Life || Highlights and Lowlights Of The Week

life as unusuals highlights and lowlights of the week

Highlights of the week

  • Listening to Kris’s SleepBot after it has recorded his snoring.
  • Having a sniff of Elephant Lady when we’ve melted some Scent Chips in her. That’s a euphemism. Seriously, what the fuck is up with her feet?!
  • My new, fancy camera bag. Now I just need to leave the house for something other than work to use it.
  • Meeting the very charming Marianne in Brussels. We enjoyed a pleasant although somewhat wet (from rain, not another euphemism) walk, some good ol’ fish and chips and much chin wagging.
  • Mid week roast dinners.
  • Pancakes!
  • Taking the day off on Thursday and watching Dexter in bed.
  • Kris doing all the tidying whilst I was hanging out with people from the internet. Anyone else want to come meet me? He even cleaned the toothpaste stains off the basin.

life as unusuals highlights and lowlights of the week

Lowlights of the week

  • THAT guy. THAT guy, who doesn’t reply to my emails. He’s an arsehole.
  • Discovering the stitching of my favourite PJ’s has worn away, right down the butt crack.
  • What morning routine?!… Let’s just say, we didn’t manage to get up a single day last week and we were late to work every day.
  • {Kris addition} Forgetting his bus pass and having to buy a bus ticket. Not that I cared, I was watching Dexter.
  • Knowing that I’ve run out of shampoo and conditioner and I need to wash my hair.
  • Running out of pancake mix.
  • {Potential Lowlight} Running out of toilet roll. We should pop to the shop this week.
highlights lowlight weekly summary
Cool hair. Cool face. Cool pancakes. I don’t know what happened.

That’s all. It was alright. How was yours?