Saturday Spotlight || Oddly Lovely

Time for another spotlight!

oddly lovely blog spotlight

This weeks spotlight is Cat!

Let’s start with the introductions

I like Cat. Dare I say it, but she’s lovely. Odd, but lovely. Oddly lovely… geddit?! hehe. Moving on.

But really, I do like Cat. I like her blog, I like her style, I like her posts that make me want to cook, the ones that make me think and the ones that make me feel part of a secret group of people who share those opinions that people in blogland pretend they don’t have.

But who is Cat? Well, she’s not an expat or a travel blogger (makes a change, I know!), she’s actually a San Francisco dwelling, dog-owning, audiobook loving, TV watching, dessert eating kind of woman. Funny, genuine, and always good for a chat on and off the blog.

Blog-wise, she’s a recipe creating, cute clothes wearing, beauty tips and blog advice giving and an all round life’s-little-moments blogger. Variety is the spice of life, don’t ya know.

Too many lists? Too much I-N-G-ing?

Cat’s slice of internet, is a good place to be. Whether you’re looking for something new to try in the kitchen, something with a bit more to think about, some home or style inspiration, there will be something for you there.  If you enjoy controversial, somewhat heavy posts, I recommend having a read of Cat’s. They’re well written, balanced and discussion friendly, just how I like them.

Something to see?

All images taken from Cat’s blog

Something to read?

// A little home tour

// An outfit with a little edge

// A unique way of organising your jewellery

// Blogging advice :: What to look for when sponsoring a blog

// If you’d like to try audiobooks, Cat’s got some recommendations

The all important links?








Life || February Favourites

life as unusuals february favourites

Setting myself the goal of trying one new type of blog post each month, is a little more challenging than I thought. OK, I did put it off for most of the month in favour of blog posts that I prefer writing and then I put it off a bit longer because I actually found it quite hard to think of a new type of blog post that didn’t fall in the category of a “popular post”.

In the end I thought, why not try out some of these “popular posts”, see what all the fuss is about, you never know, it might be fun.

January’s new post was the ever so popular yearly recap, this month I thought we’d go for a classic. A favourites post. I even titled it February Favourites to get into the spirit of it. Not that there’ll be a March Favourites, because putting this post together was weird.

To start with, how do you even go about setting this post up? What kind of background should you have? Should you take photos of the items as a group? Individually? Do I need a white background? Do I even have a white background? I do. The toilet. But some of the favourite things were a bit too big to hide the distinctive toilet seat shape, so I had to pass on that. What can I use for a background now? Meh, let’s try the wallpaper, the tiles, the floor… I don’t know. Let’s just try anything.

What do you include in a post like this? Make up? Food? TV or films? Are there even any other categories? How much do I have to like something for it to be included? Does it have to be the most favourite? Can’t it just be particularly good? Or just alright? I have no idea. Also, how many favourites are too many favourites?

Seriously. I have no idea. My favourites ended up falling into two categories. Food and beauty. Food, because I like it a lot and beauty, because it was easy.

Here are a few of my favourite (or rather, quite liked) things.

life as unusuals february favourites

Let’s start with food.


They’re just good. Can I say any more?

Proper Corn Sweet & Salty popcorn.

I bought just the one pack from the supermarket a couple of weeks back. Then I went to the supermarket specially to buy another two packets. I even got a different bus. That’s dedication. Goddamn over priced extra tasty popcorn.

Blood Orange Tropicana.

Goddamn over priced orange juice. Luckily it’s only in season for a little while.

life as unusuals february favourites

And more food.

Bodum Themo Mugs.

These were actually a gift I got for Kris. They’re great until you forget that the outside is a completely different temperature and you accidentally drink lava. Not cool.

Just One Pot cookbook.

Oh, the key to all my cooking success. One pot only, that’s a win.

Jordans Granola.

Oh so tasty. Very very tasty. And, now on offer in the supermarket across the road FYI.

12 Fruits Tropicana.

Got to start my day the good way, with an over priced smoothie. Another Win.

life as unusuals february favourites

Now on to beauty.

Because it’s not a real favourites post without some beauty.

The Balm Matte Liquid Eyeliner.

I like it. I like it a lot. It makes me feel extra cool.

E.L.F Flawless Finished Foundation in Porcelain.

Because we all like to look flawless for a few hours, or just the bus ride to work. I don’t ask for much. I like this product too.

The Body Shop Instablur Primer.

I do like this, I need to buy some more. Even if it smells weird and gives me a taste in the back of my mouth that reminds of accidentally spraying my mouth with deodorant.

life as unusuals february favourites

A few more beauty things

H’Suan Wen Hua.

How do I even pronounce that?! It’s lucky it’s actually good, because it turns my head into a cinnamon stick, it’s nearly €20 for the pot and it only covers my whole around just over two times. But, it does do a good job at repairing my hair, so I can only complain a bit.

Batiste Dry Shampoo.

Because washing your hair is for squares. It’s actually not my favourite flavour? scent?… watevs. I prefer the Original, but they never stock that one in the shop so I just buy this one instead. I’d like to smell a bit less like a pineapple though.

And that’s a few of my favourite things. Not really in this month, just in general. You get the picture. What’s been a favourite of yours lately? 


Life || Highlights and Lowlights Of The Week

life as unusuals highlights and lowlights of the week

Highlights of the week

  • Listening to Kris’s SleepBot after it has recorded his snoring.
  • Having a sniff of Elephant Lady when we’ve melted some Scent Chips in her. That’s a euphemism. Seriously, what the fuck is up with her feet?!
  • My new, fancy camera bag. Now I just need to leave the house for something other than work to use it.
  • Meeting the very charming Marianne in Brussels. We enjoyed a pleasant although somewhat wet (from rain, not another euphemism) walk, some good ol’ fish and chips and much chin wagging.
  • Mid week roast dinners.
  • Pancakes!
  • Taking the day off on Thursday and watching Dexter in bed.
  • Kris doing all the tidying whilst I was hanging out with people from the internet. Anyone else want to come meet me? He even cleaned the toothpaste stains off the basin.

life as unusuals highlights and lowlights of the week

Lowlights of the week

  • THAT guy. THAT guy, who doesn’t reply to my emails. He’s an arsehole.
  • Discovering the stitching of my favourite PJ’s has worn away, right down the butt crack.
  • What morning routine?!… Let’s just say, we didn’t manage to get up a single day last week and we were late to work every day.
  • {Kris addition} Forgetting his bus pass and having to buy a bus ticket. Not that I cared, I was watching Dexter.
  • Knowing that I’ve run out of shampoo and conditioner and I need to wash my hair.
  • Running out of pancake mix.
  • {Potential Lowlight} Running out of toilet roll. We should pop to the shop this week.
highlights lowlight weekly summary
Cool hair. Cool face. Cool pancakes. I don’t know what happened.

That’s all. It was alright. How was yours?