Life || Nine More People Who Want To See The World Burn

life as unusuals 9 more people who want to watch the world burn

Continuing on from the last dramatic instalment of people who irritate me sometimes. Nine more people who want to see the world burn.

  • People who don’t allow others to exit trains/shops/doors before they try to enter—This is basic maths, a limited number of people can fit in said object, therefore one must exit said object to allow others to enter. Basic maths I tell you.
  • People who don’t stop for pedestrians at zebra crossings—None of this “wait until the pedestrian has their foot on it and maybe I’ll stop”, no, just stop and let me cross the road without the risk of having my foot run over.
  • People who try to do banter and end up calling you fat–or something else as offensive–instead and still insisting that it’s funny—it’s not funny and you just insulted me. Twat.

True story: My colleague tried to do “banter” with me once like this:

ME: We should switch parents, I wouldn’t mind parents who’d buy me a car.
COLLEAGUE: Haha yeah! Actually no, let’s not switch because I like two parents and your dad is dead hahahaha.
ME: …

Or that other time:

ME: Climbing the stairs to the 10th floor is seriously hard work!
COLLEAGUE: It’s because you have to carry all that fat.
ME: …

  • People who smoke in enclosed spaces—Please take your cancer elsewhere. Thanks. Bye.
  • People who don’t accept your decision to say no to social gatherings, for collections, for anything — Shockingly, not everyone wants to donate money, come to your summer BBQ or leave work early to have ice cream with people they don’t like when they can just go home.
  • People who slurp drinks. Over and over. All day long — Yes, Slurpy McSlurpson, I mean you.
  • People who put the context of their emails in the subject line — and then leave the email blank. I’m probably going to ignore you. The subject line is for, shock horror, the subject, which is not “I am going to be” and then followed by “10 minutes late” in the email.
  • People who don’t appreciate personal differences in personal space — Need I say more. Just get out of my space.
  • People who yell through their mobiles on public transport — Or have obnoxious ringtones. Or ringtones in general. Does your phone not come with a silent mode?

I know what you’re thinking, yeah, my colleagues are jerks. Got anyone else to add to the list?


Taking Stock || August

life as unusuals taking stock august

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these posts. I’m not sure why, but these are another of my favourite posts to read and write. Probably something to do with all the everyday-life-ness they contain. I love me some of the ol’ mundane!

So, here’s life, still mundane but looking dapper in all it’s verbs.

Making :: Fruit fly traps and soup. All the soup.

Cooking :: Soup. Not much else given that our oven is now dead.

Drinking :: A lot of water. All the time. I’m surprised I don’t have to wee more, but I hear that the more you drink, the less you widdle.

Reading :: Blogs, Reddit and recipes. Cultured, I know.

Wanting :: Not a lot. Some painkillers for this on coming migraine, maybe.

Looking :: Out the window and wondering what the hell happened to the summertime.

Playing :: Minecraft with Kris. We’re building a zoo/farm/monster emporium thingamajig. It’s pretty much: Kris builds everything and I give the animals funny names.

Deciding :: On where we might like to go to celebrate our anniversary in October. 6 years! My gosh, I thought he would have annoyed me by now.

Wishing :: For not a lot. I do not wish, I do. That’s a lie. I do neither, except wish for the occasional bout of the Belgian Lurgies so I can take a few days off work. Oh, and a new oven.

Enjoying :: The summertime. It’s all sunshine and blue skies here. Not.

life as unusuals taking stock august fox jumper twenty one pilots band tee

Waiting :: To see if Kris’s avocado seeds are going to grow into trees (bushes?) and preparing to admit I was wrong about it being a stupid idea.

Liking :: The idea of an oven that works.

Wondering :: What is the likelihood that my home will be struck by lightning.

Loving :: Watching the sunset whilst I run in the evenings.

Pondering :: Which oven to buy.

Considering :: Ovens.

Hoping :: Ovens aren’t too expensive.

Marvelling :: At why this word is even included in this list and why I can never think of an answer.

Needing :: An oven. I thought I’d made that pretty clear.

Following :: No one in a long time. I need to get out more.

life as unusuals taking stock august carrot soup hummus wraps

Noticing :: How many recipes call for the use of an oven. It’s like they are mocking me.

Knowing :: All about ovens.

Thinking :: About investing in a self-cleaning oven.

Admiring :: How adult that makes me sound. “Why yes, my oven is self-cleaning. I also own a hand blender”.

Smelling :: Not freshly baked cakes from my oven, that’s for sure.

Wearing :: Clean underwear.

Sorting :: Nothing.

Buying :: A new oven, eventually.

Getting :: A new oven, sometime in the near future.

Bookmarking :: Recipes to cook in the aforementioned oven.

life as unusuals taking stock august train tracks basil plant

Opening :: Bank statements and credit card bills. What else?

Giggling :: I don’t giggle. I belly laugh.

Snacking :: On herb roasted potatoes. Mmm. Except not right now (see oven comment above).

Helping :: Myself to late night snacks.

Feeling :: Motivated and optimistic.

Hearing :: Tap, tap, taptaptap, tap, and a strange whirring noise from the air unit above my head.

Listening :: Right now: nothing but my brain. In general: The Humans on audio-book.

Starting :: More TV series on Netflix.

Go on! Pick a verb or two, share something.


Sweden || The Vasa Museum, Stockholm

life as unusuals vasa museum stockholm sweden

Fuck yeah, giant boat.

A museum with a giant boat? A giant boat that sunk into Stockholm harbour in 1628, was then pulled to the surface in 1961, reconstructed and now stands inside the Vasa Museum for millions of people to gawk at?

Fuck yeah, giant boat.

I must say, the Vasamuseet website has out done itself with the information. From the history of the ship, to how it was rescued from the sea and reconstructed, to details of the ongoing research into preventing the decomposition of such a magnificent beast. This website has everything and I happily spent about half an hour getting distracted by a boat instead of writing this post.

life as unusuals Vasamuseet Vasa Museum Stockholm Sweden Things to do in Stockholmlife as unusuals Vasamuseet Vasa Museum Stockholm Sweden Things to do in Stockholm

It really was something to just look at – as you know, my kind of museum. Not much else to say about our visit.

We really enjoyed our visit – plus the free WiFi – we got there about an hour before closing and it was more than enough time to see everything, even with taking a 15 minute break to use the WiFi – we are those people.

But, at almost €14 for a single entrance ticket, with only needing about an hour, damn that’s a pricey boat.

But, a chance to see a giant boat, resurrected from the sea and reconstructed almost completely, yeah, I’ll pay €14 for that, just once.

And maybe again, if I come across another giant boat some time.

life as unusuals Vasamuseet Vasa Museum Stockholm Sweden Things to do in Stockholmlife as unusuals Vasamuseet Vasa Museum Stockholm Sweden Things to do in Stockholmlife as unusuals Vasamuseet Vasa Museum Stockholm Sweden Things to do in Stockholm

Fuck yeah. Giant boat.