What I Wore || Owls and Stripes

I’ve eyed this dress for ages on Modcloth and JOY holding out some hope that it might go into the January sales. Better than that, it was in Modcloth’s 70% off sale and below the taxable amount for importing goods so I decided to buy it. No returns is always questionable but I rarely take anything back so I just hoped for the best.

It’s just as lovely in person, it’s a silky material with a blue slip underneath and owl print all over. But, I know I’ve gained 10lbs or two in the last year, this dress was so fricking hard to get on. I have a little button at the back and that’s it, unless it’s another one of those times when I just haven’t found the zip yet. I tried getting it on from the feet up and the head down, in the end it was head down with Kris pulling at the bottom in assistance. I’ve dressed myself most of my life, promise.

From the waist down it fits great, I wish it was a skirt. The top, just kind of rides up constantly and has that my boobs are too large for this look where the fabric is all pulled tight and gives you another pair.

Aside from those minor details, it still has owls on it and I’m still going to wear it, boob-squash and all.

With the boob-restrictions, sunlight in my eyes, muddy floor and tights that magnetize all forms of fluff and lint to them, I guess you can say this set of pictures aren’t the worlds greatest.