Photo An Hour || 23.05.15

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It’s that time of the month again! Photo-an-hour time!

And, with any luck, I might even have this post out in time for Jane and Louisa’s round-up! Unlike every other month.

As with most of my photo-an-hour posts, it was another simple Saturday for us. We had to pop to the hairdressers, then we decided to grab lunch at a new place, wander around, train home and then my phone died and we were left in this awkward limbo of not being able to do anything with our lives because it couldn’t be documented.

After an hour, my phone was charged and life could continue on. At sporadic intervals, when I remembered about the photo-an-hour. The evening ended with a few sporadic photos and me uploading them and trying to pass them off as photo-an-hour shots.

Just another day in the life of us!

photo an hour a day in the life of us uk expat in belgium belgian

10am :: This was another “We’ll get up at 8am! We’ll head into work early and we’ll have plenty of time to get into Brussels in time for the hairdressers” Saturday. What it really was, was a “oh, the pancake place doesn’t open until midday, let’s stay in bed a little longer. Oh, I guess we missed that bus. Oh, five more minutes. Shall we have breakfast? Oh fuck, the bus, the hairdressers! Time to get up! We might be late…”.

11am :: We arrived at work, a lot later than planned. I waited around whilst Kris sorted bits out and sweated my boobs off in my weather inappropriate jumper.

photo an hour a day in the life of us uk expat in belgium belgian

12pm :: Waiting for the train. Running late. Luckily there’s the metro in Brussels!

1pm :: We arrived at the hairdressers just in time. I sat around waiting whilst Kris had his hair cut. We’re too cheap for both of to get haircuts at the same time, we’re also too afraid to go to any other hairdresser than here – even though it’s stupidly expensive – in case Kris gets a bowl cut.

photo an hour a day in the life of us uk expat in belgium belgian

2pm :: Walking back from the hairdressers and on our way to lunch. With all it’s glass buildings, the EU area of Brussels is pretty boring but I do like me some flags!

3pm :: Late lunch at La Creperie in Brussels. Aubergine, tomato and mozzarella crêpe, nom nom nom.

photo an hour a day in the life of us uk expat in belgium belgian

4pm :: After lunch we headed back to the station, stopping here and there for some photos and directing a lost couple to the Grand Place by telling them to “head towards the tall pointy building over there!”. Just doing my act of kindness for the day!

6:30pm :: Post-phone death. A cup of tea. An empty cup of tea in fact. This was the photo I wanted to take before my phone died, so I staged it an hour and a bit later. I could have made a fresh cuppa, but Kris was unavailable for kettle duty.

photo an hour a day in the life of us uk expat in belgium belgian

7:30pm :: After a few episodes of Pokémon we put our adult hats on and went to the supermarket. Highlights of this weeks shopping include: Spring onions, hummus, part-baked rolls and strawberries. I don’t even know how the doughnuts got in the trolley…

9:30pm :: We’d already hung up our adult hats for the evening, so it was breakfast for dinner and an evening of playing Cities Skylines together!

And that’s all. A relaxing Saturday of not a lot. Did you get up to anything on the weekend?