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I’ve wanted to start this type of series for a while but I couldn’t quite decide how I wanted to go about it. I know many people like to round-up their favourite posts at the end of the week, but for me, I prefer to hear about people’s favourite blogs.
So, instead of my favourite posts, at the end of each week I want to share a favourite blog of mine with you. Everything’s tense and dramatic in Blogland lately, people bashing and a general lack of community feel has been felt by many of us, so this is my attempt to combat it.

There are no catches behind this post. It’s a blog that I think is pretty cool and it’s just a nice surprise, I hope, for the blog owner. That’s it.

Let me introduce you to…

Dear Mrs Leigh Blog
My first spotlight post goes to Rachael!

Let’s do some introductions!

I’ve followed Rachael for quite a while and her blog is always a great read and one of the first to be read when time is short. She’s a fellow expat, tea drinker and maker of sarcastic remarks. There’s no sugar-coating and her lifestyle blog is the breath of fresh air in a world of portraying the perfect persona.

Originating from Yorkshire, Rachael moved to the States around 3yrs ago, turning her long distance relationship into a short distance one, from garden to record room to be precise.
Her blog is her adventures in Michigan and a bit beyond, a collection of great recipes, her vintage collections of cookbooks and powder compacts and a vinyl collection if I ever did see one!

Many a time, I’m over there stealing her post ideas for myself, trying out her recipes and enjoying her continued quest to show off Detroit and show there is more to this city than ruin porn. As a fellow expat, it’s also nice to read about an honest expat experience and to know that I’m not the only one who thinks their decision of move abroad was a terrible idea from time to time.

Some Favourite Photos!

(All from Rachael’s blog)

Dear Mrs Leigh Blog Spotlight
Some Favourite Posts!

The All Important Links!

I hope you can find some great new blogs to read with this little series and I hope it brings a little smile to the faces of those I feature!