Belgium || Liège Zoology Museum

I admit, I’m a bit of a geek and I’m quite fascinated by natural science, so it seemed a good choice to visit Musee de Zoologie in Liège. The museum houses over 20,000 animals preserved in formaldehyde, stuffed or as reconstructed skeletons. The museum has a pretty good layout, with the animals grouped into their classifications: invertebrates, non-mammalian vertebrates and mammals. We started off with the invertebrates and then worked our way up to the mammals.

This is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but we had a pretty awesome time and I couldn’t wait to share the photos on here! I thought I’d start things off with the formaldehyde specimens and then I have another post to share the stuffed and skeletal animals.

Despite the entire museum being in French, you could still appreciate the diversity and intricate details of the different animals and even between all the animals specimens in the same group. A couple of my favourite things about the museum was the more detailed specimens. Not just an animal in a jar, but if you take the first photo in the post as the example, they have separated the animal to show you the different anatomical parts: Whole, muscular system, digestive system and nervous system. With the frogs, they had detailed displays showing the life cycle from tadpole to adult frog. I just wish I could have read the information that went with the displays.

Coral Liège Zoology Museum Musee de Zoologie

Octopus Liège Zoology Museum Musee de Zoologie

Spiders Liège Zoology Museum Musee de Zoologie

octopus Liège Zoology Museum Musee de Zoologie

Crabs Liège Zoology Museum Musee de Zoologie

We spent a good few hours leisurely walking around, it was pretty quiet and at one point it was just the two of us. A benefit of weird, somewhat scary formaldehyde animals is there isn’t too many children running around. So, if you’re looking for child free activities this kind of museum might be for you! They also had an aquarium on another floor of the building, but that wasn’t anything special and the lighting was so terrible that I didn’t bother to take any photos. I’ve yet to find an aquarium that rivals the one we went to in Austria. The day I do, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it!

Starfish Liège Zoology Museum Musee de Zoologie

Fish Liège Zoology Museum Musee de Zoologie

Iguana Liège Zoology Museum Musee de Zoologie

Fish Liège Zoology Museum Musee de Zoologie

Butterflies Moth Liège Zoology Museum Musee de Zoologie

Thought I’d end the post with some butterflies and moths! Look at that beast in the centre! What do you think? Would this be the kind of museum you’d like to visit? 


Life || Highlights & Lowlights Of The Week

What a week! Everyone appears to be floating around in some strange time vortex, no-one knowing what day of the week it is and the days flying by with no time left for anything. I feel like I’ve been busy, yet I’ve done nothing. By Friday, I was knackered but all I did the two days before that was listen to rheumatologists talk and collect free post-its.

Tomorrow is the start of a fresh week and I have some serious planning to do for work to fit everything in before Kris and I go to Stockholm on October 15th. Did I tell you how excited I was?! I’m EXCITED!

Onto this week’s highlights, and some from the week before because I was too disorganised to get this post up last week.

Weekly Highlights

  • Watching comedy at work and trying to hold in my laugh but letting out a snorting snigger instead.
  • Wearing socks with my shoes and enjoying the cosy toes.
  • Agave on my porridge.
  • Free pens, free post its, free note pads, free eye drops, free drinks, free food, free everything.
  • Playing Sims 4 all day on Saturday and creating the ultimate version of myself.
Highlights and Lowlights
Found €5 / Disappointing free cheesecake / Enjoying the start of Autumn / Cute socks and cute shoes

Weekly Lowlights

  • Disappointing conference dinner, but it was free
  • That terrible cheesecake…
  • Early morning train rides to Brussels in rush hour
  • Late nights working on presentations I forgot about
  • Not being able to put one of the lights on in our house because we think there is something wrong with the electrics
  • Trying to make pizza on Saturday night only to realise we didn’t have any toppings. Sad times
Highlights and Lowlights
Afternoon walks in the rain / Motivational graffiti, maybe / Pathetic pizza night / Terrible art work at the conference / Faces / More faces

All in all, not a bad week! Here’s hoping for a good week!


Saturday Spotlight || Life Outside London

This week has been one of those weeks, every day was a different day and everything just got a little left behind. That’s why it’s 7:30pm on a Saturday and I’ve yet to get my Saturday spotlight post ready. I’m also cooking dinner and attempting to make a baby or two in the Sims.

But, fear not, I have more awesome to share with you! And, the perfect person for this kind of week! Soo…

Let me introduce you to…

I’m excited to give this weeks spotlight to Michelle!

Who’s This Michelle Person?

Well, it’s Michelle. A pretty hilarious, pretty friendly and pretty spectacular women living out the rest of her days in Devon. Her blog is variety as it was meant to be, unplanned and sarcastic. A simple, no frills approach to blogging, with complimentary doggy photos and humour. Definitely a feel good blog and if you’re on the look out for a little friendly banter then Michelle’s your woman too. There’s a too many reasons to list for why you should go and have a peep into her life but that isn’t going to stop me trying!

Let me demonstrate. Do you want recipes? She has it. Cute doggy photos? Yep. Life in verb format? Yep. Stuff people pretend to make themselves but I’m sure they secretly buy? Yep*. Hilarious looks into married life, or any other long-term serious relationship? Yep. Red lipstick? Yep. Books? Yep. There’s a little of everything here and I’m sure there’s something you’ll enjoy.

You’ll never regret a visit and you’ll never leave without a laugh. Unless you don’t really like sarcasm… well, then that’s not my fault. Still. Go. Check it out and leave some love on my behalf!

Some Eye Candy!

(Taken from Michelle’s Blog)

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The All Important Links!

*She really did make it herself. Or so I’m told.