Hair || Pros and Cons of Brightly Coloured Hair

There are definitely some pros and cons of brightly coloured hair, that’s for sure! Luckily for you, I thought I’d sit down and type them all out, just for fun. Because we love fun here.

Despite the pros and cons, I love my hair, I love the different colours and I even love the fading mixtures and pastel hues that come afterwards when I’m too lazy to keep up its brightness. I’ve had brightly coloured hair for around two years now and I don’t see me going back to a “normal” colour anytime soon.

I have never felt more like myself, or loved myself, as much as I do with coloured hair. But with every choice you make, there are pros and cons but for me, no matter how long the list of cons, the pros will always out weigh them. Actually, being comfortable in my own skin will outweigh any pro or con.

But, just for interest, I thought I would share my own pros and cons to brightly coloured hair. There are other pros and cons that I’ve seen but I haven’t included them because to me, personally, I don’t consider them either a pro or con.

For example, I can’t consider “limiting my job options” as a con, because I do have a job and will have this job for the next 2 to 4 years

The pros of brightly coloured hair

I look awesome

True story. I love waking up each day and looking at my hair in the mirror, when everything else is going to the toilet, I can smile about having awesome hair.

It’s a great people repellent

To me, this is always a plus. I like my peace and quiet so I’m happy that you don’t want to sit next to me on the bus because I’m weird-looking.

It can brightens up any outfit

Some days, I just don’t want to make an effort. I want to wear a boring black tee and yesterdays jeans, but somehow, it never looks that boring with coloured hair and I really like that.

I’m very easy to find in a crowd

This is more of a pro for other people than me. I’m a wander-off-er, it’s very helpful for Kris when I’ve disappeared to just look over the crowd for the bobbing pink head. It’s also great when you need to meet people for the first time, a quick “I’m the one with green hair, I’ll take my hat off” and it’s an easy peasy way for someone to identify me. Plus, it instantly disperses the awkwardness of meeting someone new because you instantly have something to laugh about.

You are not so quick to cast judgement on others

We all do it, we all judge people whether on purpose or by accident. But, being on the other side of the judgement has made me a lot more aware of my own thoughts about others.


Something about having hair that makes me stand out makes me go in to “own it” mode.

Lots of colour options

So. Many. More. Plus you can mix and match dyes, to make even more colours! And you can have two colours! Three colours! There are so many possibilities!

I take better care of my hair

Prior to dying my hair, I didn’t bother to look after it. Now, I make a conscious effort just to keep it in tip-top condition.

It’s a conversation starter

Depending on the mood I’m in, this can go either way.

The cons of brightly coloured hair

You will more than likely end up bleaching your hair

It was a dark blonde but I wanted to go white, so bleach was needed. Now I only bleach my roots, unless the new colour is dark enough to cover them, and rarely the whole lot, only if I want to remove lots of the colour.

You will have to put up with plenty of unsolicited opinions and advice from others

Such as, what colour they prefer, because every time you change the colour, they tell you that that colour is the better colour. Without fail. Or they will tell you how many times you bleach your hair (despite never being there) and just anything else hair related because they are now an expert hair-care guru. Much like the people who become a nutritionist when you tell then you’re vegan.

The classic: “I wouldn’t do it myself”

Well, that’s jolly good.

You will be known as: “The (hair colour) haired girl”

Or guy, or whoever. I am continuously referred to as the blue-haired-girl, even now without blue hair. People will take it as far to introduce you like this rather than use your actual name, like you are some kind of novelty toy.

People will stare, point and laugh at you

It happens, there is no way to avoid it. Yet, it doesn’t happen everywhere, or at least it doesn’t feel the same in different places. In the UK, not a bother, no one stares and if they do, it’s usually followed by a smile and sometimes a compliment. Go to the Netherlands, it’s the same. Even going to the south of Belgium it’s pleasant. But walk around my local town and you’d think I was growing tentacles out the top of my head. I have actually had one person laugh in my face and people on the bus tap their friends and point at me out of the window. Quite frankly, I could be far weirder looking!

Colour maintenance can be hard work

A downside if you just aren’t in the mood, but most of the time I find maintaining it quite fun and like a little experiment. It can just be a little time-consuming.

The questions never end and you will never have the correct answer

“how do you pick the colour?”

“why dye your hair?”

“what will so and so think?”

“Isn’t your hair dry?”

The questions go on and on, yet no one will be satisfied with the answers you give.

Every now and then you’d like to just blend in

Self explanatory really. Just want to get through the day in peace without everyone noticing that you just walked into a room, sometimes I want that.

Everything becomes a hint of colour

I have one towel that I always use for my hair and it’s a rainbow. Along with my shower, the tiles, some of my clothes and anything else you can imagine, they will become stained with colour.

To me, the cons are not really reasons to not have coloured hair. It’s more a list of the things or situations that can bother me now and then. Except dyeing everything, that’s a definite negative point but you get used to it. Most of the comments from others have to be taken with a pinch of salt, they want to give friendly advice or compliment you by saying things like “this colour looks less like a wig than the last one”.

Do you have pros or cons to add to the list? Do you have any questions about hair?


Tag Post || The Summer Tag!

I admit, tags don’t really appeal to me that much. They remind of those chain emails you would receive as a teenager where you would have to scroll down for ages, watching the stupid little arrows go by, just for it to tell you that your loved ones would be killed in a car crash and then abducted by aliens if you didn’t pass it on to 27.3 people who had the letter F in their middle name.

But, since the person to tag me, Sarah, is one of my favourite blogs to read and people to chat too, I thought I would make an exception!

You should definitely check out Sarah’s blog too! She has some of my favourite photography!

The Summer Tag

Q1. What is your favourite thing about summer?

How, in the sunlight, everything gains this glimmer and always look beautiful. Everything always looks nicer in the sunshine. Probably because I’m half blinded by the sun and I just can’t see it properly.

Q2. Do you have a favourite summer drink?

Tea. All year round. I’m a true fan.

Q3. Is there a place you prefer to go in summer?

Anywhere but work. At the moment, my preferred place is anywhere from the sofa to my bed, because I’m having a relaxing week off.

Q4. Favourite make-up look for summer?

The same as the winter. I never alter my makeup look during the year. I might leave everything off (except my eye liner) if we are going for a day out exploring, just to save on melting it all off.

Also, is it necessary to reiterate the word “summer” in every question?

Q5. Dresses or skirts?

In summer? Or can I pick any season now? Either is fine for me.

Q6. Sandals or ballet pumps?

Neither. But I’d pick sandals if I had too. I prefer shoes that cover my whole foot.

Q7. Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for the summer?

Again, either will do. Does every one else’s brains, feet and wardrobes go into some sort of secret summer mode? Am I broken?!

Q8. Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?

No smokey eyes, not ever. Been there, done that. No more emo teenager for me.
Bold lips I can do. Since I bought my first red lipstick a few weeks back, I guess that means I am wearing “bold lips” for the summer time.

Q9. Favourite perfume for the summer?

Eau de Sweat…

Q10. Last Question! Favourite music of the summer?

Music for the summer… Are my ears in summer mode too? The same music as the winter, as three years ago or as what was played in the radio yesterday if I’m at work.

Obviously, you should all feel obliged to complete this tag, otherwise you will be subjected to several years of bad luck, to be decided after your favourite pet disappears forever! 


Life || The Weekend

Having just finished eating my dinner from a bowl at my desk, I thought I’d tell you about the weekend. I’ve started to realise that my blog posts are very singular, they focus on a recipe, an outfit, a day out or a simple little adventure. I want to start sharing some more of my day-to-day goings on here. After all, I am a real person who does real-life things.

I want this to be a place for recording memories, all the memories! Plus, any excuse to whip my camera out more often!

We got up reasonably early on Saturday and headed out into town on the hunt for a suit for Kris. It’s about time he got one! He’s off to a conference type thing this week and has to present his data so looking sharp (and oh so sexy) is a good first impression to make.

It didn’t take too long to find something, we skipped on the shoes as he already has a pair and picked up a spare shirt. After all, no one notices if you’re wearing the same suit if you change the shirt. True story. I would have taken a photo some photos in the changing room but I was already being the creepy peeping girlfriend, with one eye peaking around the curtain, so poking the camera lens through might have been too much.

Lifestyle Blog BLT
Lifestyle Blog Pancakes

After denying the money we just spent on the suit we went for some lunch. It’s not often that we go out for lunch. Usually we just grab a sandwich or wait until we get home. But as Kris was leaving in the morning we were making the most of some quality time.

We popped to one of our favourite places in town, Kris got himself a BLT sandwich and I had a blueberries and cream pancake. There would have been a second pancake picture had it not looked like a blueberry massacre when I cut into it. The BLT sandwich was so good! My pancake was good, but the sandwich, oh my, it was awesome. Next time, I’m getting one to myself instead of Kris’ leftovers.

Lunch was rounded off with some tea and a latte and then back to running a few last errands. Errands done, we headed home and spent our evening eating leftover potato wedges and watching Fringe.

Lifestyle Blog LatteLifestyle Blog English Breakfast Tea

The evening went by in no time and we eventually went to bed too late for our early start.

We woke at 5AM this morning to head into Brussels for Kris to catch the Eurostar to the UK. Being a Sunday everything was timed to perfection to not miss any of the once-an-hour public transport means. We were there a little earlier than expected so sat down to our last breakfast together for the next ten days.

I took the week off work to enjoy some time to myself. I was hoping to go to Cambridge with him but the accommodation was for one person only. Funny that, as he arrived in his room to find not only a double bed, but a complimentary single bed too!

Fabric Lifestyle Blog

I picked myself up some new fabric on Saturday so I’ll be spending my alone time with my sewing pile and my blog, I think. And that’s all.