Saturday Spotlight || Snow In Tromsø

When in Scandinavia… pick a Scandinavian blogger for the Saturday Spotlight! Or rather, a German lady, expating in Northern Norway. Let’s get straight to this weeks blog, so I can get back to ignoring these strange howling noises and my Ben & Jerry’s! So…

Let me introduce you to…

Snow in Tromso Blog

Everyone say hello to this weeks spotlight, Van!

The Introductions!

I couldn’t resist picking my favourite Scandinavian blogger, whilst I’m hanging out in this pretty awesome looking part of the world. Meet Van, a super friendly lady and fellow expat living out in gorgeous Norway. With a love of the Arctic, her blog is full to the brim with scenery and adventures to eye up and read about. With a bit of Sweden, a lot of Norway and even a bit of Latvia and Edinburgh, Van’s blog is always a great read.

As an expat, I have a soft spot for other expat blogs, especially those who show expat life for what it really is. A pain in the arse, but quite the adventure at the same time. Even better, is expat blogs from all over, to give you a real insight into life in another country. Van’s blog is just that, a perfect insight into her life in Tromso, Norway, high up in the arctic. Plus, the chance to see the Northern Lights if only through the screen, is well worth a blog visit.

Definitely pop over there! Definitely have a nosey around and definitely enjoy the photos, the stories and make yourself a new friend!

The Photos!

(Taken from Van’s blog)

The Posts!

  • Snow, glorious snow!
  • ABCs of Van’s travel. Great way to get to know a fellow travel lover!
  • 24hrs in Gothenburg. As I didn’t get to visit, I’ll have to enjoy it like this!
  • Gorgeous photos from her new expat home, Tromso.
  • Common misconceptions about the Arctic.

The All Important Links!