Life || Photo A Day #19

life as unusuals blog project 365 life in photos #20

We’re back to another end of a week. Damn, this week has flown by. We started the week off in the UK visiting Kris’ family, and were back to Belgium on Monday for a few days holiday and then I’m leaving today back to the UK to visit my family. I had high hopes for these few days in Belgium, but turns out the weather, my stomach and my wisdom teeth had other plans. So one day of sunshine, one day of torrential rain, one evening and a day of something not agreeing with me and a sprinkling of tooth ache, turned the week into a bit of a bust. No worries, I’m sure the sun will come out once we’re back.

It better do.

May 6th

life as unusuals blog project 365 life in photos #19

It might have taken me five and a half hours to get there, but it was well worth it to meet Danielle and explore the gorgeous English town of Berwick-Upon-Tweed.

May 7th

life as unusuals blog project 365 life in photos #19

We can’t have a week with no blossoms, so these are courtesy of Kris’ Mum’s back garden.

May 8th

life as unusuals blog project 365 life in photos #19

Our last day at Kris’, so another England-photo it is, this time, the home-town train station.

May 9th

life as unusuals blog project 365 life in photos #19

Since the weather was so great and we fancied crumpets for an afternoon snack, we thought a cycle ride to the British store would be perfect today. Little did we know, that after an hour and a half of cycling the store would be closed on Mondays. Good job we only cycled over there to check the opening times anyway.

May 10th

life as unusuals blog project 365 life in photos #19

After a gorgeous day on Monday, Tuesday brought nothing but torrential rain. In the small dry spot during the day, we rushed to the shops and the daily photo was born. I think it’s quite nice to decorate the supermarket car park with some greenery.

May 11th

life as unusuals blog project 365 life in photos #19

It’s been a while since Chopster made an appearance, so here he is, using his fancy sliding ham-castle door. It only took 25 photos to get this one because he can’t sit still for shit.

May 12th

life as unusuals blog project 365 life in photos #19

Another end of the week and another day-before-travel day, with cleaning, packing and waiting in for my Amazon order which was split into three deliveries because I wanted it next day. We’re off to the UK again to visit more family and this time there’s vegan Chinese food involved. So, todays photo is a complete cop-out and all I did was lean across my sofa to take it because I’m lazy.

And that’s all for this week! Happy Friday all! 


  • CHOPPY!!!!
    That is all.
    M x

    • Haha, he’s all I ever need!

  • Sarah Albertson

    Ooh Vegan Chinese food sounds good! I just recently found a place that serves a lot of vegetarian versions of my old favorite Chinese dishes that I haven’t had in years since I went meat free. I am very excited about it. Those geese are so cute!

    • Oh it was so so good! So so good. I’ll have to go back next time I’m in the UK.

  • I just came back across to say thank you for all of the lovely comments lately! – Tasha

  • Sam

    You taken some really lovely photos! I love the animal shots the most, they all look so cute xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

    • Thank you! Can’t go wrong with some baby geese!

  • Vegan Chinese food sounds gooood… I’m intrigued! Looks like you had an awesome time, hope you enjoy the time with your family too.

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

    • Oh it was so so good. Sadly, no photo, I was too into all the food!

  • Wow, Berwick. You couldn’t have got much further north! It really is a beautiful town though.

    • It’s a beautiful place!

  • Awww, beautiful shot there from Berwick – so glad you had a good time with Danielle! And it looks like you’ve had lovely weather for the rest of the week too. The shot of the geese are adorable. Hope your visit back over here goes just as well, and Chinese vegan food sounds delicious! – Tasha

    • It was amazing! It was so great to finally meet her too.

      It was a pretty good visit and the Chinese food, oh it was amazing but I totally forgot to get a photo 🙁

      • Awww I’m glad it was a good trip over, and I never end up taking photos of food – I’m always too excited to eat it and then forget!