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Let’s get right into this! I have nothing to blabber on about pre-spotlight and as always I have left this to Friday night and I want it ready for Saturday morning.

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This weeks Spotlight is Anna!

The introductions

My typical blog reading, as you might have gathered from these Spotlight posts, are lifestyle blogs. Particularly lifestyle blogs that show all sides of life, the less curated side is my favourite side to see.

As such, travel blogs aren’t something I usually chose to read, some can be over curated in my opinion and a bit too in your face with the look how awesome my life is thing.

But, today’s blog, Anna’s blog, that’s nothing like it. It’s a good read, actually no, it’s a funny, engaging, informative, pleasant and desire-to-travel inducing read. Anna herself, is also great to chat to in comments and I’m more than a little disappointed to know we’ll both be in Warsaw during the summer, but will be missing each others visit, so no chance for a meet up!

So, who’s this Anna girl anyway, you obviously want to know. Well, she was an engineer – one cool-person point – who had a hard hat – another cool-person point – hailing from China, but living most of her life Southern California who decided to turn her life upside down and travel the world with the boy she fell in love with – 1, 2, 3 “ahhhh”.

Her blog is a place to share their travel stories, their successes, their mishaps, their food and well, their life. I genuine recommend this blog to someone who might want to read a travel blog but is put off what that travelblog-esque feeling you get from some of them. Failing that, there’s plenty of food photos to drool over.

Something to see

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All images taken from Anna’s blog

Something to read

The all important links

Let me know if you pop over there! Let me know if you like it too!