Life || Photo A Day #8

life as unusuals blog photo a day #8

I was so not on the ball this week with the photos. Although things did pick up at the end and I actually had the choice of two photos for two of the days. I’m calling that a win.

I’m not sure where this week has gone and I feel like I’ve spent most of it in some state of catchup, but yet not really knowing what I’m trying to catch up at the same time. It’s frustrating. I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked on the weekend, and I think since then everything has been a bit off. Never mind though, things have still been pretty productive, between work, editing more photos from our New York trip and finishing a book and an audiobook this week, things are looking good. I even booked a long weekend home to the UK, a birthday trip to Disneyland Paris and sorted out a second trip back home that’s still to be booked. And then I’ll be extra broke, and not just an acceptable level of broke.

Next week will be better. Next week is always better. Not for photos though, because let’s face it, these babies will remain mediocre from now until the end of the year, and that’s how I’m liking it.

February 19th

life as unusuals blog photo a day #8

It’s a food photo. It’s not an I took this because I forgot photo, I took it because I love sweet potatoes.

I do love sweet potatoes and these were especially tasty.

February 20th

life as unusuals blog photo a day #8

As we were in town, at the wrong library, I used it as an opportunity to take a photo of our fly on a needle sculpture. Or the Totem as it’s officially named.

Wikipedia tells me that it was a gift from the artist Jan Fabre to celebrate the 575th anniversary of the university. It’s a 23m high needle with a Thai Jewel Beetle stuck on top.

I think it’s quite funky, albeit a little weird.

February 21st

life as unusuals blog photo a day #8

Another food shot. I feel like my photo a day game is off this week already.

I cooked up my Moroccan style potatoes and chickpeas and was going to turn it into a recipe but changed my mind at the last so I took a little photo just before tucking into it instead.

I realised as I was putting it together, I was just throwing everything in and hoping for the best, not the best recipe for a, uh, recipe.

If you’re curious, it’s a mix of potatoes (chopped into chunks and cooked), chopped tomatoes and chickpeas, with a spice mixture of cumin, paprika, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic powder and pepper. All served with rice.

February 22nd

life as unusuals blog photo a day #8

Pete’s back (or rather, Pigeon Formally Known As Pete, as Michelle would like him to be called, is back).

I’m trying to encourage him to do something other than just sit around, but he’s having none of it. I suggested juggling some acorns, or maybe knitting a scarf made from blades of grass, but he still just sits there.

It’s a work in progress.

February 23rd

life as unusuals blog photo a day #8

I love getting the chance to dilly dally my way to work. This only happens when Kris heads in before me and then I can take my time wandering to the bus stop, and having breakfast, taking ages in the shower, generally leaving late. Dilly dallying at its finest. To celebrate my dilly dallying, here’s a photo of the train line just down from my house.

February 24th

life as unusuals blog photo a day #8

It’s not really possible to have a week go by without at least one photo of the sky.

February 25th

life as unusuals blog photo a day #8

I got myself another dilly dallying day today, so I started it off with some reading in bed before getting up and heading to work. It was a good start to my Thursday, that’s for sure. I need to make more time for reading in the mornings. Maybe I’ll do that next week!

So, another week done. Another week ending with the same “another week ends” sentence. Must get more creative. How was your week? Any nice plans for the weekend?