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life as unusuals blog photo an hour may

Unlike last month where I almost missed the link up, I signed up for the reminder email instead! So here it is, Saturday by the hour!

It was gloriously sunny, I got a shit-load done and I cycled my arse to a callus, it was a damn good day. I even had half a tub of ice cream for dessert.

life as unusuals blog photo an hour may


Starting the day by reading those last ten pages of Firefight by Brandon Sanderson since I fell asleep in it the night before. Not a bad start to a Saturday with a cup of mint tea.


Breakfast time, a punnet of strawberries and three bananas, that’ll do just nicely.

life as unusuals blog photo an hour may


The 30km bike ride begins. We picked ourselves up some cycling computers so, between ourselves, we’ve now turned into those noobs who compare their ride time and cadence with each other.


Well, not technically a 1PM photo, but I did take it some where in the hour. From home we headed into town to visit a new shop we’d found online (the internet told me they sold a brand of chocolate I like. Spoiler alert: they didn’t), then we went by the library and then off to work. Somewhere in the middle of that, we cycled down these cobbles.

life as unusuals blog photo an hour may


Sometimes, all you’ve get left is your face as an option for the hourly photo. So it’s a face photo. Plus, Pete wasn’t about at work so I had to make do.


From work to the British Store. So many cobbles, so much wind but some pretty darn gorgeous scenery that makes up for all that.

life as unusuals blog photo an hour may


A quick break before heading home with all our British goodies.


The three hours of cycling was totally worth it to get my hands on some more Almond Dream ice cream. As well as some gravy, crumpets, a selection of Linda McCartney’s veggie range to try, some oh-so-British bread and peas. It was a good day for my British soul.

And that’s another Saturday gone by in a sunny flash. Here’s to more of these mid-twenties, sunny Saturdays! 

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