Animal Talk || Introducing Sir Pork Chop

life as unusuals introducing sir pork chop

I had some very small intentions of saving the news of our new household addition to an official blog post, but he was just too cute I was just too excited to not share the news. Still, an official introduction is needed!

So, everyone, let me introduce you to… Sir Pork Chop.

Or Porky.

life as unusuals introducing sir pork chop black syrian hamster new pet hamsters as pets

Look how cute he is!!!

We’ve had him for just over two weeks now, even though I could swear he’s been here for months. Our decision to get a hamster was one of those decisions that you joke about making and then end up deciding to go ahead with it on a bit of a whim.

Truth be told, I was lonely. Really fucking lonely and depressed. And just struggling to get out of bed each day, to find motivation and happiness in anything. I have things to make me happy, I do, I have Kris, I have our travels, I have blogging, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling of just being lonely, of having nothing to get up for each day.

I can’t remember when it was, but I read a blog post from Holly about how she used to keep hamsters as pets when she was younger and that was the thing that gave me the idea. So I started making the joking hints to Kris like “what do we need from the supermarket?”, “a hamster” but I didn’t genuinely think I would get one.

In the end, it was Kris that talked me round, I still felt like it was a bit irresponsible to get a pet when we will definitely be moving home in about 3 years. But in the end, we obviously chose to get a pet.

life as unusuals introducing sir pork chop black syrian hamster new pet hamsters as pets

First we had to find a hamster, we looked in the Golden Pages they have here, but there were none in the local area, since we don’t have any transport it’s not so easy to see things that are far from where we live. In the end, we decided to check the pet stores out. Remember that first bike ride of the year? Well that was all for this little guy! Although at the time we didn’t know that.

We took a ride out to the store to have a look at they had three Syrian Hamsters for sale. We spent about an hour at the store, looking at their animals, their condition, the equipment they sold and then went home to sleep on it.

We ordered the cage and wheel from Amazon and returned the next weekend to pick him up. The rest, they say, was bribing him with treats to make him love you.

life as unusuals introducing sir pork chop black syrian hamster new pet hamsters as pets

In case your wandering, he’s a Syrian hamster, black all over except for his white feet and white chin, 4 months old. He enjoys broccoli, mealworms and his sand bath. He runs like a motherfucker and likes to cool himself off by resting his head outside of the wheel on the side of the ladder. The other day his head was so rested that it hit the plastic shelf and he laid there half upside down for a bit.

He has also built this amazing fort to sleep in out of the stuff we used for the cage floor and ripped up kitchen roll. The other day I accidentally got him covered in coconut oil as it was on my hair and he was sitting on my shoulder, he didn’t need a hair treatment. His current favourite music is Fall Out Boy.

Also, he has huge rodent testis.

life as unusuals introducing sir pork chop black syrian hamster new pet hamsters as pets

As a final truth be told note, because I believe in real, genuine honesty on my blog. One of the reasons we chose a hamster, over another rodent or over something else was their lifespan. I don’t believe in getting a pet in the moment, just to have to re-home them because you will move at a later date. We will move, it’s a definite, but not for at least 2.5-3.5 years, and in general, a hamster tends to only live for 2-3 years.

Call me out on that if you want, but we’re being practical and I’m being honest. These are decisions we are making, no matter how cute he is, there’s also reality. For his entire life he will be treated with love, mealworms and photo shoots. We will not have to give him up when we want to move. And in my opinion, that’s responsible.

life as unusuals introducing sir pork chop black syrian hamster new pet hamsters as pets life as unusuals introducing sir pork chop black syrian hamster new pet hamsters as pets

That’s enough pictures I think! Now I need to go and explain to Sir Pork Chop that he should not try to lick the fridge through his running ball.


Life || Highlights & Lowlights Of The Week

life as unusuals highlights and lowlights of the week

It seems like forever since I put one of these together, but it has only been three weeks. Why, well I forgot one time and then I decided that trying to do it every week was a little too much. Combined with the Saturday Spotlight feature, I decided to change both to an every other week feature, alternating each week between the two. So the Spotlight was last week and now this week is a Highlights & Lowlights week. Geddit? Good.

Onto the good stuff.

life as unusuals highlights and lowlights of the week sunrise leuven belgium brussels tourist spot trees spring

Highlights of the week

// Pork Chop! A definitely highlight of my life, not just my week. But, he has his own post tomorrow to formally introduce Sir Pork Chop to you all!

// Being at work early enough to catch the sunrise multiple times. The only good thing about starting extra early.

// Writing overly pompous emails to the shipping company because their service was just shit.

// Finding a few good for me apps, for blogging and life, that I think I’d like to share, incase you might like to use them. Don’t worry, they’re not essential.

// Working our way through a bunch of errands that we keep ignoring and feeling a bit more organised with life.

// Streamlining blog life and real life, finally!

// Taking full advantage of being a native English speaker to talk extra fast in presentations and reduce the number of questions quite significantly.

// This cheap spinach stuffed pasta from the shop that just tastes oh so good with our homemade tomato sauce.

// Making Nutella brownies just because.

// Watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and playing City Skylines with Kris.

// Ordering some photos from Sticky9 which turned out to be really great! Which we then decorated our home a little with them.

// Mastering the dinner of ham & cheese wrapped chicken, roasted veggies and some potato tot like potatoes. Much nom.

// My newest tattoo, which has taken top spot as my favourite!

Lowlights of the week

// 6:30am starts at work, More than once. Not fun.

// My first ever smear test, complete with no instructions whatsoever.

// Following a recipe that said not to peel the butternut squash and it ending up being revolting.

// Those colleagues that never reply to my emails. I hate you.

// Crappy days at work for both of us, but pizza helped.

// Another butternut squash recipe, another failure.

// Being asked twice, for two different jumpers, by the same colleague, whether the penguin on my jumper was the one in my tattoo.

// Being asked for my opinion and advice and then having it completely ignored.

// Not noticing the purple stain on the back of my neck for two days.

// Coming home from the hairdressers with a middle-aged woman-esque hairstyle.

// Migraines. One big fat migraine for the whole of Friday. What a douche.

life as unusuals highlights and lowlights of the week brussels belgium ham wrapped chicken sticky9 photos military museum

Happy Monday and hope the weekend was a good one! By all means, tell me about it!


Photo An Hour || 21.03.15

life as unusuals photo an hour the day of many pet shops

Maybe I already gave you a glimpse into my life this month, maybe I thought it would be fun to see if I could do two days in a month, maybe I thought you might be interested. Maybe I was wrong. Let’s just pretend I was right.

You might be glad to know, there’s not a single photo of my face in sight. So no hiding behind my pretty face, here’s the cold hard truth of a Saturday in my life.

life as unusuals photo an hour a day in the life of me march

9:30am // Starting on the half hour mark is turning into a little pet peeve. But, we were up, drinking tea and trying to work out the logistics of going to work, going to town and then travelling out to the middle of nowhere to visit three different pet shops. And go to the supermarket. And eat the leftover Thai food that’s in the fridge.

10:30am // Dressed and ready to leave. I was still wearing those jeans on Tuesday.

11:30am // Waiting for Kris to finish some bits at work whilst I flicked plastic lids at him and browsed the internet. He’s dedicated to his job, I’m not. That’s why he works on weekends and I fuck about on the swivel chair.

12:30pm // From work to town. We only had 15 minutes to spare before the bus to nowhere, so I didn’t have time to buy the different toiletries I wanted. Instead, I thought I’d pick up this coconut oil that every man and his dog goes crazy for.

Let me know in the comments below what you like to use it for!

I only write that because it makes it sounds like I’m asking for your opinion but secretly I don’t give a shit. I genuinely am interested, so please do tell me, unless it’s rude things, then I don’t want to know.

life as unusuals photo an hour a day in the life of me march

1:30pm // From town, we went to the first pet shop to look for some supplies for Pork Chop, the hamster. There were two pet shops we wanted to check out and then a third that we saw from the bus window on the way to the first. After the first shop we waited for another bus and since staring down the main road is rather boring, here’s a roadside flower.

2:30pm // On the bus and off the bus at the next pet shop. We found some really great things here and then walked to the third and final pet shop of the day. Some more roadside nature, instead of just road.

4:30pm // The classic “missed-an-hour” point. Pet shops: done. Confusing conversation with the cashier about our previous purchases and whether we were going to pay for them at that shop even though we bought them from another: done. Another bus home: done. Quick trip to Starbucks to get a drink and snack: done. In our defence, Starbucks is right outside the bus station and I quite fancied a breakfast muffin in the middle of the afternoon.

Do I even need to defend my decision to buy Starbucks? Didn’t think so.

5:30pm // Donating half my desk space for Pork Chop to use as a play area, and swapping my unsafe for chewing yet often used and required bits for some safe for chewing yet functionally useless to me bits. Except the camera, I left that on the desk and he likes to sit on it.

I’m trying to teach him to take his own selfie, but no luck so far.

life as unusuals photo an hour a day in the life of me march

6.30pm // Leftovers for tea.

7.30pm // The “oops, I totally forgot I had to go to the supermarket, so I put on PJs, then remembered and I’m not at the supermarket with my PJs hidden under my coat. Again.”

8.30pm // Pork Chop is awake and exploring his new toys. Since he doesn’t speak English, we like to call him Butthead and Stink Face, as well as Porky.

9.30pm // Ending the day with tea. And then staying up for another 4hrs but being too lazy to take any more photos.

I would genuinely write more of these posts, but I think one a month is enough. Have a reasonably OK Thursday!