Sweden || The Stockholm Daily Diaries (Day 5)

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It’s sucks balls when you get to the last day of your holiday. But here we are, the last diary-esque instalment of the Stockholm Chronicles. Then I shall go ahead with my many upon many post ideas showing all the great things we saw and I promise to talk far less. Maybe not, I do like talking. Lots.

Day 5

We originally had completely different plans for this day but changed them all the night before. We had planned to go back and explore more of Djurgården from the day before, but after walking past the Biological Museum, we remember that there was natural history museum somewhere in the area. I guess, I already mentioned my love of dinosaurs and all things natural history like on here, so we decided the hours travel to get there would be worth it. It was and I have the photos to prove it! We arrived just before opening and pretty much had the place to ourselves, then the children arrived a few hours later. Sigh.

We were on a tight schedule as we had to be back at the central station to catch the shuttle back to the airport. As the ticket is open-ended, you just get to pick the bus you want and get on. We arrived about 30mins before the bus we wanted to get and good thing we did as the line was only 100+ people long. We were easily not going to fit on the coach and not arrive at the airport when we wanted to. No fear, an extra bus arrived and we were off.

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Brb. My takeaway just arrived.

Back. After another scenic ride we were back at the airport and apparently the flight to Gdansk was seriously delayed. That’s the best I’ve got to report. Other than that, we ate sarnies and sat on the floor. The flight was pleasant, the shuttle from the airport to Brussels was reasonable and the train back to home was complete shit. Already delayed by 10mins, it then crawled through the various stations in Brussels and in the end we were over taken by the slow train, which even waits at the airport for 10 minutes! The other airport, just so you know. We didn’t faff about on the shuttle when we could have taken a direct train. We’re not that bad.

After walking home at 10pm, I whipped off my bra and went to sleep.

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So, was this too much holiday talk in one week? Be honest! If you’re honest with me, I’ll be honest with you. I’ll tell you how I’ve got the post holiday blues and I’m going to bang on about my holiday because my job sucks more than sweaty balls. Brb. Forgot about the washing in the washing machine.


Life || I Apologise…

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Originally I wanted to compile my Stockholm diaries into a single post but apparently I talk a lot, so it’s going to be three posts in total. I thought I would just post them one after the other, but after putting two side by side, I don’t think it was the best idea. I always get myself in a tiff about posting the same topic/post twice in a row. At least I know now, I don’t like it. So, to lighten things up, here’s something I put together, just for shits and giggles.

True story.

Sometimes you have to be the better person and apologise. Sometimes you have to compile a list of those people you should say sorry to and share on the internet because that’s how you roll.

So, I apologise…

  • To my friend at 12. For telling you that maggots were baby butterflies and letting you pick them all up.
  • To the man at Number 8, for using your tree to climb on the garage behind your house and keeping snails up there. Also sorry for knocking on your door and running away. Oh and sorry about putting grass in your letterbox.
  • To my colleague. Because I can’t stop thinking about how much you resemble a reptile when you look at me.
  • To the little boy five doors down. For the unfair Pokemon Card swaps, five Diglets for your Charizard wasn’t too fair. Also, sorry for stealing some too.
  • To my year 9 science teacher. For locking you out of the science room, and quoting “who gives you extra” from the Halifax advert and always calling you Howard. Every. Single. Lesson.
  • To the man who proposed to me. For rejecting you on the dance floor of that club at 2am.
  • To my year 11 maths teacher. For suggesting to the class that you ate the teaching assistant we had in year 10.
  • To Kris. For putting 1000 cocktail sticks in your side of the bed and almost getting you a little hurt.

Yeah, Sorry about that. What do you have to apologise for?


Sweden || The Stockholm Daily Diaries (Days 3 & 4)

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Day 1 and 2 were really awesome, so be sure to pop backwards and check them out. Right, you’re back, Good!

Let’s continue.

Day 3

Word(s) of the day: Still not enough layers.

Each day we would put on another layer of clothes and each day we would regret not putting on one more layer. It wasn’t even that cold, around 10-13 degrees, but with Belgium at around 18-20, it was quite the shock. Poor Kris didn’t even get his scarf as I’d used to dry my hair because I was too worried about turning the towels purple. They ended up purple in the end and Kris got his scarf back.

For this day, we wanted to explore the Stockholm Archipelago. We didn’t do too much planning for this, just having a look the night before and deciding to play it by ear. It seemed safe to pick a day trip to Vaxholm island, so we took the metro and then the bus all the way there and boated back. We thought, we’d do both routes and see a bit more of the surrounding area on the bus and then some more of the Archipelago on the way back. What we didn’t realise was the boat actually stopped at the other islands on the way so we could have gotten off. But, for the fear of being stranded, we stayed on the boat. We left the island around 2pm and arrived back onto the island of Södermalm where we ate more food and pondered the next activity.

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To end the day, we visited the Vasa Museum, which is basically a giant shipwreck that has been re-assembled and it’s massive! We spent an hour there and left at closing time. Being a bit to cold and a bit too achy, we dragged ourselves back to the hotel and ate more Max Burgers. Hot this time.

Day 4

Our last full day of exploring! Although we were quite ahead of ourselves with what we’d planned to do on what day. This meant we got to fit in extra things on the morning before heading to the airport, which, was totally worth it!

We picked another island to explore for this day, this time Djurgården, which I think was my favourite. But before exploring the island we wanted to visit The Woodland Cemetery, because things like that are cool. It was really awesome, and it would look so amazing in the snow, but it wasn’t too shabby in the autumn either! More mushroom hunting and exploring, we stayed at the cemetery for about two hours. Then, we went to Djurgården to visit the Skansen Museum which is an open air museum, something I’d never been to before and turned out to be a lot better than we thought. Usually we shun museums, but since we weren’t sure what they was going to be, we gave it a chance. The views. Totes awesome. The colours. Totes more awesome.

Stockholm  life as unusuals

Then it was dinner time! We’d tried to request a table at a Thai restaurant, Koh Phangan, that my colleague had recommended, but we received no reply. So we just went to the restaurant anyway! And we got a table! OK, 2 hours earlier than we would like, but we didn’t want to turn the table down so we powered through. Sacrifice my friends. The food, yum. The menu, somewhat difficult to read and led to me ordering the spiciest dish in the existence of dishes. I couldn’t handle the snot and tears so Kris and I swapped meals.

Weirdest part of the meal? The fake monsoon. Yup. A fake monsoon, I kid you not. The lights went out, rain sounds played, the lights flashed, thunder cracked and then it stopped. Oh and it was decorated in such a way that it seemed as thought Christmas itself had puked on the restaurant. But ,food: good, us: happy. Use of grammar: questionable.

Koh Phangen Stockholm  life as unusuals Koh Phangan Stockholm life as unusuals

This turned out to be a little longer than I thought. Guess the final day will have to wait until next time!