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Happy Saturday! Happy Valentine’s Day too, I guess. It’s actually quite nice to have Valentine’s Day fall on the day that I like to share some blog love! Makes it a tiny bit more special.

On to today’s spotlight!

Today’s spotlight goes to : Michelle!

Michelle who?

Well, she’s Michelle and I think you are going to love her! I mean, she’s funny, she’s witty, she writes great travel stories and she lives in the states, which means if I can’t sleep she’s still awake and maybe I can catch her on Twitter for a chat.

I’m quite picky with the kinds of travel blogs that I follow, to me there’s nothing more boring than post after post of “top ten things to do…” or “my [insert arbitrary activity] essentials”. I like stories, real stories, real funny stories and there’s always a story on Michelle’s blog. And it’s always funny enough that a bit of snot gets on my screen when I try to hold back my snort laugh.

At the moment, Michelle’s living life back in the States in Austin, Texas but before that she was off gallivanting around having adventures here and there like couch-surfing in Morocco or checking out the castles of Germany or going to Italy or sharing some tasty food recipes.

Maybe you don’t like to read travel blogs because their lives come across as unattainable or the person comes across as a pretentious butthole, you’d think I didn’t like travel blogs the way I write, but if you enjoy stories and a friendly face, then Michelle’s blog is for you! And, she has one of my favourite blog layouts too. I don’t know why that’s important, but maybe you’re attracted to sexy layouts!

Something to see?

mishfish13 blog spotlight
(All images taken from Michelle’s Blog)

Something to read?

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