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I did a pretty poor job at this month’s Photo An Hour challenge with only six photos, but at least it’s an even number. And I did (almost) manage to take them every hour, so there’s that too. It’s all about that even number of photos though, that’s all I truly care about.

I didn’t learn much from this weekend: Lost is still a boring TV show, my hamster is rather fond of potatoes, the usual. But one thing I did learn–well, it was more confirmed than anything–was that on Photo An Hour day I will avoid taking photos indoors as much as possible and that once I have retired to my house for the day, that’s the official end of Photo An Hour. There’s always plenty of things to photograph outside, but once indoors, I feel like I’m limited to either what I’m eating, what expression my face is pulling or what’s going round in my washing machine. All good contenders for the photo of the hour, but can I take a good photo of them. No.

Do I have a little sulk and give up? Absolutely.

Do I complain that my washing machine is not photogenic? Yes I do.

Did I turn 26 a few months ago? Shut up.

At least I have six photos to share.

life as unusuals blog photo an hour February


It’s raining. It’s hard to believe but the few days before this were gorgeous sunshine and I was quite looking forward to a bright and sunny Saturday too. That didn’t happen. Thanks Belgium.


I had already ran out of indoor photo ideas by this point, so I opted for the classic What I Had For My Brekkie shot, artfully displayed on the window as it’s the only place that gets any light. Technically, I was in the shower at 11AM, so this photo was a little delayed, which then began the downward spiral of losing an hour somewhere and not really knowing how.

Breakfast was banana and cocoa powder smoothie, with a punnet of strawberries. Crunchy under ripe strawberries.

life as unusuals blog photo an hour February


Continuing with the delayed photos, I rushed us out the house so by the time this photo rolled around I would have something to take a photo of.

The local prison.

It’s a pretty cool prison though, so it’s OK. It’s one of those low security, white-collar offence, kind of prisons so there’s no risk of axe murderers escaping in the night either.

I just like that it’s castle shaped, so it was absolutely worth walking one bus stop down to get a photo. And then missing the bus and walking another bus stop down to waste time before the next one. The joys of going to work on Saturday.


Work done. Just a quick half an hour job. We missed another bus–it’s Saturday, busses are few and far between–so it was more walking, this time into town.

life as unusuals blog photo an hour February


After stopping off to buy more mango from The Mango Lady, I wanted to check out what kind of selection of English books our local library had and pick up a library card. Turns out, the library that we thought was the library, is not the library. It was definitely full of books, but I was looking for more light hearted stories about dragons and not the entire history of Belgian Law. I guess University Library is a little more specific than I thought.

So, more walking, and we found the real public library which had a good selection of English books for me to read. I signed up for my library card, €6 for the year, and I think I’ll pop back next week to rent a book or two.


We took a hasty walk home from town as the pasta shop was closed and it was raining again. Here’s a photo of my skirts in the wardrobe because I couldn’t make the washing up or the washing machine look good.

From here, the day dies a quiet death of chores, Friday’s leftovers for dinner and repeatedly trying to stop Sir Chop-dick from squeezing himself down the back of the mattress.

So February, you were a total failure. Next month I’m planning a day trip. How was your Saturday?

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