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Happy New Year!!

Three days late…

I’m coming at you from my hotel bed in Washington, DC!

I told myself I was going to write this post for New Year’s Day, but I didn’t. I was stiff faffing about with WordPress and Disqus until 1AM, then my New Year’s Day post went out the window. That and I’m so confused with being in a different time zone that I’m not quite sure at what hour to schedule my posts to keep it the same. Time zones are hard. But I didn’t want to wait until we finished our trip to write something, so I’m trying to squeeze some writing in here and there. Editing photos, however, that’s not happening.

So what do I have to announce, since I’m here now.

A new blog:

Well, I changed my blog around, moved over to WordPress and had a little overhaul of everything. Although, the overhaul is still ongoing, so let’s not poke around in posts older than 2015, they still need formatting. I’m getting to it. I also switched up Instagram and Twitter to the new name, and I’m attempting to get back into the swing of Twitter after taking an extended break from the never-ending drama. It’s so refreshing to change the layout and name around, I’m ready to get my blog on!

After I have napped though, I’m kinda tired right now.

I have a few blog plans for this year, nothing that I’m committing too, since I suck at goals–although you don’t know that because I totally forgot to wrap up my 26 before 26, but take my word for it. But I’m hoping to squeeze out the odd recurring feature every now and then. We’ll see. Next month, maybe.

The month to come:

As for the New Year, I haven’t thought much about it. As for January, I fear by the time I think about it, it will be over anyway.

I decided against having a long list of goals, but I’m going to try some monthly ones, ones that can be manipulated to increase my success rate.

As it stands, my current goals for January are:

  • Complete everything on my to-do list (including upgrading my bank account, trying to find a new bike for Kris, check Kris’ health insurance and finally donate the last few bags of clothing. And more)
  • Finish reading the two books I have on the go and read one other
  • Get back into a good routine in the mornings since that went to shit in December
  • Format as many blog posts as possible and sort out a few odds and ends with the new blog

And I think that’s all I can handle for January. Once we’re back in Belgie-land, I’ll come up with real goals that aren’t just do all the things I should do because I’m an adult. 

Any travel plans:

Shockingly, we have no travel plans for this year, yet. We’re considering a UK trip, but we haven’t decided for how long or when. In the winter, we’re going to be taking a trip to Disneyland Paris, but that still needs to be arranged. Apart from that, everything else is a surprise to you and me.

I think that’s all I wanted to say. How was your New Year? What do you think of the new blog shizz? What time do I need to publish this on US time to make it 8AM Belgium time?


  • Cat

    I love your re-branding, especially your new color palate! Isn’t it amazing how just shaking things up can breathe new life into a project? I should maybe consider doing that myself…

    • Thanks, it’s actually a very similar colour to the previous blog. I don’t like to change things up too much.

      Definitely, as soon as I wanted to rebrand everything, I no longer wanted to work on it as the old blog so you lose all your motivation. I’m definitely feeling refreshed and ready to blog the next year.

      Maybe a rebrand every year/18 months is a good idea. Not changing the name, I think I’ll stick with this one, but a little change with the colours and layout would be good I think.

  • Oooh fancy new blog! Might have to get some help from you with re-jigging mine, I’ve totally forgotten how to do anything. You have to come to the UK! I’m already so excited for you to come stay in Portsmouth! My only goal is to survive and hopefully graduate with a good grade haha. I can barely hold anything else in my brain!

    • Haha I’m not very good, but I’ll try my best 🙂
      I need to work out a trip, we’re thinking of taking two long weekends and renting a car so I or we will be able to see people 🙂 plus I really wanna drive!
      You’ll do fine! I’m sure you’ll graduate with a great grade!

  • Loving the new name!!

  • The new blog is banging! I love the title and tagline! 🙂

  • I love the new blog name Kerri and the design is brilliant too – suits you and the blog beautifully. I hope your trip is still going well and you’re enjoying yourselves. I’ve already been planning things but don’t seem to be making much progress with work taking over again – I need to find a good balance of the two really. New year’s was nice and relaxed, with lots of good food so I was happy. – Tasha

    • Thank you!
      We got back yesterday morning, it was a brilliant trip and I can’t wait to get around to editing the photos and sharing everything! Luckily I did some writing whilst on holiday, just the photos to decide on 🙂

      I hope you can work out a good work/life balance. I’m rubbish at that, well I’ve got better since I started blogging but it’s still difficult when I get busy at work. I rely on the little bits of down time at work to get the odd blogging thing done 🙂

      Happy New Year to you!

      • Awww, I’m glad you had a great time! Same here at the moment with work/life – I feel like if I split my evening into sections for specific things, that might help – otherwise sometimes I just have to have a mini hiatus and catch up when I can. Happy New Year!

  • I love the new name and new tagline!! It suits your blog and writing perfectly!! I’m looking forward to following along with you in 2016! x

    • Thank you, the tag line was an afterthought just something I stuck in there and decided not to take it out haha.
      Can’t wait to see your adventures in 2016 too!

  • a) I like the new name! b) also like the new look! c) I feel your moving to wordpress pains. Honestly, in this day and age it SHOULD be easier.

    • Thank you and I’m glad you found WordPress just as annoying. It was one giant pain in the arse!

  • I saw the new name change on Instagram first since I was away… but I love the new name and the layout!!! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip in the country 🙂

    • Thank you! I’ve just got to edit the many many photos…

  • I noticed the name change on Instagram and was excited to see the new blog! I love the name and I love the new layout. The colors you chose are perfect. I can’t wait to see all your pics from NYC and I’m just excited to follow along with your adventures this year! 🙂

    • Ohh and welcome to WordPress 😉
      You’re gonna love it, I promise!

    • I sort of changes everything at different times haha, I probably should have timed it better. I can’t wait to sit down to edit the photos, I have most of the text written up but in sure it’ll still take me an age haha.

  • Sarah Albertson

    Ooh your new blog sure is slick! I like it! I hope you are having an awesome time on your trip and I can’t wait to read all about it!

    • Thank you! I felt like something more slick so I’m glad it came across like that 🙂
      We had a great time! I can’t wait to edit all the photos and get to sharing them!

  • The new blog shizz is good! Looks great around here.

  • Katie @ A Beautiful Little Adv

    Love the new look and name, very simply and easy on the eyes. I hope you’re having a great time exploring NYC and DC.

    • Thank you! I like the new sleek look 🙂 I couldn’t keep it all white though.

      The holiday was great! I would love to return to Washington and Philadelphia sometime!

  • The new blog is looking pretty awesome Kerri!
    Enjoy DC 🙂

  • reneejessome

    Love the new layout and the name!! Have fun in DC!

    Renee | Lose the Road

    • Thank you! We had a lot of fun in DC, I really like to back another time.

  • Great blog name! The switch confused me initially but I am easily confused (it’s ok, I’m over it now). Hope you’re having a great trip! I’m sure the 2016 plans will come together, sometimes it’s good to allow for spontaneity.

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

    • Haha thank you! I didn’t time it very well and kind of changed bits here and there, maybe I should have announced it, but I still have a hard time believing there are actually people out there reading that.
      I think we’re going to go for a few local trips this year 🙂

  • Welcome! I was so confused when I first saw you on Instagram but then I got it 🙂

    • Haha I didn’t time things very well!

  • Love the new name and don’t worry, I moved to WordPress in autumn 2014 and I only finished formatting my older posts last month, oooops! 😀

    • That’s good to know! I though I was just being super slow or something, but it’s so so tedious and boring!

  • Love the new blog it looks great! Hope your having a great time on your trip.

    • Thank you! The trip was great, although I’m happy to be home 🙂

  • Woo love the new blog, it is looking great! Hope you are having an awesome trip x

    • Thank you! The trip was great, can’t wait to edit all photos and get sharing!

  • Yay for the new blog! Although I can’t open your posts in Bloglovin any more, not sure if that was intentional? Can’t wait to hear all about New York, I bet it’s magic this time of year! 🙂

    • Oh no, that’s weird. I just tried, and I can open them. I merged the two accounts so Crumbs In The Bed has become Life As Unusuals.
      This is the link:
      Maybe you have a different link?

      I will have to get Kris to take a peek, when we wakes up haha,

      • Ach it’s likely just my app, it’s done that before then suddenly it stopped, damn Bloglovin :p

  • Well this is all looking a bit snazzy. Loving the new name and sexy blue sidebar. Looking forward to whatever comes from your brain this year.
    Happy rest of the American times and PLAN A TRIP TO DEVON.
    M x

    • Or maybe you could both plan a trip to Northumberland? 😉

      • I’m down for that!

    • I was going for snazzy. I will definitely consider a Devon trip!