Life || Wonderful Wednesday #12

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Wonderful Wednesday #12

I’m feeling short and sweet today, which probably means I’m going to ramble on for the next 800 words or something.

Howdy do! I’m not one for having two of the same posts in a row, but life cropped up last week and it’s already Wonderful Wednesday again so I better typing.

A picture of hammy health

It was time for Sir Pork Chop’s annual vet visit on Monday and my little man won top marks in all hamster related health. She even commended his friendly and relaxed attitude too. Although, now that’s he’s coming up to the ripe old age of two, we have to keep an eye out for any changes, particularly in abdomen size, as hamsters can develop cysts in the liver and kidneys after two years of age.

But he’s currently the poster child of hamster health, even if his coat is a little on the thin side and he doesn’t have that characteristic fat-hamster look, he’s more of a Slim-Jim.

Letting things be

Without going all Facebook-esque on you with the cryptic messages, I had some things to take care of last week which ended up not quite going as I thought it would, which threw a spanner in my to-do list for the last week so I spent much of last week learning the art of letting things be. At one point, I got so good at it and even whipped out a colouring book. But I’m ready to get back to doing things again, my body is just not moving as fast as my mind is though so I’m attempting to bribe it with lots of reading time and Oreos. So far so good.

I even let my daily photos be because I just didn’t have the umph to take any, that’s how dedicated I was.

Speaking of Oreos

That doesn’t even make sense as a heading, but “good food” just sounds so boring.

When everything else goes awry, at least there’s good food to fall back on.

This week graced us with more homemade bolognese, tasty dinners out the freezer for lazy days (hash browns and spring rolls, please and thank you), lots of frozen blueberries, fresh peppermint tea made by someone else, and Oreos as previously mentioned. Dipped in chocolate milk I might add. Delicious. They were also double-stuffed, but that was a little too far.

Oh and the most amazing jacket potatoes. That was the highlight of the whole week.

And I think I’m out of ideas now. Short and sweet, like I said. How’s everyone else on this currently-as-yet-unknown weathered Wednesday? 


Life || Wonderful Wednesday #11

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Wonderful Wednesday #10

October is shaping up to be a pretty low key month which is great for getting some books read but not so great for coming up with introductory content for blog posts. Except maybe introductions talking about introductory content, which appears to have become a thing. 

We’ll stop that right now. Here’s a few wonderful bits from the last week.

Side note: You’ll be happy to know, that a certain Ham has ceased to chew on the cage and keep me up half the night. Hamsterville is once again a quiet and peaceful place to live. Although he did escape from his exercise ball, but that’s another story for another day.

7 years of love

And hoovering up someone else’s toenails occasionally.

On Saturday, Kris and I reached the milestone of seven years in a relationship. Kris would tell you it’s eight, but I’m sure it’s seven. Either way, we’ve been together for at least six.

We decided to celebrate by tidying the garage, hauling stuff up and down from the apartment and then walking our dusty selves into town for some very sophisticated Wok-To-Go. Which we ate on a bench whilst I attempted to tell Kris the 428 different ideas I have for dog training and making my own dog toys. His contribution to the conversation was something along the lines of “did you eat the coriander?”.

Still seven or eight years, that’s a lot of love. I quite like it.


I’ve been spending a lot of time photographing items for selling this last week so I’ve had ample opportunity to listen to some audiobooks. I resumed my Audible membership and got myself a few credits to spend so I’m looking forward to tucking into some more books whilst I have all this extra listening time. Currently, I’m listening to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as this is the only book I’ve known Kris to read so I thought I’d read it too and then we can talk books! Or not. Extra wonderfulness goes to Monday and finishing a whole audiobook in one day! Oh yeah. Another one for that Goodreads goal.

Cold and rainy days

Because you can’t feel bad about not doing anything with your weekends when the weather’s pants now, can you?

Getting back on the bike

As Kris has been dying from Man-Flu for the last week or so, we decided to take the week off from cycling, it was nice but I definitely missed my hour of fresh air in the morning. The ten minute walk to the bus stop just doesn’t cut it. Now that Kris is less dead, we’re back on the bikes. And you never know, my daily photos might even get a little interesting again, or at least take themselves outdoors.

A week of good noms

This week has been a jolly good one for my tummy. We’ve already covered the aforementioned Wok-To-Go, which never fails to be good despite the coriander. But we’ve also covered:

Homemade spaghetti bolognese. We opted for some dehydrated soy “mince” this time instead of tempeh and it turned out delicious. We made a big batch and froze some away for later days. I see many a spag bol, cottage pie, lasagna and anything else I can think to make with it, in the future. Maybe bolognese on jacket potatoes, that sounds good.

Homemade pumpkin soup. This could have been questionable since the pumpkin has been in the freezer since who knows when, but a little paprika powder and some taters, it’s all good. That’s also frozen down in the freezer too. No recipe coming soon. If interested the recipe can be summarised as: cook your veg as desired (I steamed everything). Make some hot water or stock (what ever floats your boat). Add to veggies and blend until smooth. Tadaa, you have soup. Maybe add some herbs or something to spice it up a little if you feel like it.

Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. Oh this was good. Chocolate ice cream with chunks of frozen peanut butter in it, oh yeah, that’s how we vegans get our protein. And how we spend €8.95 on something that I ate in two sittings. Protein is expensive.

Golden vegetable rice. We decided to spice up the rice cooker this week (if owning a rice cooker wasn’t spicy enough) and made some golden vegetable rice in it. It wasn’t so much cooking as it was throwing everything in the rice cooker and hoping the internet wasn’t lying when it said you could do this. You can. It was great.

More spaghetti squash. We continued on with the theme of spicing things up and found a “cheesy” spaghetti squash recipe on the ol’ tinternets to try out. It started off with so much nutritional yeast that my dinner smelt like it has a bad case of athletes foot but in the end it wasn’t half bad.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat these three stale Oreos before Kris gets home. Tell me something wonderful about your week! 

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Life || Photo A Day #41

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Life in photos project 365 week 41

You’ll have to forgive this week for looking so boring, because it was just boring. Good, but boring. But I already waffled on about that in Wednesday’s post, so we’ll get straight to photos!

October 7th

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Life in photos project 365 week 41

Mmm, fries. Friday night was me, my book and some oven baked chippies. It was a good night.

I’d also like some fries for dinner tonight but I ate all my potatoes. Hashtag potato struggles.

October 8th

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Life in photos project 365 week 41

I spent today making the most of Kris having man flu and finally finishing The Red Knight, which I’ve been reading for about a month and then I finished up The Kill Order too. Man flu is highly conducive to reading time, in between having to pat Kris on the head and assure him that he is, in fact, not dying.

October 9th

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Life in photos project 365 week 41

I’m not trying to brag, but my Christmas shopping for this year is already sorted. And wrapped.

October 10th

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Life in photos project 365 week 41

This shall not be referred to as: Kerri forgot to take a photo again. It shall be referred to as: abstract art.

That is all.

October 11th

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Life in photos project 365 week 41

So, I had to get a new mint plant. Mint Plant One didn’t die, his leaves and stems developed these weird white patches and bumps on them so I decided he probably wasn’t usable in tea anymore. He got composted.

So I bought a new plant, Mint Plant Two. Who also comes with the added benefit that he was potted in the centre of the pot and not around the edges like One was. Two might grow up instead of out to the side now, but who knows.

In hindsight, I should have done a little Google Foo to find out what was up with One, but he was only 75 cents so I just got a new plant (who had increased in price to €1.35 in less than a month, what the hell?!).

I’ll Google Foo mint diseases next time.

October 12th

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Life in photos project 365 week 41

A certain ham decided to do a little home refurbishment during the night. I was impressed that so little of the bedding ended up pushed outside of the cage to be honest. Not sure how he’s going to use the door though.

October 13th

Life As Unusuals | Lifestyle and travel blog. Life in photos project 365 week 41

I don’t have a photo for this day either because I was too preoccupied doing other things, mostly taking more photos of bits and pieces I hope to sell. Here’s one piece, some baubles.

Another week done and dusted. Any plans for the weekend? Can I live vicariously through your plans whilst I sort the garage out in time for the paper recycling on Tuesday?