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Writing up last week’s spotlight post was so refreshing. So, we’re back and I have another awesome blog to share.

As always, there’s nothing fishy going on here. After all who’d pay for these terrible jokes anyway!


Let me introduce you to…

DibDabDebs Blog

This weeks spotlight goes to Debi!

Let’s get acquainted!

Personally, I think this week’s blog is an absolute winner. Have you come across Debi’s blog on your blogging travels?! If not, shame on you!
You know how we all talk about having a blog that is solely for ourselves, well this is it. Reading Debi’s blog is like sneaking a peak into her life, just as she sees it. Her style of writing is unique and her blog makes a wonderful early morning read, which I quite enjoy. There’s not many things that make me happy to wake at 6am!

I would describe Debi as pleasantly wonderful and her blog is an extension of her pleasant wonderful-ness. Blogging from beautiful Scotland, sharing the ups and downs of life, with little adventures, some recipes with her lovely little Jack Russell and husband alongside her, her blog is nothing but a pleasure to read. She’s a family girl at heart, she’s genuine, honest and hanging out in her 20’s like the rest of us cool people.

Oh, and she recently got married and looked pretty damn gorgeous in her dress!

Check out some of my favourite photos!

(Taken from Debi’s Blog)

DibDabDebs Blog

Some of my favourite posts!

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