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It’s not been too long since I wrote one of these, sometime in May was the last one, but it’s definitely time for another life update! I actually have life-like updates to share and not just comments about the weather or riding my bike for a change!

Work Talk

So the biggest, and most exciting update, is that I quit my job and my PhD. Yup, I did. And yup, it was right at the last stage too. It’s a long story but as it stood, I hated my job and had done for the majority of the time doing it. Despite many attempts to make changes, nothing did change so in the end, after many long talks and a lot of thinking, I decided it best to finish at the end of my current contract. The chances of graduation were at little to none, so for me, I’ve made a good choice all round. I decided that I would rather be happy and despite almost every person having the opinion of “just stick it out”, I listened to my gut and left.

You know what, I think it was the single most powerful decision I have ever made.

It feels empowering to have made a decision based on my happiness and my wants in life. Yeah, I won’t have a PhD, but truth be told, I don’t care. That was the big thing about this decision, I was indifferent to the outcome, so it made sense to choose what I truly wanted to do.

What are my plans for the future, well, I’m not 100% sure, I’m starting to see some beauty in the unknown and the unexpected. I have plans to pursue my photography, or at least give it my best shot. I want to learn more Photoshop and editing skills and maybe turn that into some freelance work. Nothing is set in stone though, I’m just taking a bit of a break.

Travel Plans

Apart from work, other things have gone on as well. We’ve booked two trips back to the UK this year. We’re heading to Cambridge (Kris for a work conference, me for fun) in September and then to Kris’ home for the holidays in December. It’ll be five days of reading, family time and not much else – I’m also secretly hoping for a trip to the vegan Chinese restaurant that we went to in May. I’m excited for Cambridge, although I’m not sure if I’ll head into the city yet, or go to the coast instead. Plenty of time to decide!

Vegan Shizz

We hit our one year vegan mark, which I’m really excited about. I must have mentioned it in my daily photos, but I still might write a whole post about it too. I’m proud of myself for doing it and shocked that it went by so fast! I hope to start including more vegan things on my blog now that I have more time, I’m thinking recipes, ideas for vegan and cruelty free products and anything else I (or you) can think of!

Hint, hint, let me know of anything that might interest you!

Everything Else

What else is there from the last couple of month… Oh, I started a little at-home workout routine to increase my body strength. It’s a lot of fun, although my only concern is whether the people walking outside can see me doing star jumps through the window. I realise that star jumps aren’t exactly a weight exercise, but they are fun so they’re included.

My hallway ceiling is still damaged from the neighbours upstairs flooding it. We’re almost on the road of getting it fixed, but you know how it is: so-and-so can’t get hold of that guy, who can’t get hold of the other guy, who needs to call so-and-so back because that other guy says that guy knows something… Yeah, it’s a shamble.

I think that’s everything. Kris has nothing to report, because he’s boring – I kid, he’s just been playing PokemonGo and World of Warcraft because he’s a major-nerd. Pork Chop just thinks it’s been too damn hot to be a hamster.

I think that means we’re all caught up on life! It feels good and I’m excited for the future! So tell me, what’s been going on in your life lately?

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