Life || Sunday Summary

What’s a post without a picture?!

Another Sunday, another summary. How many times can I use one phrase?

So, this week…

  • Turns out I work with the pettiest people in existence who managed to infer fourteen different points from one email, none of which were the real point.
  • The lifts were broken at work. 10 flights of stairs is never funny.
  • Kris and I attempted to make burgers this week. We are actually incapable of making burgers. I’ll share that soon and someone can tell me how to make them not dry.
  • We finally went to the supermarket and are now €170 lighter.
  • My boss: “How’s that experiment going?”, Me: “Umm, what experiment?”. Yeah, I love those conversations.
  • Got my second tattoo and it’s amazing.
  • Today we went for a bike ride in the sunshine and got some much-needed exercise. I didn’t dress accordingly, but dammit I will wear giraffe print if I want to.
  • Bought ourselves the Belgian equivalent of Wine Gums and they’re not too bad.

That was my week. How was your week? 


What I Wore || Owls and Stripes

I’ve eyed this dress for ages on Modcloth and JOY holding out some hope that it might go into the January sales. Better than that, it was in Modcloth’s 70% off sale and below the taxable amount for importing goods so I decided to buy it. No returns is always questionable but I rarely take anything back so I just hoped for the best.

It’s just as lovely in person, it’s a silky material with a blue slip underneath and owl print all over. But, I know I’ve gained 10lbs or two in the last year, this dress was so fricking hard to get on. I have a little button at the back and that’s it, unless it’s another one of those times when I just haven’t found the zip yet. I tried getting it on from the feet up and the head down, in the end it was head down with Kris pulling at the bottom in assistance. I’ve dressed myself most of my life, promise.

From the waist down it fits great, I wish it was a skirt. The top, just kind of rides up constantly and has that my boobs are too large for this look where the fabric is all pulled tight and gives you another pair.

Aside from those minor details, it still has owls on it and I’m still going to wear it, boob-squash and all.

With the boob-restrictions, sunlight in my eyes, muddy floor and tights that magnetize all forms of fluff and lint to them, I guess you can say this set of pictures aren’t the worlds greatest. 


Life || Sunday Summary

Just for fun, here’s a summary of our week. It’s my new blog thing.

  • Kris and I finally decided our alarm clock is broken. We’re sure it is, a little, but it was also quicker than having the argument of whose fault it is that we keep getting up late in the morning.
  • We bought a new alarm clock, it’s the most technologically advanced clock I have ever owned. It has an app. The most difficult thing was making it tell the time, but it did wake us up at 6AM, to which we turned it off and went back to sleep. Maybe the last one wasn’t broken at all…
  • We made enchiladas for the first time this week, with “home-made tomato salsa”. We’re sceptical that combining onions and tomatoes together forms a cooking success.
  • We forget to write our weekly dinner list, so everyday we forgot to get something out for dinner and ended up eating cereal, noodles and jacket potatoes with tuna all week long.
  • I discovered the best place for mobile data and a little WiFi at work is the ladies toilets. I promptly sent Kris a toilet selfie.
  • Only one day this week was Spring worthy, they rest have been hot chocolate and marshmallows weather, until we ran out of hot chocolate. Now it’s stale marshmallows weather because we forgot to seal the bag.
  • We forgot to put the paper recycling out, again.

Tell me, how was your week?