watch something new.


— Half of the reason I went vegan was because I fell in love with my Chopster too much to think about eating another being again.

— I don’t remember the anniversary of my Dad’s death.

— My top three places to re-visit are: Budapest, Berlin and that nice Belgian town we cycled through during our cycle of the coast which I can’t remember the name of.

— My first job was a paper round. I used to deliver 250 papers every Thursday for about £5, unless there were a lot of leaflets (which I had to put into the papers myself) then I could make a whole tenner some weeks!

— As a general rule, I only like things I am good at.

— I have five siblings: two sisters and three brothers.

— The best gift I ever received was my camera, the worst was a lampshade. Followed closely by toothbrush heads to Kris’ new electric toothbrush.


— I do not have baths. I only shower. I hate the baths with a passion.

— I think my best quality is that I am actually pretty funny. Except in this blog post.

— I cannot stand anything to do with space travel, theoretical physics and especially things that involve spending billions of dollars on some hunk of metal to land on an astroid in 294 years time just to inform us that it is, indeed, made of rock when that money could be spent on people, places or animals that need it.

— I don’t hug. I do stand a good few feet back from you and wave though.

— Since I started riding my bike in April, I’ve cycled around 1,000 miles. More tooting of my horn…

— This is the last fact and my brain is tired.

Finally, that’s it! Damn, that was hard work. And my birthday is now yesterday because it took me that long to think all this up. By all means, share a fact or two about yourself, I’m all ears!


Life || Photo A Day #47

After missing another week of photos, I’m feeling pretty determined to make this week a success and keep this project going until the end of the year. Then I’ll decide if I want to keep it up. At the moment I’m undecided but I’m thinking about combining my daily photos with my Wonderful Wednesday posts to give me a little more time to get the photos together and to have some photos to share alongside all the good bits of the week. So far I like that idea.

I just know that I’m not into too many serial blog posts and I usually find myself trying to decide between writing a Wonderful Wednesday and a Daily Photos post when I want to be lazy with my blog, even though I like them both the same. Combining them feels like I’ll get the best of both worlds.

Who knows. Let’s move on to this weeks photos!

November 18th


Starting this week off with some homemade vegan sushi. It could have gone better. We could have remembered to buy nori sheets from the supermarket. We could have had natural sushi-rolling skills. But we didn’t.

Tasted alright though. Wasn’t nearly as boring as this photo makes it look.

November 19th


A rubbish photo of the brightest rainbow I think I have ever seen! It was amazing.

November 20th


When I look back on this project all I’m going to know about my Sunday’s are: what I’ve been reading, what my hamster looks like and what I had for dinner.

Today it’s a currently reading day.

November 21st


Winter might be cold and miserable most of the time, but I love being able to see so much further when I’m cycling now all the trees and bushes have lost their leaves.

Usually, I can only see this field and part of the church if I’m cycling by it, now I can see it from the other side of the train tracks.

I can even spot the cows plodding about first thing in the morning.

November 22nd


Time to dye my hair!

Since my roots were four inches long and we’re going away next week, I thought I should at least fix my hair a little. I was quite enjoying the orange/ginger colour from using the Lush henna dye the first time, but I really want a brown base that matches my roots. So brown henna it is.

I don’t plan on staying brown, I’m going to put some colour on the top, I just wanted to go for a brown base rather than a bleached base. What the colour is going to turn out like, I’ll find out later this week.

The more important question is: green, blue or pink?

I also cut my own hair for the first time and it wasn’t a disaster.

November 23rd


This is the sun starting to set at four in the afternoon! Winter is here.

November 24th


Despite it being so cold this week, we lucked out with all the blue skies. Here’s hoping they continue into next week for our trip to Disneyland Paris!

That’s it for this week. Here’s to blue skies this weekend! Let me know what you’re getting up to! 


Life || Wonderful Wednesday #13

It’s been a couple of weeks since I sat down to write about the good bits of the week, or more accurately, provided you with a list of the food I have recently consumed. So now it’s time to do that all again. I didn’t plan on missing four weeks in a row of Wonderful Wednesday (and every other type of blog post) but I got busy doing other bits and bobs and just didn’t feel like spending my evenings on my laptop when I could be hanging out with my Chopster.

But I have a lot of good things to share, so let’s get started. I’m also cheating a little, I’m going for four weeks in one, well, if my memory stretches that far I will.

This might go on a bit.

Yum yum in my tum

Of course there’s going to be a list of great food. Why wouldn’t there be. Let’s see, there’s been:

Homemade bolognese. Which I mentioned last time so it doesn’t really count even if there is a new batch in the freezer.

A good ol’ lasagna. We put one together on a bit of a whim and it wasn’t half bad. It needed a little more filling but I didn’t want to defrost another portion so we made do. I also found a really delicious vegan white sauce recipe (right here) so my entire life was improved just by that alone. It’s the power of lasagna people.

Soup. Also previously mentioned so that thought is now redundant. It was pumpkin if you’re interested.

Granola. Mentioned that before too. But this time it was a double batch.

Clementines. Finally an original thought. Citrus season is upon us with means I get to buy a 5kg box of clementines each week and eat them ten at a time. #Skurvyawareness

Some oh so tasty vegan cream cheese. It’s not often that we eat cheese anymore, but sometimes we like to make a special trip into town to pick some up. I won’t lie, vegan cheese isn’t the easiest thing to come by, but we are lucky that in our tiny town there’s two places that sell cheese and both sell different brands so we even have choice. Better yet, the dude who runs one shop makes his own, which is the aforementioned oh so tasty vegan cream cheese. I enjoyed mine in a sandwich made with warm crusty bread, cheese on both sides with a salad of lettuce, tomato and cucumber sandwiched in between. It was delicious. Also, for the record, I don’t miss cheese.

Continuing on on the vegan-train. Said vegan shops now stock a selection of Gardein products so we broke the bank buying ourselves a little bag of everything. OK, we got half the options. We couldn’t afford the rest. Vegan alternatives are stupidly expensive, that’s no lie and it pains me inside because those fake-chicken BBQ chicken wings were so damn good. So were the crispy “chicken” strips. We’re yet to try the teriyaki “chicken” strips but I’m sure they’ll be great too.

Oh and did I tell you that I found some vegan cookies in the supermarket? I didn’t? Well, I found some vegan cookies at the supermarket. Not little biscuits, but real cookies. Chocolate cookies the size of my palm. I’m half tempted to start telling people they are vegan just so I can have them all to myself but I probably don’t need that many cookies in my life. I’ll settle for knowing that people are unknowingly eating vegan cookies and enjoying them. That’s how vegans have fun.

Making some moolah

Do we still use the word moolah? I don’t know. I did quickly Google to make sure it still means money, just in case the kids these days have turned it into something inappropriate. They haven’t.

So yeah, I made some moolah selling books and other stuff I no longer want on a local Facebook selling group. I made around €100 in the end, which was pretty great. The rest of the experience however, was awful. I still have many more things to try and sell, so I hope to make a little more moolah in December and then some more in the New Year. After that, I hope to reclaim my soul back from The Book of Face.


OK, not quite yet, but it’s less than a week until we head to Disneyland Paris and I’m excited! I might even put in the effort and write a Wonderful Wednesday post for next week and have a Disneyland special edition. Oooh, spicy. Or I might just enjoy my holiday and tell you all about it the next week. Who knows.

Also it’s my birthday on Monday so that’s something to shout about. I’ll be the grand old age of 27. I hope. I’m 90% sure that’s how old I am, but I’ll probably do some birthday maths on the day to double check.

26, 27, tomAto, tomato.

Freshly dyed hair

After the clusterfuff that was my Lush package delivery, I got my hands on some more henna dye to freshen up my luscious locks before our trip. I’m going for an all over brunette and then, if I still have time this week, I’m might go for green on top of that just to see how well it colours on the darker base. It could look awful, but at least it’s cold enough to wear a hat all the time.

Note: luscious locks might be a slight exaggeration. It’s more like head of hair where only 30% of it seems to understand how to be hair. 

Ik spreek Nederlands

Well, I try. Since I’m a jobless bum at the moment and for the foreseeable future, I’ve reignited my Duolingo account and got back into learning Dutch. Between sighing heavily about grammar rules and trying to write down every single verb I come across because I can’t spell for shizz, I’m actually having fun. It’s nice to be learning something. I’ve also leant a few choice pick up lines should this marriage thing I’m doing at the moment not work out.

Currently my favourite sentence is this: Hij denkt dat iemand is, maar eigenlijk is hij niemand. Which translates to: He thinks that he is somebody, but actually he is nobody. Oooh buuuurn.

And I think that’s enough. It’s good to be back on the Wonderful Wednesday wagon. Tell me something wonderful about your week! 

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