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When I think about my blog and what I want it to be, I always come back to the same point. I want it to be a place to share the things I love, the things that make me laugh and the things that I think are worth giving time to. From this, I always hoped to find people who laughed about the same things, and who’d want to laugh together with me. After all, this whole blogging malarkey stemmed purely from having a lack of real life people who seemed to share the same interests as me.

You know what they say: If you can’t beat them. Tell them to go screw themselves and go hang out on the internet.

It’s clear that my blog doesn’t have a niche, like and unlike many others. Yet, even those blogs without a niche, in my opinion, still feel restricted in what they can talk about. Whether this is something I’ve seen pop up in Twitter chats or just the general gist from reading the blog itself. It appears that even the broad niche of lifestyle blogging has its limits to what it deemed worthy of an entire blog post or should be relegated to a passing mention.

Twenty One Pilots life as unusuals

Music. I think music is one of those topics. People review books until books come out their ears. People talk generally about books and movies, if only to tell me that they managed to read 45 books and watch 83 movies in a single month and yet still find time to take a piss and eat their tea. I’m not remotely bitter about this. Not at all.

But, music, I don’t really hear about that. Or podcasts, but that’s completely out of my interest range and you’d have more luck asking Cat about them.

Back to music. I really love music! But not in the sense of that hardcore fan mode, that some people have. I just really enjoy certain bands and sometimes I just really enjoy a song or two. One band that I love to listen and subsequently attempt to rap to, is Twenty One Pilots. Kris and I went to see them the other week in Antwerp, and it was great! Live music is always great, but this was just a little bit greater. We jumped, we screamed, we sang, we rapped, I even climbed on top of Kris’s shoulders and bopped and cheered from up there!

My question is this. Why don’t we talk about it. Quite frankly, I fucking love music and I absolutely think it deserves a dedicated post every time I have a bunch of eye blinding, mildly out of focus band shots obscured by a sea of rock hands. There’s no time for photography skills, I’ve got jumping to do.

Twenty One Pilots life as unusuals concert selfie Twenty One Pilots life as unusuals

If you’re interested my favourite song is Guns For Hands. After that I recommend Trapdoor & A Car, A Torch, A Death & Semi-automatic. What’s something that you think deserves more than a passing mention?


Travel || Obligatory Plane Photos

aerial photos europe life as unusuals

I rarely take flights, in fact I’ve only taken six flights and Kris only four in our lives. There’s just no need for us to take them. It’s simpler to travel to the UK by Eurostar, or rather it’s cheaper to travel by coach. If we go anywhere in Belgium, then it’s the train or the bus as both an incredibly cheap and sometimes they are even problem free.

We thought we’d fly to Stockholm and since it was our first flight in just over a year I’d like to present to you: The Obligatory Plane Photos, featuring: The RyanAir logo, blue skies, a wing of the plane, clouds, unidentified landmasses, various bodies of water and nothing more.

aerial photos europe life as unusualsaerial photos europe life as unusualsaerial photos europe life as unusualsaerial photos europe life as unusualsaerial photos europe life as unusuals

I really enjoy flying, I love sitting in the window seat and smearing my makeup on the window with my forehead. I’m also get quite excited about take off and like to exclaim how I’m flying when we leave the ground. 12yr olds playing on their iPads don’t know what they are missing! I’m quite happy to admire how clear the sky is and the clouds shapes whilst listing to my book. Kris however, he just likes to sleep.

aerial photos europe life as unusualsaerial photos europe life as unusualsaerial photos europe life as unusualsaerial photos europe life as unusualsaerial photos europe life as unusuals

Something short and sweet for Tuesday morning! I really like these photos. Not that it’s really a claim to fame to stick my camera up against the window and push the shutter button, but still, I like them.

Do you take many flights? Or shall we ask the classic, do you like flying?


Animal Talk || Camels

life as unusuals facts about camels

It’s been ages since I put together an Animal Talk post. Since, I fancy talking about camels, I’m going to talk about camels. I think that’s the great thing about sticking myself under the lifestyle blog umbrella, I get to talk about camels whenever I want. These a just a few photos dragged out of my archives, I think from Budapest zoo and a place I can’t remember.

Camels are kind of great, and a bit cute in the right light. So in true dork fashion, here some camel facts to entertain you!

  • There are two species of camel, the Dromedary and the Bactrian Camel. The first from North Africa and the Middle East, the second from Asia.
  • They not only live in hot climates but they also survive pretty well in the cold, down to -29 degrees.
  • They can be up to 7ft tall at the hump and weight upwards of 700kg.
  • The humps are used to store fat, which is converted to energy and water. The less fat available in the hump, the smaller and floppier it becomes.
  • Camels rarely sweat.
  • They can drink up to 135L of water in 13 minutes.
  • All Dromedary camels have been domesticated. Of the Bactrian camels, almost all are domesticated except for around 1,000.
  • In the United Arab Emirates they hold Camel Beauty Contests.

life as unusuals facts about camelslife as unusuals facts about camels

Well that’s camels for you!