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Happy New Year!!

Three days late…

I’m coming at you from my hotel bed in Washington, DC!

I told myself I was going to write this post for New Year’s Day, but I didn’t. I was stiff faffing about with WordPress and Disqus until 1AM, then my New Year’s Day post went out the window. That and I’m so confused with being in a different time zone that I’m not quite sure at what hour to schedule my posts to keep it the same. Time zones are hard. But I didn’t want to wait until we finished our trip to write something, so I’m trying to squeeze some writing in here and there. Editing photos, however, that’s not happening.

So what do I have to announce, since I’m here now.

A new blog:

Well, I changed my blog around, moved over to WordPress and had a little overhaul of everything. Although, the overhaul is still ongoing, so let’s not poke around in posts older than 2015, they still need formatting. I’m getting to it. I also switched up Instagram and Twitter to the new name, and I’m attempting to get back into the swing of Twitter after taking an extended break from the never-ending drama. It’s so refreshing to change the layout and name around, I’m ready to get my blog on!

After I have napped though, I’m kinda tired right now.

I have a few blog plans for this year, nothing that I’m committing too, since I suck at goals–although you don’t know that because I totally forgot to wrap up my 26 before 26, but take my word for it. But I’m hoping to squeeze out the odd recurring feature every now and then. We’ll see. Next month, maybe.

The month to come:

As for the New Year, I haven’t thought much about it. As for January, I fear by the time I think about it, it will be over anyway.

I decided against having a long list of goals, but I’m going to try some monthly ones, ones that can be manipulated to increase my success rate.

As it stands, my current goals for January are:

  • Complete everything on my to-do list (including upgrading my bank account, trying to find a new bike for Kris, check Kris’ health insurance and finally donate the last few bags of clothing. And more)
  • Finish reading the two books I have on the go and read one other
  • Get back into a good routine in the mornings since that went to shit in December
  • Format as many blog posts as possible and sort out a few odds and ends with the new blog

And I think that’s all I can handle for January. Once we’re back in Belgie-land, I’ll come up with real goals that aren’t just do all the things I should do because I’m an adult. 

Any travel plans:

Shockingly, we have no travel plans for this year, yet. We’re considering a UK trip, but we haven’t decided for how long or when. In the winter, we’re going to be taking a trip to Disneyland Paris, but that still needs to be arranged. Apart from that, everything else is a surprise to you and me.

I think that’s all I wanted to say. How was your New Year? What do you think of the new blog shizz? What time do I need to publish this on US time to make it 8AM Belgium time?